Kawaikereba Hentai Demo Suki Ni Natte Kuremasu Ka? Volume 1 Chapter 4


Kawaikereba Hentai Demo Suki Ni Natte Kuremasu Ka?

Kawaikereba Hentai Demo Suki Ni Natte Kuremasu Ka? Volume 1 Chapter 4

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My Senpai and Kouhai are fighting way too much Part 1:

It was after cla.s.s inside the storage room of the library. In this room, Kiryuu Keiki was pushed down by a girl.

"Senpai…" What came out of her cute lips was that sweet voice.

With flushed cheeks and watery eyes, she looked at Keiki. Her short, golden hair made her look like a Westerner.

"Yuika will give Keiki-senpai one of her treasures."

What she had in her hand was a pink-coloured pair of panties. Rolling these panties into a ball, she stuffed them into Keiki’s mouth.

"Nngggguh!?" He couldn’t manage to let out a scream due to the foreign object in his mouth, "Nguuuuuuuuuuuuh—-!!!!!"

But, the girl sitting on his stomach wasn’t kind enough to release him from his suffering.

"Ahaha. Are Yuika’s freshly-worn panties delicious?" Laughing like an angel, she said these terrifying words.


With rough breathing, Keiki glanced around at the room. The TV and the desk. The bookshelf and the sideboard. His own clothes hanging on the wall. The alarm clock that Mizuha gave him next to his pillow. There was no doubt that this was his own room.

"A dream, huh….."

Feeling the sweat on his forehead, he accepted that this was indeed real.

"What a bad dream…" Although he would’ve loved to call it a nightmare, the fact that the content of his dream had actually happened made it impossible to do so.

Four days prior, Keiki’s cute Kouhai stuffed her panties into his mouth inside the school’s library. A truly painful experience, evoking a deep trauma inside of him. So much so that he kept reliving that scene inside his dreams.

While he was getting up from the bed, he heard a soft knock from the door, which opened up soon after.

"Nii-san, are you awake?" The one who showed her face was Mizuha, wearing an ap.r.o.n. She was Keiki’s little sister.

"Ah, you are awake. Mornin’, Nii-san."

"Mornin’. Mizuha wearing her ap.r.o.n is the cutest person in the world."

"Eh, is that so? Really now, Nii-san is such a siscon," She smiled.

Seeing Mizuha like this made Keiki feel better after that horrible dream. That’s how cute she is. So unbelievably cute.

"By the way, Nii-san, I heard a loud scream before; were you having a bad dream?"

"Ah, yeah… something like that."

Keiki had relived the scene where his female Kouhai put her freshly-worn panties into his mouth. But there was no way that he could just tell her that. She might a.s.sume that he just had a screw loose.

"Well, if it’s nothing, then how about you prepare for school? Breakfast is already done."


Kiryuu Keiki was a high school student. Today was just another Friday, so of course he had school. But if he were to go to cla.s.s, he might b.u.mp into the Kouhai that forced him to eat her panties.

Koga Yuika — just remembering that name nearly triggered his PTSD. And that nightmare from before certainly didn't help.

"Uhm, Mizuha…"


"I don’t feel like going to school today."

"Is it something serious? Or are you just pretending?"

"Pretending," His honest answer made her smile.

"Then no."

She said this like a wife saying no to one of her husband’s crazy ideas. She really didn’t mince words, even towards her big brother.

Part 2:

Four days before, Keiki had been confessed to by Koga Yuika.

After losing consciousness, he had awoken inside the nurse’s office. Yuika had told some sort of lie to the teacher, and it seemed that the teacher had carried Keiki here. Yuika had said that Keiki had collapsed while he was being confessed to.

Being deceived by that, the teacher said things to Keiki like ‘Being confessed to by such a beauty, you really are lucky!’ but Keiki didn't find Yuika all that cute. Every person has a dark side to them. In that girl’s case, she was a witch as far as Keiki was concerned.

"— I’ll be going this way then, Nii-san."

After leaving the house together with Mizuha, he walked with heavy feet when he separated from her. In a sleep-deprived state, he was currently standing in front of the shoe lockers. And he unconsciously muttered the following.

"To think that not just Sayuki-senpai, but also Yuikchan had such a dark side to her…"

Wanting to make Keiki her owner.

Wanting to make Keiki her slave.

"So is Yuikchan not my Cinderella after all?"

Telling your significant other to become your slave didn’t feel like a normal thing for lovers to do. That left only one out of the three original Cinderella candidates.

"So if it wasn’t Sayuki-senpai or Yuikchan, then that only leaves —"

"—Mornin’, Kiryuu."

"Ah! Good morning, Nanjou."

Speaking of the devil, the final candidate, wearing her brownish hair in a ponytail, was standing next to him. Nanjou Mao.

"What are you s.p.a.cing out for?"

"I’m just trying to come to terms with this hopeless reality."

"I don’t know what you’re talking about," Responding with that, she took her shoes out of her locker.

Following suit, Keiki did the same. However, there was something on top of his shoes. When he took it out, Keiki realized that it was a cute-looking bra.


