Kawaikereba Hentai Demo Suki Ni Natte Kuremasu Ka? Volume 1 Chapter 3


Kawaikereba Hentai Demo Suki Ni Natte Kuremasu Ka?

Kawaikereba Hentai Demo Suki Ni Natte Kuremasu Ka? Volume 1 Chapter 3

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Since when was I under the illusion that this would be a normal love comedy? Part 1:

Not a lot of time had pa.s.sed since cla.s.ses had ended. Inside the clubroom, Keiki was standing, merely s.p.a.cing out. In front of Keiki was a female student wearing a dog collar that had taken off her blazer and opened up her blouse.

That female student, Tokihara Sayuki, had just said "Please make me your pet, Keiki-kun," a completely perverted confession. With these words, she tried to hand him the leash that was connected to her collar. In this situation, Keiki had lost his ability to think logically.

"Keiki-kun, will you make me your pet?"

"——-W-Wait a moment, please!"

"What is it?"

"By 'pet,' what exactly do you mean?"

"Just as I said. I want you to become my owner."

"Not good, I still don’t get it."

"Become my master?"

"That’s not what I meant!"

"I don’t understand why Keiki-kun is so mad."

"I don’t understand what you mean either!"

He didn’t understand her feelings at all when she said "Make me your pet."

What exactly does she mean by 'pet,' anyway? What does she mean by asking Keiki to become her owner? Countless questions were floating around in his head, and he was unable to follow the situation at all.

"Ah, I see. You’re teasing me. Aren't you, Senpai?"

That whole confession was a joke, and she was just doing it to get a reaction out of Keiki. However, hearing his response—

"There’s no way that I would make a joke like this," Her words completely denied his speculation, "Keiki-kun, you told me, right? That you won’t hate me even if I'm like this. I didn’t expect my secret to get out like this, but I was really happy when you said that you'd accept me."

"Eh? Wait….what secret?"

"That I’m a s.l.u.tty M b.i.t.c.h."

"……Excuse me?"

With these words, Keiki finally understood. About the fact that they both had misunderstood each other. Keiki was thinking that Sayuki was his Cinderella and that she was hiding it. That’s why he told her that he knew her secret, making Sayuki think that Keiki knew of her fetish. Since Keiki had told her that he wouldn't hate her, she had understood it to mean that Keiki would accept her everything.

"I didn’t expect you to be so rough either….." Still misunderstanding, Sayuki spoke with slightly flushed cheeks, "I don’t hate it if you get a bit more rough…Yeah, I prefer the more forceful type. Even yesterday, that kabe-don made my heart beat like crazy."

"I-I see…."

The Senpai he looked up to was a perverted m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.t.

"Ahh, not good. Not good Sayuki. A dirty girl like you will be scolded by Keiki-kun… Ahh, but I really want to be scolded by him. To become his pet and be scolded by him every day is a dream…."


"It wouldn’t be so bad to be praised, either, but being scolded is one of the joys of being a pet. Do you remember that lost dog? He looked really happy even though he was scolded by his owner."

"Ah, that’s why you had such an envious look on your face……"

"Yes, I also want to be scolded like that by my master. How nice…..I want to be scolded like that too — is what I thought…"

"What kind of foreshadowing is this?!"

So this means that after school that time, she didn’t have that look on her face because she wanted to play with Vegetarian more. She had that look on her face because she was envious.

"That being said, Keiki-kun. Please make me your pet."

No matter how you looked at it, Keiki was just a normal high school boy, neither a prince nor a master. And of course, he didn’t plan on taking in a pet like this. That’s why his answer had been decided for quite some time time.

"Sorry, that’s impossible."

But, he still declined her offer very politely.

Part 2:

The morning of the next day. With a downcast expression, Keiki walked towards his cla.s.sroom.

"To think that Sayuku-senpai had a hidden side like that….."

The person he had looked up to was a ma.s.sive m.a.s.o.c.h.i.s.tic pervert. This fact damaged poor Keiki’s heart quite a bit. He couldn’t even get a single wink of sleep, merely lying awake in his bed. If he didn’t receive some comfort from his little sister (who misunderstood the situation and thought that he'd gotten turned down), he might’ve never recovered from that.

"In the end, I still haven’t found out if Sayuki-senpai is actually my Cinderella or not. Not like that really matters right now, though."

The impact of that confession was too strong, making him completely forget about his original goal. There was no use in dwelling on it.

For now, I’ll just go to cla.s.ses as usual and ask Shouma for some advice again.

When he went up the stairs, he met up with the calligraphy club's advisor. Short hair with almond eyes. With her usual suit, she looked more like a businesswoman than a teacher.

"Oh, if it isn’t Kiryuu."

"Good morning Okitsensei."

