Long Live The Hokage Chapter 1


Long Live The Hokage

Long Live The Hokage Chapter 1

Name: Uzumaki Masahiko

Age: 48 years old

Ninjutsu: 68 Physique: 89 Chakra: 1000

The Three Basic Body Techniques: LV 10 (100000) (Max Level)

Shuriken Throwing Technique: LV 10 (100000) (Max Level)

Earth Release: LV2 (16920/20000)

Wind Release: LV3 (85462/100000)

Fire Release: LV2 (14490/20000)

Unique Skill: Perception

Status: Jonin (Ordinary)

Looking at his Status, Masahiko let out a sigh.

Uzumaki Masahiko, whose real name is Zheng Yan, an unemployed ordinary college student. In the blink of an eye, 48 years have pa.s.sed since he reincarnated in the Ninja Wolrd.

Tonight is the eve of the New Year, and also the day when he will turn out 49 years old.
The first time he managed to use chakra was when he became 5 years old, and it was also the first time he learned about his unique ability.

His joy and happiness that he felt at the moment, gradually started to fade away in the following year.

Because he realized that his ability is not as strong as he thought it was. He's not some kind of genius, nor he was that lucky of a man; His unique System was there only to show him his status.

Just now, his chakra amount made a breakthrough to 4-digits number. According to many years of observation over his attributes, Masahiko found that a Genin Chakra is between 1~10, Chunin is between 10~100, and a Jonin needs more than 1000.

Previously, his Rank was a low-level Jonin, now it became a majestic ‘ordinary Jonin.' In the war period, it can also be said that he's just another high-grade cannon fodder.

The Uzumaki clan is one of the biggest families in the shin.o.bi nation. Fortunately, Masahiko had a good life because of that. He is the second son of the former clan leader of the Uzumaki clan. He has excellent talents and no lack of ninjutsu guidance. Then why was it until the Ninja War era, and at the age of 48 years, he could reach the ordinary level of Jonin?

“d.a.m.n it! Hagoromo! Could you just kill me!!!” Masahiko often curses himself and his pitiful fate; he always hoped that the later generation will at least know of his existence.

As a Naruto fanatic, the first thing Masahiko did was developing one of the unique Jutsu that belonged to the protagonist Naruto, Haremu No Jutsu. However, when he first joined the war, out of his nervous, he made a clown of himself and used it.

From then on, he became the laughing stock of the Uzumaki Clan, and his legend became well known in the Fire Nation.

In his previous life, he has been a single dog for 24 years. Thanks to this event, he lived as a lonely dog for 48 more years!

At an early age, and like any other youngster, his life's aim was to become famous and powerful. But the truth is, his achievement got stagnated and went downhill from the very first battle.

However, he managed to live in this chaotic era.

Thanks to his origins, somehow, he awakened special perception ability similar to a character from the future generation of the Uzumaki Clan.

He had to overcome a lot of tough situation in this world, and he made a lot of mistakes. However, time can't go back.

“Oh! If I could just change this if only I could undo time…”

He knew that thinking about something like this is useless, but he couldn't just let go!

Suddenly, he heard gentle footsteps from outside, and not long after, he heard a female voice coming from behind the door.

“Second grandpa, tomorrow is my wedding day, all of the Senju clan is gonna be there, don't forget to prepare yourself.”

“I know, Mito.”

That girl outside was the granddaughter of his elder brother. She is also Masahiko's first and only ‘Friend' in this world. The Kyuubi's first Jinchuriki, and the soon to be the wife of the G.o.d of Shin.o.bi, the Uzumaki clan princess, Uzumaki Mito.

Today she turned 15 years ago, her age has always reminded Masahiko of how old he had become.

Tomorrow is gonna be the wedding day, and Masahiko was the one who's gonna accompany Mito. After all, he was responsible for her after his eldest brother pa.s.sed away last year.

Mito's father is the current head of the Uzumaki clan. Thus, he couldn't go in personally. And as someone who is old enough and doesn't have anything else to do, Masahiko was the right man for the job.

He hurriedly packed a few clothes in his carry-on harness, then he sat there staring into nothing.

“I will go to the Senju Clan, but not because I don't have anything else to do, it's all for Mito.”

As the second uncle of the Uzumaki clan leader, Masahiko is regarded as one of the eldest seniors of the Uzumaki clan.

Even though other younger shin.o.bis in the Uzumaki Clan have climbed the position of an elder, Masahiko could only rely on his senior status to gain respect from others.

After all, in this world, people only respect strength.

And of course, due to that blunder, no one really respects him. The only thing that held him from falling to desperation is Mito.
Ironically, the woman who could control the G.o.d of Shin.o.bi's heart is the only one who truly respects him!

Thinking about it, his mind begins to wander. He thought about Mito's granddaughter, Tsunade, then he thought about the ‘Novelist' The Pervert Sage*, then about the Snake Scientist**, then the hero of this whole story, Naruto, and his rival Uchiha Sasuke, then…

*TL note #1: The author was talking about the legendary l.u.s.ty novel ‘IchaIcha' by the Great Perverted Sannin Jiraiya.

**TL note #2: The infamous Orochimaru.

“Why do I have to be this old? Even if I live through to see the Third Hokage and survive until my 70s or 80s, at most, I can only see the birth of the Three Legendary Sannin. At that time, I'll also be a dead man.”

“Forget it, I'll just take a bath then go to sleep. I don't know who will come to escort us tomorrow. As the bridegroom, Hashirama wouldn't come in person, he'll wait at the Senju clan residence."
"Other members of the Senju will come, maybe the second Hokage, Senju Tobirama, or the Uchiha clan leader Uchiha Madara.” Masahiko thought to himself.

Masahiko checked his status bar one more time, then *poof* the age column number immediately changed to 49.

The road of the ninja starts before 12. It's the time when the yet to be a Shin.o.bi train and discover himself, at the age of 13 to 24, is when their power grows rapidly. Then at the age of 25-36 is when the improvement of the ninja becomes rather slow.

At the age of 37 to 48 is usually when it stops, no significant improvement at all. So what happens after 49? Will it decrease?
He thought to himself, “I've just ranked up to an Ordinary Jonin, am I gonna go back to where I was after a few days?"
"…OH MY G.o.d, am I gonna end up being a Chunin again?!"

“Oh G.o.d! If you give me one more chance! I won't care about the cold eyes and the mockery of the others, I will only seek strength! I want to be young again! Please, anyone… Hagoromo!!!” Masahiko shouted in his heart.

Moments pa.s.sed, then somehow the status bar of Masahiko blurred for a second, and then appeared again. But the number on the age column is now 47!

Masahiko rubbed his eyes, he was shocked for a moment, but the number didn't change, it's still 47. His eyes start to wet and said: “I do really have a chance! It turns out that this is the correct way to use the system. The age is actually adjustable. I can be younger! My age didn't increase but rather decreased!”

“Wait for me, Konoha! Wait for me first, second, third, and even fourth ninja war! Kakashi, Maito Gai… I will be there to see you. I will see everyone!!!”

Now the once tired old-man mind is once again freshened. Masahiko thought about his meeting tomorrow with the G.o.d Of Shin.o.bis, Senju Hashirama, His younger brother Tobirama, and also all the other members from the Senju Clan and maybe even the Uchiha clan…

Masahiko couldn't sleep that night because of the excitement…


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