"Eh, what? What’s wrong?"

"I-It’s nothing!?" He hurriedly stuffed it back into his locker and took a deep breath, "Calm down… Calm down, me… This isn’t the time to be panicking."

Checking inside the locker once more, Keiki realized that were was a small note next to his shoes. Wondering who it was from, he took it out and opened it carefully so that Mao wouldn’t see the content.

Believe it or not, I do have some b.r.e.a.s.t.s, you know?



"Kiryuu, you’ve been really noisy this morning. What about Yuikchan?"

"It’s nothing!"

The person in question was, of course, his Kouhai. He could never let anyone see the things inside his locker right now.

This was on the same level of danger as the Cinderella panties incident. If someone where to spot it, he would die. Socially.

"What the h.e.l.l is she doing?"

Putting a bra into a boy’s locker? That’s akin to terrorism. Even though she had done so without being caught, Keiki couldn’t just accept this kind of bullying. He had to return them as fast as possible, not to mention have a proper conversation with her.

After cla.s.ses ended, a boy and a girl met in an empty cla.s.sroom. The victim with a bra in his possession, Kiryuu Keiki. And the terrorist Koga Yuika, having been called here with an email. The Kouhai was sitting at a desk, facing him with a huge grin on her face.

"Being called over like this by Keiki-senpai makes Yuika really happy," And indeed, she really looked like she was happy.

"….So? What is this supposed to mean, Yuikchan?" With these words, Keiki took out the bra and put it on top of the desk. It was the one that Yuika had put in Keiki’s shoe locker. "What are you thinking, pulling a stunt like this?"

"But you had fun playing with my panties, right, Keiki-senpai?"

"Panties… Panties are scary… Panties are scary…"

"Senpai? Your face isn't looking so good…"

Being asked "Are you okay?" by the person who inflicted the trauma on him was a new experience for Keiki.

"I’m not really okay, I don't think… or rather, huh? You did that for such a cruel reason?"

"Well, Yuika thought that this would be troublesome for Keiki-senpai."

"It really was! I thought that I would die! Socially!"

"Actually, Yuika was hiding and watching you. Senpai’s troubled face was so wonderful. Ahaha."

"Isn’t your character changing a bit too much?!"

There’s gotta be a limit to how evil someone can be! She was starting to act like a completely different person. Girls really are scary.

"But Senpai, you’ve been avoiding Yuika after that, haven't you? You haven't come to the library, and you haven’t answered any of Yuika's emails. After you basically pressured Yuika into doing that."

"Well, that’s….."

Just as she said, these past few days Keiki had been trying to avoid her. After what had happened, that shouldn’t be so surprising. Although he knew that eventually meeting with her was an inevitability.

"Ah, you can keep that bra as a present."

"I don’t need it."

"This is one of Yuika’s favourites, you know?"

"I don’t care, so take it back already," He returned the bra to its rightful owner.

He was already holding onto a pair of panties, so holding onto another dangerous item like that would raise the risk of being found out at home.

"Yuikchan, uhm, I sure hope that I’m wrong but…"


"Under your uniform, you’re not actually no-bra, are you?"




Suddenly the room got quiet. And, inevitably, Keiki’s gaze was drawn towards Yuika’s chest region.

"Wha?! What are you thinking about?!" She said as she hid her chest with her arms. Her face turned red from embarra.s.sment, "Of course Yuika is wearing one! Senpai is so lewd! You pervert!"

"I don’t want to be told that by Yuikchan."

Putting her own bra into my shoe locker, stuffing her freshly-worn panties in my mouth….I think stuff like that makes her a bigger pervert that I could ever be.

"Compared to what you did to me, a no-bra shouldn’t be too embarra.s.sing," Keiki muttered.

"The girls in Yuika’s cla.s.s would immediately notice, wouldn't they? Yuika wouldn’t give such a service to just anyone."

"But you showed me your panties?"

"It’s fine because it’s Senpai!"


"For Yuika, Keiki-senpai is someone… special, you know?"

"S-Special you say…" Being told this so directly was pretty embarra.s.sing for Keiki.

Receiving special treatment from a girl would make any boy happy.

"Keiki-senpai is the only one who Yuika wants to make into her slave."

"Yep. I’m not happy about that at all."

All the hopes he had found for a fleeting moment were immediately lost again.

"Ah, that’s right. Yuika wanted to give something to Senpai."

"Give me…?"

Yuika took a book out of her bag and handed it to Keiki.

"This is the book we were talking about before."

"Eh? Ah, yeah. Thanks."

It was the book that Yuika offered to lend him when they went on their date. Although Keiki completely forgot about it, it seemed like Yuika had remembered her promise.

"And also… this…"

"Mhm? This is…"

The next thing she handed him was a sketchbook. When he opened it, he saw a cute ill.u.s.tration of a princess.

"A picture book? Did you make this, Yuikchan?"

"Yes, She just finished it recently."

"Oh yeah, you wanted to become a picture book author."

"Will you read it?"

"Yeah, I was interested in it anyway."