"Mornin’. Good work on cleaning the club room like that. I’m glad that you managed to get it clean again… Ah, but you left without locking the door, right?"

"Eh? The door wasn’t locked?"

"Yeah, I came to check on your work after you were gone. Well, it’s not like there were any problems, so I guess it doesn’t matter."

With that, Okitsensei left, leaving Keiki behind.

Inside his head was a vortex of thoughts created by Okitsensei’s words.

"….So the room wasn’t locked?"

The day they had the big cleaning operation, Keiki was supposed to have locked the door. But that’s weird.

Keiki has a rather methodical personality. Be it his home or the clubroom, he always checks twice that he locks the doors. He had done so on that day, too.

If that door was still open after he left, then—

"So basically, when you found the love letter, Cinderella was with you in the club room?"

"That’s what I’m suspecting."

Lunch break. Sitting on a bench in the courtyard, Keiki was asking Shouma for advice just as he had planned.

"After that cleaning operation, I locked the door for sure."

"But when Okitsensei came by to check, it wasn’t locked, huh?"

"Yeah. We only have one key, and Sayuki gave it to me so that I could lock up."

"It makes sense. Before Okitsensei came by, the person who had been hiding inside the room sneaked out by opening the door from the inside and left."

Since the club room is on the second floor, the only way to escape is through the door. And Keiki had the only key. Without the key, you could still open it from the inside.

"When I came back with the bucket, Cinderella must’ve panicked and hid somewhere in the room."

The club room wasn’t exactly big, but you could probably hide in the lockers or behind the teacher’s desk. It wasn't impossible.

"So basically, any of the girls could’ve come back during the time when you were was.h.i.+ng the bucket."

"That lessens the importance of the order in which the girls left. Basically, the chance that a girl other than Tokiha.r.s.enpai could be Cinderella has gone up by quite a bit again."

That brings their search for Cinderella back to square one.

"But still, Tokiha.r.s.enpai has the highest chance of being Cinderella. Have you managed to talk to her recently?"

"Well, that’s….."

Hearing Shouma’s question, he was hesitating for a bit. He was thinking if it really was okay to tell Shouma about her confession.

"I did manage to talk to her, but I didn’t get anything out of her."

"I see, what a shame."

"Yeah, it really is. By the way, Shouma, have you ever wanted to make a girl your pet?"

"When was your awakening, Keiki?"

"That's not it at all."

"Then what? That question is way too random."

"No, I was just wondering. I happened to read one of Mizuha's manga and there was something like that in it."

"Ahh, yeah, shoujo mangas are getting more radical lately."

Keiki let out a small sigh because he managed to play it off with that half-a.s.sed lie. Although his chest did hurt a little bit.

"Well… I do like smaller girls…"


"And if I say something like ‘I want to make a younger girl my pet’, then mister Police Officer-san would come pick me up pretty quickly."

"Well, that makes sense."

A lolicon’s way of thinking really wouldn’t be a good reference after all.

"What about the other way around? Would you want to become a woman's pet?" Shouma asked.

"Uhm… not really, no," Keiki had never thought about that, either.

He didn’t want to make Sayuki-senpai his pet, and he didn’t want to become a pet for her, either.

Keiki didn’t exactly understand either Shouma’s fetish ‘Liking small girls’ or Sayuki’s fetish ‘Being someone else’s pet.’ He didn't understand the case with Cinderella, either. Why didn’t she put her name on the love letter? Why did she leave her panties behind? Questions and more questions.

"For now, it might be good to look into the other girls as well."

"Mhm, yeah. I’ll do that."

Keiki thanked his friend who had gotten the conversation back on track.

He decided that he would move on slowly, taking one step at a time.

After cla.s.s. Being on duty as a member of the library committee, he was sitting in a small room inside the library, rearranging some books.

They were getting new books every day, so someone had to arrange them onto the various bookshelves. That being said, the teacher had done most of it already, and had only left a small number behind, so it wasn’t that much work.


He glanced towards the counter.

With a pen in hand, the short, blonde-haired female student was looking over some papers. Her name was Koga Yuika. Being Keiki’s Kouhai, she was also a member of the library committee.

"Alright, everything’s here," Having finished checking on the books, Yuika stood up, "Well then, Yuika will go bring them to the storage room."

"Should I go?"

"It’s fine. It’s not a large amount anyway."

"That so? I’ll leave it to you then."

"Yes, leave it to Yuika," Smiling like an angel, she went into the storage room.

Seeing her smile like this, he could feel his heart heal just a little bit.

"Yuikchan really is cute…."

"—Yes. Her small chest and behind… Everything is so small, it’s very cute."


Hearing these curse-like words near his ear, he felt a hot breath.

