Isaac 18



Isaac 18

For soe and the students returned hoing pletely thanks to it.In fact, it was probably in better condition than before the incident. 

He didn’t need its healing effects anye light and had total clarity in his ing strong is still an issue. Well, the very least it’ll be convenient for daily activities.”

The pletely contradicted the laws of physics.

Even he, the plicated about delegating this job, since all they had to do was e see her in the College as she has soe to parison to those prideful students of the College! Krent’s respect toward Isaac was growing ever stronger.

“I respect you, Sunbaenie visit e here yourself.”

Rivelia stood in the doorway, her silver hair illue inside for now.”

“No, we’ll speak here.”

Isaac shrugged at her rejection to enter.

She was the all iing back soon to take back what you’ve said?”

“Hte came next to Isaac with patches of honey around her mouth. Isaac smiled at the little bear and started wiping her mouth.

“Bully her? Such dangerous words. I’m just playing along with her because she’s acting so cute. How could I ever treat the daughter of the Duke Pendleton like a fool?”

“....You’re not doing your business anymore?”

“Hm? But haven’t all my goods been approved?”

“...Isaac, you’re mean.”

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