Drawn in that sketchbook was what looked like a children's story.

‘The shy princess’

In a certain place, there was a shy princess. On a certain day, there was a party at the princess’ castle. She invited the prince from the neighbouring country.

That prince was kind and handsome, a really wonderful person. That is why the princess fell in love with the prince at first sight.

But, because the princess was so shy, she couldn’t confess to the prince. So the princess locked up the prince in her bas.e.m.e.nt.


Any reader would be overwhelmed by that sudden development. Keiki’s fingers were slightly shaking as he turned the page.

The place the prince was locked up in was the bas.e.m.e.nt of the castle. The prince was captured by the princess’ servants and brought down to said bas.e.m.e.nt. Having awoken inside a pitch-black room, the prince turned towards the princess and screamed.

"Why are you doing this, Princess? Please let me return to my own country!"

Of course, the princess didn’t do as the prince asked. She had finally gotten the perfect partner that she had always wished for, so there was no way she would let him go now.

The princess locked the door to the bas.e.m.e.nt, leaving no way for the prince to escape. The prince could no longer return to his own country. From then on, he would live with the shy princess.

And after that day, the prince’s ‘training’ started.

…Something like that. After that, the training started, but the content was actually pretty crazy. Even the pictures were as hardcore as the story. After he was confined in the bas.e.m.e.nt, the prince started to grow accustomed to the training and slowly became the princess’ slave.

This was clearly an age-restricted type of work.


"How was it, Senpai?"


"The relations.h.i.+p of the two of them makes your heart beat faster, right?"

"It did make my heart beat faster, but probably for a different reason than Yuika’s."

After the prince started smiling while the princess was whipping his b.u.t.t, Keiki stopped reading.

"So basically, this is it."

"W-What is?"

"This is what Yuika wants our relations.h.i.+p to be like."

"Y-You want to hit me on the b.u.t.t with a whip?!"

"No, that was just fiction… Though if Keiki-senpai wishes for it, then Yuika wouldn’t mind."

"There is no way in h.e.l.l that I would ever wish for something like that!"

"But you might end up actually enjoying being Yuika’s slave, just like the prince."

"As if I would!"

"Do you hate the thought of becoming Yuika’s slave that much?"

"Anybody would hate becoming someone’s slave!"

"Then how about becoming Yuika’s butler?"


Now she was saying something else weird.

"If you think about it, butlers also serve their masters just like slaves do."

"That’s pretty rude towards all the butlers out there."

"Well, Yuika just said that as an example, so how about you train and gather some experience?"

"Train? As a butler?"

"Yes, we will do a butler training session."

"Butler training session, huh… What exactly would that entail?"

"First should be… this, probably," She took off her shoes and sat down on top of the desk.

After also taking off her knee-socks, her panties were barely visible as she stretched out her radiant bare leg towards Keiki.

"Here, Senpai. No need to hold back."

"Uhm….What is this?"

"Please kneel down and lick Yuika’s foot."

"I wholeheartedly decline!"

A normal person’s response.

"Also, I don’t think that licking their master’s feet is the job of a butler, you know?"

"Nooo, first-cla.s.s butlers would do anything for their masters."

"That’s gotta be a lie…"

"Then why don’t you kiss Yuika’s foot to start with?"

"I think that this is a pretty high hurdle that you consider a start! And I’m also really not into all of that, so you’re forcing me to do the impossible!"

"Don’t worry, Senpai. Yuika will change you. Yes, it will be such a complete change that you will eventually start listening to Yuika’s orders — okay?" Her eyes were the same as when she had confessed to him in the storage room.

Feeling that terror throughout his entire body, Keiki immediately stood up from his seat.

"I-I’m not feeling so well, so I will excuse myself for now!"

"Ah, Senpai?!"

Not paying any attention to her voice, he ran away from that cla.s.sroom. As he grabbed his bag, he was surprised at his own running speed.

"—Yuika will not give up, you know! She will definitely make you her slave!" Yuika called after him with a cute voice, but with scary words.

"For now, let’s just go home. As fast as possible. I need to flirt to my heart's content with Mizuha."

Deciding that he would leave tomorrow's problems to his future self, he walked home. Tonight, he planned on being spoiled by his little sister. Eating his little sister’s delicious dinner, watching TV together, laughing about the dumbest things. For now, he just wanted to heal his wounded heart.

Having decided on that, he walked towards the entrance of the school building.

However, he still wasn’t able to go home that easily. There was something else in his shoe locker that wasn’t shoes. Laying on top of his shoes was a single picture. Shown on that picture was a big enough scandal to prevent him from leaving. The picture was of Kiryuu Keiki, lying topless on a tatami mat, with Yokihara Sayuki snuggling up next to him, wearing nothing but a single t-s.h.i.+rt.

"This is bad… bad in a different way than the bra was…"

This clearly looked like an after-s.e.x selfie. On the back of the photo, there was something written with beautiful handwriting.

‘Come to the clubroom immediately. If you don’t, I’ll leak this photo online, with your real name added to it.’

"No no no, you can’t just upload that online…"

Once you put something online, you can never truly delete it.