"Uwaaaaaaaa?!" Keiki let out a loud scream of surprise.

Turning around, there was a girl with long black hair. The name of this girl with the big b.r.e.a.s.t.s is Tokihara Sayuki. Without him realizing, Sayuki had sneaked behind the counter, blowing into his ear.

"Oh, thanks for showing me such a cute reaction."

"Sayuki-senpai?! What are you doing all of a sudden?!"

"I’m blowing into Keiki-kun’s ears."


"Because I’m bored?"

"What bad taste! That’s really bad for my heart, so can you please not do that?"

"Are you mad?"

"Well, doing something like this just because you’re bored made me mad a little bit."

"Hmm, that’s not good. Then don’t you think that a bad girl like me needs punishment?"


"Now, Keiki-kun, tease much as much as you want. As weird as you can get, please."

"I don’t even know where I should start…"

"It’s fine wherever you want. I will accept my reward."

"Excuse me?"

"I do prefer if you’d start with my mouth instead of my a.s.s."

"W-W-What the h.e.l.l are you saying?!"

Keiki could clearly hear his high school image breaking into a thousand pieces. It was really fortunate that no one was currently in the library.

"And, what exactly do you want?"

"I came here to meet Keiki-kun. Of my own accord," With these words, she came closer to Keiki, pressing her b.r.e.a.s.t.s against him.

"Senpai?! Y-Your b.r.e.a.s.t.s are hitting me?!"

"That’s trivial."

"I told you before that your b.r.e.a.s.t.s clearly aren’t ‘trivial’?!"

"Fufu, I’ll hug you even tighter."

"Too close!"

Sayuki’s sweet fragrance was directly attacking his ability to think.

"Uhm….Keiki-senpai, Tokiha.r.s.enpai? Can you not do something like that inside the library?"

Turning around, there was the blonde-haired kouhai. It looked like she had just returned from the storage room.

"Oh, if it isn’t Kogsan. A good day to you."

"h.e.l.lo…" Her reply didn’t sound friendly at all.

She clearly glared at Sayuki who was still clinging to Keiki.

"Tokiha.r.s.enpai, aren’t you clinging to Keiki-senpai a bit too much?"

"It’s fine. He’s my kouhai, after all."

"Keiki-senpai is still Yuika’s senpai….."

"Fufu, a resolute Kogsan is cute, too. But, I guess that you don’t know. These past few days, Keiki-kun and I have gotten pretty close."

"What do you mean by that?"

"We went on a date the other day. He treated me to a parfait at the cafe near the train station."


Hearing Sayuki’s words, shock was written across the blonde-haired girl’s face.

"So you went to a cafe together… as a date, huh."


Even the sometimes oblivious Keiki realized that the air around him had become drastically colder.

"Yuikchan, are you mad?"

"Even if she was, do you know the reason why?"

"Uhm, because you also wanted to eat the parfait?"

"Idiot! Keiki-senpai, you idiot!"


"Keiki-kun is in the wrong here, clearly. You really are an idiot."

"Even Sayuki-senpai?!"

This flow of conversation is really bad. That’s the only thing I understand.

And once he understood that, he had to hurry to stop it.

"Uhm, Sayuki-senpai. We're disturbing the other people in here like this, so why don’t you go home for today, okay?"

"How rude, Keiki-kun. Even though we did this and that…"

"What exactly is 'this and that?!'"

"You pushed yourself onto me, so roughly —didn’t you?"


"That was my first time, so I was really scared…."


Hearing Sayuki's easy to misunderstand words, Yuika gazed at Keiki like she was looking at trash.


"No! The only thing I did was a kabe-don!"

"I’ve never seen such an aggressive Keiki-kun before…."

"Can you stop with that? Yuikchan’s gaze is starting to really hurt!"

His cute kouhai’s gaze was extraordinarily cold.

"Sayuki-senpai, your pride is starting to crumble away, so will you please stop it already…"

"Oh, so a library club member is going to refuse to help a customer?"

"Do you want to borrow a book, Sayuki-senpai?"

"Yes, I’ll take this one."

"This is—"

The book that she took out was ‘The right way to keep a dog’.

"W-What’s up with this book?"

"I wanted to get a few references for my self-training."

"Self-training?! This is the first time I’ve heard something like that…."

Although Keiki was hesitating, he still had to do his job as a library club member, so he began filling out the lending form. Having finished that, Sayuki took the book in her hands and smiled.

"I hope you look forward to it. In the near future, I will be someone completely different."

With a cute wink, she left Keiki standing there. Yuika for her part returned to the counter and sat down.

"Yuika has a question for Keiki-senpai."

"W-What is it?"

Keiki twitched and answered in formal language unconsciously.

"So you went on a date with Tokiha.r.s.enpai?"

