LOVE HATE 15 Love-Hate



LOVE HATE 15 Love-Hate

Shang did not take me out that day because he said we need to go in the evening.That evening he told me to dress my very best because it was the most important.So I wore a V-neck vintage floral pink long flared sleeve and I dressed my hair in a sleek half updo style.While Shang wore a trim collar unique pocket black suit with his hair in a medium layered hairstyle."Woah! You look good" We both said at the same time before we laughed.We stroll a bit after Shang park his car."It's a surprise so you'll need this" Shang tied my eyes with a white cloth."Seriously?" I exhaled"Well okay," I smiled. "But how am I suppose to walk if I can't see?" I asked."I'll carry you" Shang swept me off my feet, I gasped and held his shoulders."It's okay, you won't fall," He said.We took a bus to where we were going, believe me, I felt it.When we came down from the bus Shang carried me while I wrapped my hands around his neck, not knowing where I was going.When he finally put me down I exhaled."Well it's about time" I laughed."Ready?" Shang asked."Yeah, I am" I grinned before he pulled the cloth off."Wow! This is beautiful!" I grinned feeling excited."I'm glad you like it" Shang chuckled. "Like it? I love it!" I grinned."I never expected victoria peak to be so beautiful at night" I smiled."Thank you Shang" I grinned.After we enjoyed the view for sometime Shang interrupted."Ahhh, Xian" Shang spoke in a low tone."Yes, is anything wrong?" I asked."No, yes, I mean not really" Shang answered, my eyebrows furrowed in confusion."I-I've been wanting to tell you something for a very long time, b-but I didn't know how to put it" Shang bowed his head."Don't worry, you can tell me anything, I'm ready to listen" I smiled at him."O-Okay, well, here it goes" Shang went down on a knee, opened a small box and brought out a parti sapphire and diamond ring from his pocket."X-Xian, I officially wanted to ask you myself" Shang swallowed hard."Xian, w-will you marry me?" Shang looked into my eyes.I stood there frozen, my eyes became glistened, I pressed my hand on my mouth, I blushed in crimson, I definitely didn't know what I was feeling.I waited for a while before I finally spoke."Yes, Yes I will" I smiled.Shang placed the ring on my middle finger before he stood up.Shang stared at my face that was already wet, he took the cloth from his pocket and wiped my eyes with it."Xian, love you" He slowly leaned forward for a kiss."I love you too Shang" I wrapped my hands on his neck as he deepens the kiss.*Fireworks everywhere*(C'mon I need it to be dramatic right?)

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