Lone_Wolf 136 Charles Problem



Lone_Wolf 136 Charles Problem

Jason sat down on the roof and took out a cigarette and carefully watched the old man.The Old man seems to not care out others and just sat inside the coffee shop and drank one coffee after the other.'Does he wants to get high on caffeine or what?'He thought.He is getting bored of seeing the man do the same thing repeatedly for an hour.Suddenly he thinks of something, he had noticed a CCTV camera inside the coffee shop, he took out his phone and called Derry."Yes, brother?"Derry picked up the call and answered."Yes, have you been keeping an eye on the old man?""Yes, I am currently looking through the CCTV camera that is inside the shop""Good, does it have a mic to record sound?""Yes, it does""Even better, record everything about him, I cannot stay in his sight for a long time or I will get caught"Jason said"I understand"Derry said and ended the call.Jason now has to wait more and get alerts from Derry if something happens.____________________Inside the bar, Charles is still sitting on the table, the owner didn't say anything to him because he keeps buying coffee after his previous one finished."This coffee is very good, I should ask the owner what kind of coffee beans he uses"Charles said and took another sip.He is on the lookout for the person he is searching for, he knows that he is being watched but by whom and from where, he has no idea, now he can only p.i.s.s off his stalker by just doing the same thing over and over again.He wants to fish out the person who is watching him but to his surprise, no one showed up, even he started to doubt if someone is following him or not, he had caught Jason but when Jason left and never came back, Charles lost his final string.He couldn't tell what to do next, so he decided to waste his time and his stalkers as well.What he doesn't know is that he is being watched 24/7 by the cameras everywhere, and he doesn't know about it.As he continues drinking his coffee, his phone rang, he paused and took out his phone, seeing the number being displayed on his phone he quickly picked it up.Jason who is still watching Charles saw his pick up his phone, Jason also got an alert from Derry as well.He called Derry once again."Derry, can you live feed the audio from the coffee shop to my phone?""I can do that, give me a moment"Derry said and began to work again on his computer to transfer the live audio to Jason's phone.Jason didn't have to wait long before he could hear the live audio that is being transferred from the coffee shop to his phone.[ "Yes my lady?""...""I still don't have anything, this character is like a phantom, not even a single soul knows about this existence, it's like a myth but everyone still believes it"
"...""Yes, I will be here for a few days and try to find out about this man, then come back, I think it won't be easy""..."]The call ended and Charles put his phone, he looked around once more and got up from his seat, paid the bill and got out of the shop.Jason simply sat on the roof and watched Charles walk away.'He said My lady, it means there is a woman above him who is in control, who could it be'Jason thought and followed Charles where ever he went but Jason always kept his distance so that he doesn't get noticed.While Charles doesn't notice anyone following he could tell that he is being watched continuously, he couldn't tell from where.His senses could just tell that.He didn't know what to do, he actually felt helpless for the first time in his life.'To be able to watch me all the time without getting noticed, it's scary, I have to find a way to track down who is watching me'Charles thought and walked away.

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Freyton was just like any other city to him, people doing their usual work and going around the city doing their stuff, but more violent than others.___________________During his stay in Freyton, he could tell he was being watched, even in the hotel, he was staying, except his room.But anywhere outside, he felt being watched. He tried to find this person but no matter what he did, he couldn't find his stalker.He even used his powers to control the ma.s.ses around him to find the one but was still useless.When Jason saw how easily this old man he is following around to control ma.s.ses with a though, he sighed and praised himself from not confronting him head-on.He realized that this old man is not only not scared or wary of Lone Wolf, but he is a lot stronger than this Lone Wolf, that is why he is not afraid of it.Charles is also having a really hard time, he cannot find any clue or evidence regarding this Lone Wolf he is looking for.It was as if he is searching for someone that doesn't even exist, a phantom just like how he described to Anuka.But one day, he noticed something that might help him a lot and get an idea who might be watching him.

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