"N-No, that wasn’t exactly a date….I was just treating her to a parfait she really wanted….."

"So it was a date?"

"Yes, it was a date."

"Then, next question."

"W-What would it be this time?"

"Did you pull a kabe-don on Tokiha.r.s.enpai?"

"Uhm….Yes, I did…."



Was that really a legitimate a.s.sociation?

"Then are you dating Tokiha.r.s.enpai?"

"Eh, why would you end up with that conclusion?"

"Well, Keiki-senpai, you’re always so kind to her. You go and clean the club room for her and you almost force her to go home when she’s tired. And, you also went on a date with her….Recently, you’ve been all over Tokiha.r.s.enpai…."


As he called out, she turned her back to him.

Might she be…..jealous?

It seemed like she had some sort of feelings for him. But Keiki had only thought that this was her looking up to him as a senpai. That doesn’t have to be connected to a feeling of love. Maybe it’s just her goodwill… But what if… What if it was actually a feeling beyond goodwill? What if she had feelings for this boring highschool boy?

What if Koga Yuika was actually Keiki’s longed-for Cinderella?

It wasn't impossible. After all, she was also a member of the cleaning operation.

Well, putting that part on hold, how could I improve her mood again?

"Can I do something to make you happier?"

"…Now that you say it, we don’t have school tomorrow, right?" His kouhai looked over her shoulder.

Seeing her gaze filled with expectation, Keiki happened to expect something too.

Maybe she really is the girl that sent me the love letter?

Keiki-senpai, please go on a date with Yuika on Sunday."

With slightly flushed cheeks, the girl said these words.

On that day, for the first time in his life, Keiki made plans for a date with a girl.

Part 3:

Sunday. Keiki arrived ten minutes early at the spot they agreed to meet up. Standing under a blue mid-May morning sky, he gazed at the people walking past him. And finally, the person he had been waiting for arrived.

"Senpai, good morning."

"Ahh, Yuikchan, good… morning?"

The Yuika that came walking towards him had a different aura than usual. She was wearing a blouse and minishorts. Having her short blonde hair styled to one side in a dumpling, she looked like a real grownup. Pairing that with her natural good looks, she attracted quite a lot of gazes from the other boys around the area.

"………" Of course, that was the same for Keiki.


"Ah, well, this is the first time I've seen you in casual clothes."

"How….is it?"

"Y-You look really cute. It really suits you."

"Ehehe. It seems like it was worth all the effort."

Seeing her like this, Keiki started reminiscing about the past. Right now, she was cheerful with plenty of different expressions. However, that wasn’t the case when he first met her. Unlike now, she had never smiled back then.

"…? Senpai, what happened?"

"Ah, sorry. It’s nothing."

This isn’t the time to be dwelling in the past. For now, I have to focus on the date.

"Alright then, I thought of a plan for today, so would you leave it to me?"

"Okay, Yuika will leave it all up to your wonderful plan."

"That’s some serious pressure….."

"Fufu. Senpai is older than Yuika, after all, so please show me what you can do."

"Understood. Then, as your senpai, I’ll escort you."

Hearing his words, Yuika snickered. That being said, Keiki didn’t really have any experience going on dates. He had gone on a date with Sayuki, but that was just eating a parfait at a cafe on the way home.

Something like that would never satisfy Yuikchan — he thought.

"For now, I’ll do my best with Mizuha’s ‘Guide to dating’."

On the evening before his date, Keiki was worried because of the date, so he decided to ask Mizuha for advice. She then proceeded to hold a whole lecture on how to treat the girl, how to choose the right places, and so on. This lecture lasted late into the night. Mizuha might normally come across a bit frivolous, but she still was a girl. And hearing advice from a girl like her was really valuable information.

"For now, let’s keep walking a bit."

"Okay," Seeing her smile as bright as the sun, Keiki’s sleep-deprived state completely faded away.

A man dozing off on a date is really the worst, after all. And this date today has an important goal. To investigate whether Koga Yuika was the Cinderella who dropped her panties. If she was, Keiki might find some hints while he was on this date. Steeling his resolve, he started walking beside his Kouhai.

The first stop that Keiki thought of was the cinema.

"A movie, huh?"

"I thought that something orthodox to start with would be a good idea."

"Yes, Yuika likes a simple approach."

Buying the tickets, the both of them entered.

"Uwa, it’s been a long time since Yuika has been to a cinema like this."

"Eh, is that so, Yuikchan?"

"Yes. Yuika prefers to stick to her normal habits, and doesn't go many places. The only place she really goes to is the book store or the library from time to time."

"Just what I would expect from a bookworm."

"Where are our seats?"

"In the middle, where it’s the easiest for us to see."

"Oh, how convenient."

