ALLEN Point Of ViewThe trees that pa.s.sed through me had a new story to tell about the town I was visiting. My dad driving with his cowboy hat to get the country feel and my big brother sitting next to him, texting his girlfriend to break up. And..... I was in the back seat sitting next to loaded bed sheets, which would come in handy when I fell asleep.We were moving downtown after my mother pa.s.sed away, as dad couldn't handle the loss, he was losing it each day. He would drown himself with alcohol each night and would either turn up sleeping on streets or badly hurt and thrown in an alley.He would never be home the day he got drunk. I knew he loved my mom very much and she was the most beautiful and lovable women. She was kind and warm-hearted, everything our family needed but her death brought sufferings to us all. My brother Kavin who is 24 this year started doing drugs.Things were becoming serious and everyone was just using their own methods to overcome sorrows. Due to the severity of his alcohol consumption, my dad was kicked out of his job and the earnings to the family gradually decreased. I was a normal high school girl who had to look after them and handle family matters like paying bills and doing household as my mom wasn't here with me.We never expected her to leave us so soon. It was just like any other day. My mom packed my lunch box, with my brother still sleeping in his warm cozy bed and my dad getting ready for his job. The hussle and bustle in the morning was my favorite sound….and my mom singing till we left the house.It was my last year of high school and I was happy that we could go on a trip to Singapore after my exams got over. My last period was going on when I got a call. It was from an unknown number. I sneaked below my desk to pick up the call.'h.e.l.lo' I said with a low faint voice.'Allen,…..' my father said choking.'what happened dad' I asked trying to calm down my heartbeat. Never had he sound so painful.'come to the x.x.x hospital now' he said and I knew things were about to change.I asked my friend Laura to pack my stuff and rushed out of the cla.s.sroom without informing the teacher.Every second I sat in the cab thinking what was happening in the hospital, I would lose my mind. After reaching the hospital I rushed to the floor my father had informed.When I saw my brother comforting my dad who had fallen on his knees, I knew what was my worst dream had come true.'your mom left us' he said, tears running down his cheeks.I looked at my brother and he said with a crocked voice that ' she was coming back from grocery shopping when a car ran over her'.I hugged my dad brawling my eyes out. That was the moment I had experienced a loss I could never gain.After few days…I started looking for a part-time job which would pay me well. My life had become a clock with the same routine being followed every day until aunt Rosy came.
She visited us after a year of mom's death. She was the closest to us and was our G.o.dmother. She flipped seeing the condition of our house. Looking at how both the men in the family were becoming useless, she suggested that we move back with her to the countryside and take time to accept this loss.My father and brother who were both reluctant to step away from the house which held my mom's memories agreed to move out when aunt Rosy started scolding them about how it wasn't an environment a high school kid should be growing in. Both of them knew that what they were doing wasn't going to get our mom back....And that's how we ended up in the car.

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