Living With Monsters Chapter 11: Chapter 11 The Raining Night


Living With Monsters

Living With Monsters Chapter 11: Chapter 11 The Raining Night

I hurried to look for the flashlight, this is terrifying!


The roaring thunder shook the whole world, when the second lightning came, I checked the fence with a flashlight, but the human figure was gone.

I heard a scream, was that Ye or Summer?

What happened??

I turned back and opened the door, when I was about to go out and check what happened, someone ran to me and plunged into my arms.


"I'm scared...I'm afraid of thunder since little!"

"There, there..."I was patting her while looking out of the window, the figure was long gone. Maybe that was just an illusion caused by my dim eyesight?

Click, the door opened and Ye came in with a flashlight.

"Yuan, the power went off again. It rains heavily, shall we go to the generator room? Oh, Summer is here too?"

"Yeah, I'm scared of the thunder! So scared."

"So, it's gonna be a long night, why don't we play a game that involves everyone?"Ye got excited suddenly, her eyes shined with temptation. She was shaking my shoulders with her hands while asking eagerly.

"What game? " Summer seemed confused and I blushed a little, 'what is the lady thinking about?'

"Of course that----"She smiled mysteriously, with cheeks flushed, she got so close to me that I could even sense her breath.

What does this mysterious smile mean? " What?"

"Of course it's Scary Story Sharing!" Ye jumped high, she asked us to prepare candles and she went to the kitchen for our snacks.

I was disappointed, I turned my head and saw the nasty dog, who gave me a scorn look, as if he had seen through my heart.

A candle was placed in the middle of the blanket, we sat around it, eating the tremella soup Ye cooked. She was so excited, it must have been a while since her last story sharing.

"OK, I'll go first!" Ye volunteered to start, overwhelmed with excitement.

I gave a perfunctory and pa.s.sionless hurrah.

I looked to Summer, she seemed interested.

'OK, I'll share scary stories with these two ladies.'

Ye started, she spoke in a low and hoa.r.s.e voice like a witch.

"There were three people playing Majhong together~~~and gradually they found it boring and said, if only there were another person, it would be so much fun if there were four people playing. And---suddenly, from out of nowhere, a pair of hands appeared on the table, and just a pair of hands!"

Ye leaned forward and told the story in a scary tone, yet we did not feel scared at all, just at that time, Weird Unkie stretched himself and his paws. .h.i.t Ye's leg. She looked back instinctively.

"AHHH! Here comes the pair of hands! Hands!"

Ye clasped Summer in her arms out of fear, which made me jealous. Summer looked at her in disdain and said:"It's dog paws! Nothing to be scared of."

Ye embarra.s.sed a little, "Oh, it's the dog? Haha, my story is scary, isn't it?"

"It sucks---"Summer commented straightforwardly.

"OK, you tell one!" Ye was not happy with that comment.

"It's way too easy to tell stories, how about we share our incredible experiences?" Summer suggested and she immediately shared hers.

"It happened when I was in middle school, that day, my cla.s.smate Ting and I were both sick, so we stayed in the dorm. And she was on my upper bunk."

Summer gazed at the candle flame, her narration was smooth and captivating.

"A while later, I heard someone get off bed and comb her hair in front of me, the 'shuah shuah' sound of drawing the comb through her hair was fairly clear. I though it was Ting, so I did not open my eyes."

"Then, a cla.s.smate opened the door and came in, asking if we are feeling better. And someone on my upper bunk asked:"did you bring meal for me?"

I thought to myself, 'that is strange, didn't Ting get up and brush her hair, why is she still in her bed?' I threw out the question, Ting seemed confused, she answered that she just woke up and did not get off bed to comb her hair.

So who was it? All other cla.s.smates went to cla.s.s, only the two of us were in the dorm."

Summer 's voice was as calm as usual, but the story made us shiver, Ye moved away from her and sat closer to me.

"So, you are next, Yuan, remember it has to be your experience, don't make up a story!"

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