As they went their way to their seats, Yuika really had a nostalgic look on her face as she looked around.

"By the way, what movie are we going to watch today?"

"Mhm, you’ll see when it starts, so look forward to it."

"Hm? A surprise, huh? Now Yuika is looking forward to it," She grinned.

Really, no matter what she does, this kouhai is just cute.

Since it was a Sunday, a lot people came after them into the cinema. After about ten minutes, the lights went out. Another few minutes after that, the movie finally started.

Once the prologue was over, the t.i.tle was shown, seemingly surprising the kouhai next to Keiki.

"Senpai, isn’t this….."

"Yeah, that’s the live-action adaption of the book you read a while ago. You told me that the story was interesting, so I wanted to check it out."

"Yuika was barely talking about it… and you still remembered it?"

"Did the surprise work?"

"Muu, it seems like this is Yuika’s loss."

"What kind of war are you partic.i.p.ating in….?"

After that short exchange, both of them enjoyed the film. It was a story with a castle as its setting with a prince as the protagonist. Said castle was wrapped up in countless problems, but since the prince had no self-confidence, he didn’t know which choice to make. The ones that supported the prince, a rather cheeky but still friendly maid and a powerful knight that lacked motivation were featured characters. After countless trials and the support of his servants, the prince started to trust in himself more. It was a movie with strong emphasis on comedy.


Taking a glance at the seat next to him, Keiki saw his kouhai completely engrossed in the film. Seeing that, he relaxed a bit and focused on enjoying the movie, himself.

Leaving the cinema, the both of them entered a fast food restaurant nearby. Eating their lunch there, they went towards the shopping mall. It was time for the window-shopping part of the date.

They checked out various stores, from daily necessities to western clothes. And it seemed like Yuika really enjoyed herself during that time.

Now it was around 3pm in the afternoon. After walking around for quite some time, they decided to take a quick break. Buying something to drink at a nearby store, they set down in a table in the resting area of the mall. While Keiki was cooling his throat with an ice coffee, Yuika was drinking a cafe latté with a cute expression.

"There really are a lot of stores around here."

"Yeah, but in the end we didn’t buy anything."

"It’s fine. Our goal was a date, not shopping, after all."

The goal on a date is for a boy and girl to get to know each other better and deepen their relations.h.i.+p. And to Keiki, it felt like they did achieve that.

"That film was really interesting."

"Yeah. In the first half, it was mostly just a comedy, but towards the end I even got moved a bit at some scenes."

"That flow was a bit irregular to be fair. And they even changed a few things compared to the original work."

"Eh, really? Uwa, now I want to read the original too."

That wasn’t exactly rare. A lot of movies and dramas get produced so that more consumers get interested in the original work. Keiki was a perfect example of that.

"Maybe I should read the original too. Ah, but they didn’t have it in the library."

"Yuika can lend it to you."

"That would be great!"

"That reminds me, Keiki-senpai isn’t the type to read a lot of books, right?"

"Mhm, yeah. I do read manga, but I’m not the novel type."

I can’t compete with a bookworm like Yuika, that’s for sure.

"Then why did you join the library committee?"

"Ahh, this is a story about my first year… I didn’t even plan on joining any committee at all."

"Eh, then why?"

"There was a girl sitting next to me in cla.s.s who was always looking p.i.s.sed. At first, that girl was chosen to be on the library committee. You know when n.o.body wants to join the committee in question, a person gets decided with a majority vote or a lottery, right? And she happened to be chosen in the lottery."

There was nothing she could have done about it. She just happened to be unlucky that day.

"And that girl started crying next to me after she got chosen. I decided to listen to her circ.u.mstances, and apparently she had some urgent business after school that she wouldn’t be able to do if she had to act as a library committee member. It didn’t seem like she was lying, and she seemed really troubled by it, so I decided to take it over for her."

That’s how he became a library committee member, even in his second year. That was his only reason to join and he didn’t really have a reason to stop either.

"That…sounds very Senpai-like."

"Is that so?"

"Yes. Yuika thinks that these parts of Keiki-senpai are really cool." The girl said with a soft voice as she played with the drink in her hand, "Even today, you matched your walking speed with Yuika’s."

A girl’s pace is completely different from a boy's after all, so he had to match her stride or he would eventually leave her behind. Although Keiki didn’t have any experience with dating, he had gone out with his little sister Mizuha fairly often, so he did that unconsciously.

"Although I’d like to boast about it, I’m actually pus.h.i.+ng my limit here. To be honest, this is the first time I’ve gone on an actual date."


"Yeah, really. That one time with Sayuki-senpai didn’t feel like a date at all."

Reminiscing about the time he treated Sayuki to a parfait, he showed a painful smile. It’s true that he had fun then, but it felt completely different than the date today.

