Lock You Up In My Heart 10 Bandit Player?


Lock You Up In My Heart

Lock You Up In My Heart 10 Bandit Player?

Huan Li happily exited the forum, the main event will begin in 2 days. Now, she need to level up and find a job to do. She need to get stronger and rich in order to restore her previous state.First, she need to buy some potion. She heard that cleric has a low defense until it got it upgrade. Huan Li then go to the storage, she remember that she still has some money there, she can withdraw them for now.Not long after, Huan Li arrived in front of a big building. 'Is this the storage?' In her memory, the storage in Portia was a small building with a npc in front of it. But the storage in front of her totally different from the one in her memory! Not only there's no small building, there's no NPC in front of it!But seeing a lot of people coming in and out the building, it's definitely the storage. 'Such a big difference' , she then went into the building. Inside the building, it looks like a bank in real life.Looking around, she found that the npc that she has been looking for is smiling at her and walking to her."Young la.s.s, you never change! Still a newbie that need my help to grow! Come, what do you need? This old man will serve you" , the NPC that talking to her isn't even half of her height. But hearing the familiar tone, she remembered that she has max intimacy with the people in this city. Back then when she's bored, she will often come and chatting around, no wonder that even the storage owner is familiar with her."Old man, i want to withdraw some money, can you show me how?" Huan Li said this with a smile. The old man just smiled and told her to follow him, Huan Li followed him without thinking much.But she doesn't know that many eyes has been following her until she dissapeared with the storage owner. They were gossiping about her , most of them would say "I never know that we can extort money from NPC, i even can't talk to storage owner unless he's on duty. But today he's attracted by some random beauties, such weird sight."If Huan Li heard those words, she probably will laugh. Serve yourself! She is the friend of the whole city villagers, that's a normal thing. Huan Li feels like the useless thing back then is very helpful now.After withdrawing her money, she directly exited the building. The moment she stepped outside, someone is blocking her path. There are 3 people in front of her, each of them are high leveled player. She doesn't seem to provoke anyone? Why did they block her path?One of them suddenly swinging their weapon at her, Huan Li immediately dodged it. What the h.e.l.l is their problem? But she's in a city, why they can attack her? She then take a look at those 3 'high leveled player'. They are warrior, gunner and robot-user. Such disadvantage to fight those cla.s.ses as a cleric.She then took a deep breath and tried to ask them "May i know what are you guys problem with me? To attack someone in the city, aren't you guys scared if the guard caught you?" Deep in her heart, she really want to beat them up. But she's currently level 1! Right, just level '1' , she wanted to level it up right after she buy her potion, but problem always knocking at her door without any reason!
The one that swinging his weapon at her sneered, "Guard? So what! We are Portia top notch bandit, we aren't afraid of those cheap guard!"'Ah, so it's bandit player.. No wonder they can attack her even if it's safe zone' . Bandit is one of the job that you can have in the game, they're similar to red player. But they rob the victim money for themselves. She has heard of this job before, but she isn't a bit interested or even scared of them. Even if she started again as a newbie, she isn't willing to get robbed at the first day she played the game!

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