ALLEN'S Pov' I do agree with that, she is cute and kind….' Blake went on when my brother kept looking at him baffled.' What are you, a pedophile?' My brother smirked, while I elbowed him trying to make him stop spouting nonsense.' I'm sorry Blake, I will be returning home with my brother' I said and I could feel the superiority my brother was giving off as if he had won a wrestling match.I agree he is overprotective, but at times he just makes me want to bury myself in a hole. I still wonder how he got admitted to such a good college when his mannerisms were that of a kid.' Bye Allen,' Blake said in his puppy eyes and G.o.d was I melting for them.' Come, Allen, you should never stay back at a wolf's place' Kavin said with his flaring eyes, dragging me out till we were past the gate.' Now, you listen here ALLEN' he said and I knew the scolding would start.' We can do this at home' I said signaling him to the watchmen and the patrol officers who were looking at us from the gate.'Fine' he signed and we headed towards the car.I reached home and slumped down on the soft sofa cushions, while he sat before me like an interrogator.' Why were you at his place?, do you know how scared I was thinking you would have gone missing!!!, couldn't you at least call me and inform, thank G.o.d my guess was right, or else what would have happened?' he fumed.' I'm sorry, I just wanted to see him?' I said innocently.' you could call?' he backfired' And don't even get me started on the dress, what was in your mind while you wore that, mugging someone?' his started sweating, I guess he ran throughout the house searching for me. I switched on the fan hoping it would relive him off some stress.' Although it would have been better, if that's what you had gone there for' he said and we both looked at each other and started laughing because we were thinking the same thing, that is….it would have been worth it if I had mugged Blake.' Next time you want to see him, you can go' he said and I smiled happily thanking him, ' provided I come with you too'.' what about your college?' I asked disappointed.' We have holidays for a week due to some reason the college couldn't expose, so I'm free' he said with a cunning smile. Who knew my brother found his happiness arguing with Blake.' Ok,' I agreed, as long as I could meet Blake. I wondered how he would react knowing that my brother was coming. It would be fun.We had our dinner, the night was too long and my heart longed to feel and touch Blake. The moon reminding me of his eyes. I guess I could convince my brother to stay over at Blake's place, although I would receive a lot of nagging for it.The next morning, I was bustling with energy, wore a white tank top, matching it with black jeans, tied my hair into a ponytail and went down to see my brother in a red hoodie and gym pants.
'what are you wearing?' I questioned looking at his night ware dress ' Aren't you going to change?' I asked.' It's not like I am meeting someone over there' he said….. ' but, brother' I gave him a disappointing look.' Do you want to go or not?' he questioned, the car keys around his finger.' yes,' I mumbled and followed him, till we reached Blake's house/ kindergarten.Just as we were about to open the main door, it flung open with Blake's tossed hair, he was panting and received me with a hug.'Allen' he said breathing my scent which I have gotten used to by now.Kavin cleared his throat and I pushed Blake back, has much I dint want to, I could feel my brother scary eyes all over me.' Mr. Kavin, I see that you have accompanied my fiancé' Blake steadied himself looking at Kavin.' to be precise, my little sister' he slashed back in a calm tone.' I guarantee you, your sister is just fine under my protection' Blake replies.' well, I cannot trust a person who seems to hug my sister the second he meets her, she barely know the world' Kavin said and they exchanged gazes for a minute before Blake showed us into his living room.I am not sure if I am just imagining but I think my brother likes talking back to Blake.****************Spoiler Alertnext chapter: Allen find out Blake is a wolf....

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