"And when did she even take that picture….?"

After searching around in this memories, Keiki thought of one possible time when she could’ve taken it. Soon after he became a second year, there was one time when he fell asleep inside the clubroom. Unguarded sleep is a weakness that all living beings share. Of course, humans are no exception to this rule. And Sayuki had used that chance for her own benefit.

"Still, this looks exactly like an after-s.e.x selfie… if this were to get leaked…"

Rumours would spread immediately, and once they made their rounds, it would he hard to clear them up. And, it wouldn’t be too long before people would find out that Keiki was forced into the role of master for a master-pet relations.h.i.+p.

"Not good. I have to prevent that at all costs."

Sayuki wants to become Keiki’s pet. She confessed that she wanted him to become her master. However, Keiki still didn’t want that at all. Never, not at all, not one bit.

Still, the girl didn’t give up just yet, and had continued her approach. And that picture was probably just one way of approaching Keiki. Although Keiki really didn’t like the feeling of it, he couldn’t ignore that picture. That’s why he gave in and made his way towards the clubroom.

On the second floor of the building, Keiki was standing in front of the clubroom.

"That reminds me, it’s been a little while since I came here last."

He hadn't come to the clubroom since he had learned of Sayuki’s true nature.

After knocking softly, he received an answer.

"Come in."

"Excuse— meeeee?!"

When he opened the door, there was a maid waiting for him. Be it on the shoulders or on the legs, it was a costume with a lot of exposure. Her hands were locked together behind her back with handcuffs, her chest was almost bursting out of her clothes, and a dog collar was fastened around her neck as she sat on the floor. The girl herself merely stared at her guest with s.h.i.+ning, diamond-like eyes.

"Welcome home, master."



The master immediately closed the door again.

"…Yup, let’s go home. Back to my own world."

As Keiki was trying to run away from this cruel reality, the door opened and the cute sulking face of the maid peeked out.

"To leave three seconds after you arrive — how cruel of you, master."

"The only cruel thing is your terrible taste, Senpai. And I’m not your master, either."

The ident.i.ty of this maid was Sayuki, of course.

She was wearing a skirt that barely covered her panties, not even hiding her thighs. And she had her hair in a ponytail. This m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.tic girl really wasn’t holding back at all.

"How rude… But I don’t dislike that att.i.tude, either."

"What is wrong with this person…?"

How did she manage to open the door with her handcuffs on?

For now, it would be bad to let such an erotic maid out into the hallway. After pondering about it for a moment, he decided to push her back into the room.

"So? Since when did this clubroom become a maid cafe?"

"I borrowed a book the other day, right?"

"Ah, ‘The right way to keep a pet dog’ or something like that…"

"Yeah, that. After reading it, I thought that maybe a maid might be a good idea for a pet."

"Wait a second, please… I can’t keep up with what you’re telling me."

"Well, listen to the end, will you?"


Keiki was having trouble doing just that. With her hands cuffed together behind her back, her chest was pushed out even more than usual, which was giving Keiki immense trouble figuring out where to look.

"And so, to investigate, I went to a maid cafe. From the maids working there, I got a good impression. Despite l.u.s.tful gazes from the opposite gender, and despite the s.e.xual hara.s.sment, they just smiled in response and kept serving their masters, like obedient dogs. Seeing that really moved me. So much so that I decided that I had no other option but to try it myself — And that’s why I tried becoming a maid."

"You tried becoming a maid, you say…"

"Keiki-kun, is the order a maid?"

"I have only one order. Please change immediately. Those clothes are a no-go, in a lot of ways."

"I’d like to do that, but I need the key to open these handcuffs."

"Key? If that’s the case, then I’ll open them for you. Where did you put the key?"

"That’s a bit hard to say…"


"When I was holding it between my lips and trying to put it on top of the desk, I accidentally dropped it into my cleavage…"

"What… did you say?"

The key was supposedly between her two big melons, which were pressed together by the maid costume. And they had completely swallowed it up.

"Keiki-kun, will you grab between my b.r.e.a.s.t.s and take the key out?"

"Wait a moment! That’s pretty bad, isn’t it?!"

"It’s fine. You have my consent. I won't call the police afterwards or anything."

"That comment just makes me more nervous, though!"

The comment came from the person that took such a dangerous photo, after all. If she somehow managed to get a picture of Keiki retrieving the key, it wouldn't just be his school life that would be officially over.

"That’s right, I’ll go and call another girl—"


Keiki was about to take out his phone as that sad-sounding voice stopped him.

"I-I’d really prefer it if you hurried up…"


She’s acting weird? Her voice was shaking, and taking a closer look, her eyes were starting to get watery and she started fidgeting with her legs.

"I’m at my limit… uhm… I would really like to go to the toilet…"

"What the h.e.l.l are you even doing?!"

In his mind, the image of the person that he looked up to completely crumbled into pieces. Maybe Tokihara Sayuki was just an idiot.

"What should I do in this situation…?"

Calling for a female acquaintance would take too long at this point.

