ALLEN'S POWe were in his office, the whole colour scheme was black white and grey, which suited his personality and the aura he emitted. So I started moving around his room, just curious since I had never stepped inside his office.' How do you keep it so clean' I asked' well the cleaners are there'' Why is there a door here' I asked curiously, he hesitated a bit before ' well it leads to our bedroom'the only word ringing in my mind was OUR....OUR....OUR... I kept my head down and looked at his desk which had photo frame of when he was a kid. ' It was where he was holding a half-eaten ice cream, with his eyes bulged out. Why am I seeing so many cute sides of him today I thought.Now, coming back, I had to ask him about the situation.' so, why have you shut down the school' I asked,' you know you don't need to get involved in this, I can solve it' he said and it p.i.s.sed me more, that he wasn't sharing anything with me but I had to try reasoning it out with him.' come on, please' I asked with puppy eyes.' hmm…fine' he said holding me close. He made me sit on the couch and I sat next to him interlocking his fingers with mine.' Promise me, you won't leave me' he said and it shocked me, as to what weird thing he was doing. Was he in the mafia or dealing with drugs? But no matter what I had to listen to his explanation. I had to give him a chance to explain himself before ignoring him.' I will be with you no matter what' I said leaving a soft kiss on his hand that connected mine.He later told me about the whole story about how many women and girls were getting kidnapped and he dint know for what reason. And so he had to shut it down to not risk any more people from kidnapped.Just then Rock came in, Blake nodded his head to proceed but Rock seemed a little insecure stating his presence in front of me. ' Sir the prisoner, just spoke telling that he was the beta of a pack called Witherine's Soul, and Redrick was the Alpha, but his team disappeared a long time ago so there is no information about it. I suggest you visit him' he said with a pause hoping to hear an answer.' Alright we shall go' he said, ' stay here, I will be back in a minute' he said.' I will be coming too' I said half pouting.' That is not a place you should visit' he tried convincing, but I was not buying it.' No, I'm coming with you no matter what, you told me to be with you always and I will provided you do not keep any secrets away from me' I said firmly not bulging.' Allen' he said and I closed my ears, 'I'm not listening' I screamedI know I was acting like a spoilt child, but what else could I do, I wanted to accept all his sides and the only way to do that was to confront them head on.' OK' he signed ' but always stay by my side' he said.He took me down the hallway and into a room, which had a secret pa.s.sage leading down. It was like in one of those haunted movies where it lead really dark shady places. He held my hands firmly to let me know that he''d protect me no matter what. After walking down a series of steps and turning corners we came in front of a metallic door with 2 people guarding it.
' Alpha' they bowed down before opening the door.'I have noticed it but why do they keep calling you Alpha' I whispered in his ears… ' you could say, that's a nickname' he said' Then can I call you that too….ALPHA….' I impersonated one of the soldier's voice. ' No, I love the way my name comes out of your mouth' he said…..and d.a.m.n were his flirty words ringing bells in my heart.~~~~

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