"Then, it seems that Yuika is your first, hm?" She showed a bright smile he had never seen on her before.

Today, his cute kouhai had made his heart jump in his chest countless times.

"….This might be a pa.s.sing mark," She muttered.

"Eh, what is?"

"Ah, it’s nothing," She stood up from her seat, "Yuika will go to the toilette real quick," She said as she walked away.

"Ah, to think I would be able to go on a date with such a cute girl….Am I going to die tomorrow?" Keiki wondered as he watched her back get smaller and smaller.

"Yuikchan is really taking her time, huh?"

Almost twenty minutes had pa.s.sed since she left her seat. Keiki knew very well that girls had to freshen up, comb their hair, put on make up, and so on in the toilet. But Yuikchan wasn’t so superficial that she would make her Senpai wait so long. That’s why he started to get worried that something might have happened. Accidents and so on don’t only happen in dramas, after all.

"Maybe I should go check on her…" Keiki stood up from his seat.

After checking around for about 5 minutes, he managed to find her. It isn’t that hard to spot a short, beautiful, blonde-haired girl, after all. However, Keiki didn't have the leeway to feel glad about finding her. In front of a CD store inside the mall, Yuika was surrounded by a group of three delinquent boys. From the looks of it, they seemed to be university students. They were even taller than Keiki, and were crowding around Yuika, preventing her from slipping away. Despite the mall being full of people, n.o.body was trying to help her. n.o.body wanted to cross that bridge for her. n.o.body dared to approach those delinquent-looking boys. Even the women pa.s.sing by didn’t spare a second glance, although this could have easily happened to any one of them.

As Keiki got closer, he heard the voices of the boys.

"—Come play with us, okay?"

"—Aren’t you hungry?"

"—You really are cute, aren’t you?"

They were looking like they were having fun, not giving her any chance to say anything back. Like a group of selfish princes.


Yuika for her part didn’t say anything. Every emotion had vanished from her eyes.


Keiki remembered those eyes. She looked like Koga Yuika had when he had first met her. An atmosphere as cold as ice, expressionless just like a puppet. You could’ve broken her with one touch, like gla.s.s. When she entered high school, she completely refused to listen to her surroundings. And she would probably still be like that if Keiki hadn't approached her. Unable to watch Yuika in that state, Keiki stepped in between her and the three boys.

"I’m sorry but she’s here with me."


"Let’s go," Grabbing her hand, he pulled her way from that place.

Having lost their target, the boys gave up. They grumbled stuff like "Whatever, let’s look for another cute one," as they watched Keiki and Yuika leave.



After walking around the mall again for about ten minutes without speaking a single word, Keiki finally separated his hand from Yuika’s. As she stopped walking, there was not a glimmer of a smile on Yuika’s face.

"Yuika is sorry. Even though you looked forward to this date so much, she ruined everything…."

"There's no need for you to apologize. It was my fault for letting such a beauty like you walk around alone in here."

He apologized for not looking out for his date partner. And Yuika looked at her Senpai with a surprised expression.

"…That was unfair."


"Keiki-senpai, you have some dust on your head."

"Eh, really?!"

"I’ll get it off for you, so bend over."

Keiki did just as she asked. She then brushed away his bangs and kissed him on the forehead without any warning.

"Eh…..Uhm, that was?"

"Ehehe. That was thanks for saving Yuika. And by the way, there wasn’t any dust at all."

"I-I see….."

"You looked like a prince on a s.h.i.+ning horse just now, Keiki-senpai."

"N-No, I’m sure that you’re exaggerating."

"Ehhh? Yuika is sure that a s.h.i.+ning horse would fit you, Senpai."

"No no no. Only as a joke, if at all."

A s.h.i.+ning horse would fit Shouma much more than the boring Keiki.

"Now then, should we go home?"

"Are you fine with that?"

"Yes, Yuika had a lot of fun. But there is one more thing that she would like to do."

"What would that be?"

"Like… this!"

At the same time that cute voice entered his ears, he felt a soft sensation on his arm. Yuika had suddenly grabbed Keiki’s arm, to be precise.


"Let’s walk like this all the way to the train station, okay?"

"No no, this is too embarra.s.sing….and your chest is. .h.i.tting me….."

"Yuika doesn’t mind, though."

"Well I do!"

"You do? Even though they are so 'trivial' compared to Yokiha.r.s.enpai’s?"

"You heard that?!"

In the end, Keiki couldn’t say anything back and just did as Yuika told him. Because of that, they attracted a lot of dirty glares from the boys around them, making the walk home even more embarra.s.sing for Keiki than it already would have been. But he felt like him and Yuika got a bit closer thanks to that.

Well, despite all that happened, I would still consider this date a success.