That means he had to choose between two awful choices:

Grabbing the key out of her chest.

Watching the girl wet herself inside the clubroom.

No matter what he chose, what awaited him was a difficult path. And the option that the young boy chose was—

"…Hey, Keiki-kun."

"W-What is it?"

"This is my first time, so please be gentle."

"Could you be quiet for a second?!"

"Mhm… Ah, Ahnn…"

"Wai — Don’t let out such a weird voice!"

After that, the maid was freed from the handcuffs. Under the condition that the photo would be deleted, of course. And Sayuki’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s were just as soft as they looked. But Keiki was an adolescent boy, after all, so that’s why—

"Calm down! Calm down, my ‘son’!!!!!!"

While Sayuki went to the toilet, Keiki tried his best to calm down his awakened son in his pants.

Having finished her business, she changed back into a normal female high school student. Although she had dashed off while wearing her maid clothes, fortunately n.o.body saw her.

"If someone happened to see me, I’d just call it a ‘costume for the culture festival’."

"You would definitely get in trouble if you were to wear such a costume at the culture festival. And the culture festival is still quite a ways off, you know?"

Keiki and Sayuki were sitting in their respective seats and were having a useless conversation like usual.

"What would’ve happened if I hadn’t come to free you from your handcuffs?"

"In addition to wearing a maid costume with handcuffs to my hands, it would’ve turned into a ‘wetting yourself in a maid costume with handcuffs’ incident."

"That would be enough to get you expelled, alright."

"That’s right. But Keiki-kun came for me," She had a soft smile on her face as she moved next to him.

Putting the chair she was sitting on right next to him, she rested her head on his shoulders. Completely normally, as if they were lovers. Keiki was overwhelmed by her sweet aroma and her cuteness, and couldn’t bring himself to immediately push her away.


"Mhm? What is it?"

"I was wondering this before while we were at the library, but isn’t your skins.h.i.+p a bit extreme?"

"It’s marking. I’m doing this so that others know that you belong to me."

"Are you a dog or what…?"

"That’s right. I am Keiki-kun’s b.i.t.c.h, after all."

"I don’t remember adopting a dog or a Senpai."

"How cruel! But that cold gaze also feels pretty good—"

"And what were you planning on doing when you used that picture to call me here?"

Hearing Keiki’s question, she lifted up her head from his shoulders and looked straight at him.

"You won’t come meet me if I don’t give you a reason to…"


"You used to always came here on your own accord. Are you already fed up with me?"

"Excuse me?!"

"To throw away such a good woman… Keiki-kun really is a cruel man."

"Wait a moment, why does it sound like I’m the bad one here?!"

Being falsely charged is really scary.

"I didn’t have any special reason. Just, as master’s pet, I got nervous after not seeing him for such a long time."


To Keiki, it sounded like she was lonely. Maybe that’s why her skins.h.i.+p is so extreme right now, he thought.

"That reminds me. Earlier, I happened to hear some second year boys talking about how they wanted their first time to be with me—"

"That topic change is kind of abrupt, don’t you think?!"

Apparently, just like Keiki, a lot of boys looked up to her because of her beauty and nice style.

"It seems like I’m really popular with the boys. Night after night, in my fantasies, they keep doing what they want with me…."

"What kind of pervert are you, really…."

"It might sound arrogant coming from me, but I’m confident in my brush handling skills, you know? What was it… ‘A good workman does not blame his tools’, right? That’s why I'm sure that I can handle a boy’s brush too."

"What kind of a.n.a.logy is that?!"

Hearing her Kouhai’s response, Sayuki’s laugh resounded right next to his ear. She then put her white hand on his chest and leaned in close to his ear.

"If it’s Keiki-kun… I might even do it for you, you know?"


These words were like a bomb for Keiki. A sweet, tempting bomb that could completely destroy a boy’s logical thinking.

And Keiki was an adolescent boy too. It would be a lie if he said that he didn’t have any interest in that.

"I’m going to be upfront with you… I am a pretty h.o.r.n.y woman."


"Every night, I have s.e.xual fantasies about Keiki-kun."

"Why are you telling me that?!"

"That’s why….if Keiki-kun were to become my master, I would give you both my body and my heart."

"B-Both body and heart?!"

"Yes, I will do everything you want. Even things you wouldn’t be able to do with other women. No matter what you wish for, Keiki-kun. You can do whatever you want, wherever you want— yeah?" As if to entice him, she lifted up her b.r.e.a.s.t.s with both her arms. Seeing that, Keiki wasn’t able to look away. Being obviously happy because of her Kouhai’s reaction, she had a more temping expression as she continued.

"Keiki-kun… will you be my master?"

Those words held the same meaning as a confession. Completely uncertain what he would do, a meeting convened inside his mind, the members being an angel and a devil.

Devil Cake-kun: "Will you make the beautiful, big-breasted Senpai your pet?"

Angel Cake-kun: "No, that’s not good. It’s impossible to make a girl your pet!"

Devil Cake-kun: "But she will let you do any erotic things you want, you know?"

Angel Cake-kun: "T-That’s…..gulp…."

Devil Cake-kun: "Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s where so soft, right? They’re the best!"

Angel Cake-kun: "W-Well, I would be lying if I said that they weren’t…"

Devil Cake-kun: "She’ll let you do anything with those big b.r.e.a.s.t.s, you know? Isn’t that awesome?"

Angel Cake-kun: "……….That might be pretty awesome, yeah…"

In his heart, it felt like the angel had been pushed away. He probably gave in to the sweet whispering of the devil. All of the boy's instincts where screaming ‘Go!’. However—


Sayuki’s eyes opened wide after hearing Keiki’s response.

"And why is that?"

"Something like that…."

"Something like that?"

"Something like that is impossible without loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!"

Keiki’s scream resounded inside the room.

‘Doing erotic stuff without love is no good.’ —That sense of virtue is enough to clearly label oneself a virgin, but for a boy with zero experience, that reaction would be normal.

In this particular instance, Sayuki would be the abnormal one, not Keiki.

"—I won’t give up, you know! I’ll definitely make Keiki my master!"

As Keiki ran away, that voice entered his ears.

Yuika and Sayuki. Keiki had no idea why they were both so obsessed with a boring boy like him. What he did know was one thing. Both Yuika and Sayuki weren't going to give up on him anytime soon..

Part 3:

A new week and a new Monday. Lunch break.

Having finished eating their lunch in the cla.s.sroom, Keiki and Shouma were sitting next to the cla.s.sroom windows.

"By the way, how’s it going with your Cinderella search?"

"Eh? W-Well… yeah, the love letter, huh."

"Did you forget about it?"

"No, but lately a lot of stuff has been on my mind."

To be fair, it was too much for him, which is why the love letter had completely slipped his mind.

At the beginning of May, an unknown girl had left the love letter inside the clubroom after they finished cleaning it. In addition, she had left a pair of panties along with it, which is where the name ‘Cinderella’ originated from. After that, Keiki had made it his goal to find out the ident.i.ty of the girl and get his first girlfriend.

Thanks to the circ.u.mstances, Keiki could lower the amount of possible candidates to four. However, one of them was Keiki’s little sister, so he had removed her from the very beginning. With that, he decided to search for his Cinderella, but because of the incidents with his Senpai and Kouhai, he hadn't had any time recently to think about it at all.

"You did investigate Tokiha.r.s.enpai and Kogsan, right?"

"Yeah. But I don’t think that either of them are Cinderella."

"Is that so?"

"Well, I can’t say for sure but…"

It would be hard to believe that either Tokihara Sayuki or Koga Yuika had any romantic feelings for Keiki. The only reason they approached Keiki was because one of them wanted him to become her ‘Master’ and the other wanted him to become her ‘Slave’.

"But that would only leave one candidate. There were four girls present at the cleaning operation, and not counting Mizuha makes it three. And if you say that both Tokiha.r.s.enpai and Kogsan probably aren’t Cinderella, then that only leaves—"

Cutting off his words like that, he focused his gaze towards the middle of the cla.s.sroom. Sitting there was a girl with reddish-brown hair.

"That leaves one candidate, you say… Nanjou, huh?"

"Yeah, it can’t be anyone other than Mao-chan, right?"

"So Nanjou is…"

"I’d say that the possibility is pretty high. From time to time, it looks like she's staring at you."


"You haven't noticed?"


Thinking back on it, it’s true that he had felt Mao’s gaze from time to time. Like when he was talking with Shouma for example. Or before he facially received that volleyball. But since she immediately averted her eyes if they happened to meet with his, Keiki just thought that it was a coincidence.

"But, rather than me, isn’t she looking at you, Shouma?"

"I don’t think so."


"Because she never looks at me when I’m alone. However, when you’re with me, she always has a soft expression, or her cheeks are slightly flushed. It’s like she’s a young maiden in love."

"Nanjou… likes me?"

They happened to be seat neighbours in their first year, and after that, they just talked normally from time to time, like friends. However, if Sayuki and Yuika weren't Cinderella, that would only leave Mao.


Keiki glanced towards Mao. She had headphones in her ears and was reading a book. That sight was something completely normal for her. It was true that she talked with Keiki or Shouma from time to time, but there were times when she was completely disinterested. Almost like a cat.


As he looked at heir reddish-brown hair, she seemed to notice his gaze and turned around. When their eyes met, she immediately looked away with a displeased expression.

"It feels like she’s always just glaring at me. In what world is that the face of a maiden in love?"

"Weird. Maybe it’s her day of the month?"

"You'd better drop that topic right now."

Shouma really had no delicacy at all, talking about the physiology of a cla.s.smate like that. But Keiki still wondered why she looked so p.i.s.sed from time to time.

"Keiki, did you do anything to upset her lately?"

"Nah, I haven't even talked to her today."

The only things that had happened to Keiki that day were being hugged from behind by Sayuki as he walked to school that morning and being grabbed from the side by Yuika as he went to the science room.

Being asked to become a girl’s owner.

Being asked to accept a girl becoming his owner.