Keiki had such a good time that he completely forgot about his investigation of Yuika.

"If Yuikchan really is Cinderella, I wonder if we would do stuff like this all the time….."

As they rode the train home, his Kouhai leaned against his shoulder and Keiki gently patted her head while he thought.

What it would look like if Yuika was his Cinderella and they spent their days as lovers?

I’m sure that every day would be like this.

Watching the same movie, discussing it and laughing about it. With that scenery in his mind, Keiki was sure that they would make a great couple.

"What’s up with this girl next to me? …She’s way too cute."

Her sleeping face made her look like an angel. Her hair was so soft. From time to time, he really lost his ability to see her as a fellow human being. Even that time when she had kissed him on the forehead. This whole date, his female kouhai made his heart beat like crazy the whole time.

Part 4:

"So in the end, you still couldn’t find out if Kogsan is your Cinderella."

"I completely forgot to investigate that because I had so much fun on the date."

"It’s fine, isn’t it? Not enjoying a date with such a cute girl would’ve been such a waste. As someone who’s quite fond of lolis, I think you made the right choice."

"I’m really not into lolis, though. And, Yuikchan clearly isn’t a loli. She’s a high school student."

It was the following day, Monday. During lunch break, Keiki and Shouma were in the school cafeteria.

Mizuha happened to sleep in today, which was a rarity for her, so she couldn’t make a lunch box for Keiki. With that in mind, they had decided to eat in the school cafeteria today. Having finished their respective meals, they went to put the dishes away. This was the perfect time for a private discussion.

"Well, she did invite you on a date, so I wouldn’t say that the chances are low."

"Y-You think so?"

"She even kissed you on the forehead, right? Girls wouldn’t do that with a boy they hate. Leaving out the possibility that she is Cinderella, she still seems quite fond of you."

"I’m not so sure. Maybe she’s just looking up to me as her Senpai."

"Keiki… Really, just how negative can you be?"

"Like a prince with no confidence…."

"What do you mean by that?"

"It's a reference to the protagonist of a film I watched."

The bad kind of protagonist who could never make up his mind when it really counted. Maybe both Keiki and that prince were pretty similar. Like, being unable to move forward when it really counted.


In that moment, Keiki’s phone vibrated.

"An email from Yuikchan."

"Ahh, speak of the devil. What’s it say?"


With a few b.u.t.ton presses, he opened the email.

‘Yuika has something important to talk about. After school, can you come to the storage room of the library?’

While Keiki’s movements came to a sudden stop, Shouma glanced over from the opposite seat and let out a laugh, saying, "Would you look at that?"

"Well, Akiyamsan, what doth thou thinkest about this email?"

"Well well, Kiryuu-san. Yon email looks like a flag for a confession in my eyes."

"S-So you think so too?"

"Ahahaha. Now that it’s come to this, you have to pull through to the end, Kiryuu-san."

Although they had started goofing around a bit, both of them shared the same opinion. That this mail was clearly a flag. That ‘something important’ part must be related to love. This must be one of those ‘after-school confession’ events.

"Kogsan might actually be your Cinderella. Maybe she decided to tell you in person now because the love letter didn’t work out."

"W-Whatever shall I do?"

"For now, please stop talking like that. She must’ve mustered up a lot of courage to send you that email."


"At the very least, you should go and listen to what she has to say."

"Yeah, I think you’re right."

Keiki didn’t have the choice of not going, after all. His kouhai had the courage to send that email. Not moving his legs now because he had no confidence would make him a failure of a man.

"Even though he didn’t have any confidence, the prince tried his best until the very end."

Keiki decided that he would find out the ident.i.ty of the girl who sent him the love letter. He wanted to find that girl who had admitted her feelings for Keiki. If they were to become a couple, Keiki couldn’t be happier.

"I’ll go talk with Yuikchan."

To find out. And, if she really was Cinderella, to hug her as much as he liked.

After school. Keiki headed towards the room where Yuika was waiting. Having arrived, he knocked on the door and a response came back.

"Come in."

Having gotten permission, he opened the door and entered the dusty storage room. Yuika was standing in front of a bookshelf, waiting for the boy she had called for to arrive. As her blonde hair was slightly wavering, she called out the boy’s name.

"Keiki-senpai. You… came."

"Just like you asked."

Besides Yuika and Keiki, no one was present inside the storage room. Yuika slightly opened her mouth and her cheeks started to flush.

"Yuika has something important to talk about. Will you listen?"

"Yeah, of course. Please, tell me."

She put one hand on her modest chest, taking a deep breath and following with an "Actually…"

"Yuika thinks of Keiki-senpai as a nice person."