Being busy with these two girls, Keiki hadn't had the time to communicate with Mao at all. Of course, he didn’t do anything that could upset her.

"I really don’t get girls sometimes….."

Like Tokihara Sayuki.

Like Koga Yuika.

Like Nanjou Mao.

A girl’s heart was too complicated to understand for Keiki.

"If only there were a way to calculate a girl’s thoughts with math….."

As he was still lost on the ident.i.ty of his Cinderella, the prince thought so.

That day after cla.s.s. Having been called to the clubroom once more by Sayuki, he was on his way there. Although he certainly didn’t feel comfortable about it, he didn’t want to leave her alone. And he was afraid that she might spread another picture she took. As he walked down the hallway, his view went black suddenly. And right after, a voice saying "Guess who it is~" spoke from behind him.

"Judging from that voice, it’s gotta be Yuikchan, right? Is it blindfold play today?"

The moment he went to pull her hands away from his face, his Kouhai screamed out.

"Ah, don’t, Keiki-senpai!"

"Eh, why not?"

"Yuika is naked right now!"

"Really, why?!"

"To seduce Keiki-senpai, of course."

"Shut up already and put on some clothes!"

"Yuika would really like to do that, but if she let go of Keiki-senpai’s face, he would be able to see. She did say that she wanted to seduce Senpai, but being seen b.u.t.t-naked would be too embarra.s.sing."

"Did you really think this through?"

"Yuika has her clothes in this empty cla.s.sroom, so please follow her. She’ll even put her hands away… so if you really want to see, you can open your eyes. But Yuika will have you take responsibility for that."

"Responsibility is scary, so I’ll gladly keep my eyes shut."

"Well then, right this way."

With these words, Yuika separated her hands from Keiki’s head. As he kept his eyes shut, she pulled him by the hand.

"Okay, Senpai. Here’s a chair, so please sit down here."

"Ah, okay?"

He did as he was told, although the cold feeling of the chair surprised him a bit. In that moment, he felt that both of his hands were being pulled behind the chair’s back. And then, it felt like some kind of string was being wound around his wrists—

"….Uhm, Yuikchan? Are you tying me up?"

"That’s just your imagination?"

"That’s clearly a lie, right?!"

Feeling the danger through his entire body, he involuntarily opened his eyes. In the middle of his view, there was a blonde-haired beauty, properly wearing her uniform.

"You put on your clothes pretty fast, didn’t you?"

"As if Yuika would walk around the hallway naked," Answered the little witch.

Apparently Keiki had been deceived by this girl. The room he was dragged into was an old cla.s.sroom that wasn’t used anymore. And just as he had suspected, Keiki was sitting on a chair in the middle of that cla.s.sroom, his hands tied up behind the chair’s back. Not to mention his legs were tied up as tightly as his arms. Now he couldn’t run away anymore.

"And? Where did you plan on going, Keiki-senpai?"

"Eh? Well, I wanted to attend the calligraphy clubroom today?"

"Calligraphy clubroom… huh? Is that so…" She returned a cold gaze, "That’s not good. To leave Yuika alone and go meet that Witch-senpai."

"By 'Witch-senpai,' you mean Sayuki-senpai?"

"That big-breasted monster, the name 'Witch-senpai' fits her perfectly."

"Big-breasted monster….."

"Rather than that, the problem is that you prioritize that Witch-senpai over your cute Yuika. A slave isn’t allowed to cheat, you know? Don’t you think that some punishment is necessary?"


As Yuika started snickering, she took off her shoes and socks. And just like before, she stretched out a leg towards Keiki.

"Now, kiss Yuika’s foot. And swear to give Yuika both your body and mind, for all eternity. With that, you will finally become Yuika’s slave," She said with a bewitching smile and flushed cheeks.

"Like I said, that’s…"

"If you don’t listen, Yuika will be the one to kiss you."


"But not on the cheek or on the forehead. On your lips, of course. It’s probably Keiki-senpai’s first time, right?"

"W-Wai—?! Yuikchan?!"

"Please choose. Kiss Yuika’s foot, or have your first kiss stolen by Yuika—"

"Please, wait?! Yuikchan!"

"Ahaha. Yuika will not wait," With these words, she closed her eyes and brought her beautiful face closer.

Her eyelashes were insanely long. Her cheeks were so cute. Her lips were as beautiful as a flower, completely robbing Keiki of the strength to resist what she was about to do. On the contrary, he had started looking forward to it.



Their soft breaths were starting to intermingle, and in the moment when their lips were about to overlap—

"—That’s enough!"

The person that spoke these words was a black-haired beauty. Understanding the situation inside the cla.s.sroom in an instant, Sayuki threw Yuika a sharp gaze.

"I really can’t let my guard down for one moment. You really are a thieving cat."

"What’s this dog-like smell here? Oh, it’s you, Tokiha.r.s.enpai. How did you know that we were here?"

"It’s my hobby to stalk Keiki-kun."


"I’m joking. Keiki-kun was late so I came to check on him, and then I heard your voices from outside," With these words, she walked closer to the chair Keiki was sitting on and started untying him from the chair.

"D-Don’t go interfering with our sweet time together! Keiki-senpai belongs to Yuika!"

"Since when, I wonder. Actually, I belong to Keiki-kun!"

"Sayuki-senpai, can you please keep quiet for a second?"

"How cruel, Keiki-kun. Even though I came to save you, you treat me like a hindrance… Ahhh, but that still feels good in its own way, so it’s not a problem. On the contrary, you should always treat me like that."

"This person is completely lost… I have to do something fast or else…"

She was a hopeless m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t after all, so no matter what Keiki would say, it would only turn into pleasure for her. However, after she had freed him, she turned to face Yuika.

"So you really acted all cute in front of Keiki-kun. Wanting him to become your slave, huh? What a bad hobby."

"Yuika doesn’t want to be told that by someone who wanted to become Keiki-senpai’s pet!"

It looked like sparks were flying between the two of them. Like the sun and moon, their personality and way of thinking were completely different, resulting in a fight every time they met in front of the young boy. Having been freed from his shackles, Keiki had a big question mark on top of his head.

"…Eh? Both of you knew each other’s true nature?"

"When Yuika first met Tokiha.r.s.enpai, she told Yuika that ‘I will make Keiki-kun my master so you'd better give up’, you know?"

"When I first met her, I realized that she was clearly aiming for Keiki-kun. Although the blind Keiki-kun might not have realized it, she couldn't fool me."

"Ahh, so that’s why your relations.h.i.+p was always so bad…"

That explained their behaviour every time they met. Though it really didn’t matter at this point.

"But I didn’t expect that you wanted to make Keiki-kun your slave."

"That doesn’t have anything to do with Tokiha.r.s.enpai."

"It does. Keiki-kun will be the one to become my master after all. That’s why I won't give that position to any other girl," Sayuki glared at Yuika as she grabbed Keiki’s right arm.

"No! Keiki-senpai belongs to Yuika!" Yuika screamed as she grabbed Keiki’s left arm.

"What’s up with this situation…"

Some might call this the ‘A flower in both hands’ situation but there was a big difference here. One side wants him to become her master, the other side wants him to become her slave.

Normally, a boy would be pretty happy being surrounded by girls like this, but somehow I just feel like crying. So how should I get rid of them now…?

However, as Keiki was thinking about what to do, another voice called out in the empty cla.s.sroom.

"What are you people doing…?" That cold sounding voice belonged to the reddish-brown haired student that Keiki was pretty familiar with.


Before he could even ask what she was doing there, she slowly entered the room. Without paying any attention to the gazes of Sayuki and Yuika, she walked right in front of Keiki.

"Come with me for a sec, Kiryuu," That was all she said.

Taking Keiki’s hand, she pulled him with her away from that place.

Leaving the cla.s.sroom behind them, they stopped in the hallway of the second floor, with no one else around. As she let go of Keiki’s hand, he realized that she had a face unlike any that he had ever seen on her. Like she was crying, but still angry. A lot of different emotions were mixed up in that expression. That might’ve even been the first time he'd seen her real emotions written on her face.


"I can’t hold back anymore… I can’t put up with it any longer…"

"About what?"

"Kiryuu is not allowed to be friendly with other girls!"


"You keep staring at Tokiha.r.s.enpai’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s, and you’re always so nice to Yuika. You even had a lewd expression on your face as they were clinging to you…"

"I don’t think that I had such an expression on my face…"

Maybe he had gotten a bit excited because of the feeling of their b.r.e.a.s.t.s. At least, it seemed that Mao had interpreted it that way.

"But why would you be mad about that, Nanjou?"

"Eh?! T-That’s…" Her cheeks flushed as Keiki asked her that, "Uhm… that’s… well…" She tried her best to search for some words, but when she didn’t manage to do so, she just glared at Keiki. "W-When I say that you’re not allowed to, you’re not allowed to!"

"But, why?"

"You idiot! When you’re together with other girls, it hurts me!"


This was the first time he’d seen her so aggravated. So when Keiki is with Sayuki and Yuika, Mao is in this much pain?

Might it be that? Seeing Keiki in that situation just now, being surrounded by girls and looking all lovey-dovey, might this feeling she had while seeing that be… jealousy?

That would certainly explain her reaction. And it looked like these were her honest feelings.

"…So Nanjou really is…?"

Keiki was well aware that his cla.s.smate had tsundere tendencies. Thinking back on it, she was always very kind to him. When he took that volleyball to the face, she watched over him until he woke up. When he was feeling down because Sayuki kept running away, she gave him the push he needed. Even though her words might’ve been a bit harsh from time to time, her actions showed pure goodwill.

What if she acted like that because she had feelings for Keiki? What if she was the Cinderella he had been searching for all this time?


Just imagining it made his face feel hot. Because — he couldn’t find any logical reason that the girl in front of him couldn't be his Cinderella.

"…Kiryuu, you idiot."

The last Cinderella candidate muttered a weak "Idiot."

At the very least, in this verbal abuse, there seemed to be some other feeling besides irritation.

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