"You gently taught Yuika how to work as a library committee member, you were extremely kind on our date yesterday, you helped Yuika out when she was in trouble, making her think of you as reliable and someone worth looking up to. Yuika thought that it would be nice… if you were to only look at her…"

Seeing her trying to put her feelings into words, a fire started burning inside Keiki’s chest.

"That’s why… Senpai?"

With watery eyes, she looked up at him. Her expression looked like an angel that could make any member of the opposite s.e.x a captive. And, she said the following words with determination.

"Keiki-senpai, Yuika wants you to become her slave!"


It was a feeling like the person in front of him had changed. It was an unreasonable feeling, like wanting to buy some sweets from a store but ending up trapped in a cage with a lion. That unreasonable feeling was what Keiki felt after hearing the blonde-haired kouhai’s words. A completely unreasonable confession.

"….Did I mishear that just now? Yuikchan, did you say that you want me to become your slave?"

"Yes, she said that. Loud and clear."

"Why won’t you deny that?!"

If she had used the words ‘Boyfriend’ or ‘Lover’, there wouldn’t have been any problem at all, but it seems like no matter how much Keiki had wished to have misunderstood her, he didn’t.

"Hey Yuikchan, are you serious?"

"…Is that a no?"

"Well, that’s…"

I’m just a bit lost right now.

Hearing Keiki’s response, Yuika slightly t.i.tled her head in confusion.

"You would become a slave to a cute girl like Yuika, right? A lot of boys would see that as a reward."


He was at a loss for words. No matter how much he tried, he couldn’t think of anything to say. He wondered if the person in front of him really was Koga Yuika. The more she said, the more she drifted away from the image he had of her. So much so that he might’ve actually believed her if she said that she was an impostor.

"Mhm, that’s right. As your master, Yuika has to give you a fitting reward… Ah, that’s right!"

Mumbling something to herself, she then put one finger into the air with a "Nice idea!"

"Then, let’s do it like this. If Senpai were to become Yuika’s slave, she would give Senpai a valued possession of hers."

"A valued possession?" Keiki responded without thinking as Yuika grinned.

Putting both her hands up her skirt, she pulled them down.

"Wha….? H-Hey, what are you?!"

"Fu fu, you’ve gotten red. How cute…" With cute moments, she did something that a normal boy like Keiki was never supposed to see in person.

"Here you go," She said and stretched out her hand.

Like she was giving him a present. And what she handed him were the pink panties she had been wearing until this very moment.

"Uhm, what is this?"

"Freshly-worn panties of a girl. Boys are happy to get stuff like this, right?"

"Only a pervert would be happy!"

"Muu. To talk back to his master, what a bad puppy," Muttering these words, she closed in on Keiki.

With both hands, she pushed him down. A complete surprise attack. Even though she wouldn’t have been able to do that in a normal situation, Keiki’s body was still weak from the shock he had received a few moments prior. With him collapsed on the floor, Yuika sat down on top of him.

"Fufu……That’s no good, you know? A slave has to listen to his master’s words."


"It seems that you need a proper scolding," Saying that, she pushed her panties inside Keiki’s mouth.

"Guh?! Mmmmmmmmmmm———-?!?!?!?" Feeling them inside his mouth, he wanted to let out a scream, but found himself unable to do so.

"Ahaha, what a lovely face. Are you happy to get a taste of Yuika’s worn panties?" Reflected in Keiki’s watery eyes was the angel-like smile of Yuika, "Ahh, how wonderful… so wonderful, Senpai. Being pushed down by a small girl, being fed her panties… seeing this embarra.s.sed Senpai, Yuika is starting to s.h.i.+ver from excitement."

With her fingers on her lips and her cheeks slightly flushed, she had a bewitching smile on her face. Seeing that face sent s.h.i.+vers down Keiki’s spine. Koga Yuika isn’t just cute, she has an evil witch sleeping inside of her!

"Do not be afraid, Senpai. If you become Yuika’s slave, she will gently discipline you," She said such a terrifying phrase with her usual cute voice.

But that phrase didn’t reach Keiki’s ears.

"————-, ———————, ———————"

"….Eh? Huh? Keiki-senpai?"

Yuika shook Keiki’s body, but it was already too late.

So this is how I’m going to die? How embarra.s.sing……I don’t want to die while I’m choking on panties.

While his consciousness was being pulled far away, that’s what Keiki thought.

The beautiful Senpai he looked up to.

The honest and cute Kouhai.

But they weren’t just that.

His Senpai asked him to become her owner.

His Kouhai was a yandere-type queen.

Both of these beautiful and cute girls had a hidden dark side that shouldn’t exist. They were like coins, with two different sides.

Maybe this is the cold truth of this world?

With these thoughts, the panties that filled his mouth cut off his oxygen supply and the whole world went black.

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