I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 37


I Really Want To Go Against The Sky

I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 37

If he was in the West Chu City timeline, whether he was in the city or outside the city, Even if Yang Fan had +10 courage he would not dare to release his Blood and Qi out in open.

  Because it will no longer be considered fishing, it will be considered seeking death.

  In that era, or in the future hundred years from now, earths spiritual energy would have been almost recovered. by then vast majority of the animals and insects on the earth would awaken almost at their birth, and their strength cannot be underestimated.

  as for Waste Wood Yang Fan a second-cla.s.s martial artist, whose talent is not as good as a primary school student. He can only be a food delivery boy in that era.

  But now, the spiritual power of earth seems to have just began recovering, and the concentration of spiritual power between heaven and earth is far below the requirement for a monster to fully awaken. Only few monsters with high blood purity or special opportunities should be awakened as of now.

  Like the Innate level warriors in humans of current timeline, there are also some highly talented ones among the monsters. They are more likely to awaken than the average monster, and can easily be qualified as a higher-level monster.

  At this moment, the beasts appearing in front of Yang Fan are all the future leaders of the monster era.

  ”A giant snake, two big dogs, and a big mouse.” Yang Fan licked his lips with excitement. “It seems that there are only four monsters in the vicinity, killing them will defiantly strengthen my blood and qi enough to upgrade a level!”

  Rich Exp!

  Yang Fan's heart has no trace of fear, his heart is as steady as Mount Tai.

  The four monsters were still approaching him. Although they were vigilant towards each other too but they did not plan to attack each other. They all looked at Yang Fan while drooling.

  After the achieving the Fading Realm a human's flesh and blood becomes a attraction to the monsters which is enough for them to temporarily forget each other's hostility.

  They will take turns in consuming the blood- food-stock in front of each other according to their respective strengths. Unless there are two monsters with great difference in their strength, the Fantasy food compet.i.tion will rarely reappear in the monster group.

  This is the case now, a snake, a rat and two dogs, they are alert to each other, but they are extremely restrained from preying on each other.

  This is a very strange phenomenon, and it is also the root of the peaceful coexistence of many different ethnic wicked beast groups.

  Until the West Chu City period almost hundreds of years later, humans did not understand whats the reason behind this, because even humans can hardly do such a things but these monsters can easily do, what forces are constraining them Can they really overcome their natural instincts of jungle ingrained in their bones?

  ”Why don't they fight among themselves?” Zhu Huawu looked pitiful and wondered: “Isn't the snake a natural enemy of the mouse? Why did the big snake turn a blind eye to the big mouse, and the big mouse saw that the giant snake it did not flee, but instead is still rushing towards here?”

  This is not scientific at all!

  ”Shut up!” Zhu Zhengqi screamed. “There are four monsters, Yang Fan alone is not there opponent. Later I will help him fight two monsters, you stay here to guard your sisters, if they lose even a single hair, I show you stars later!”

  Zhu Huawu's legs tightened, how can you be so unfair, I am also your grandson!

  Yang Fan stood motionless on the lawn, quietly watching the four small BOSS come to him, his face gradually revealed a smile brighter than sunshine.


  When the four monsters moved with in the radius of 5 meters to him, Yang Fan gently raised his hand and greeted them with a cordial greeting.

  Then, the four monsters collectively were stunned, and the look on their face was obviously awkward, the stood on the same place stunned.

  ”You used charm skills on the first-grade monster gold python, charm successful, skill proficiency +2.”

  ”You use charm skills on the first-grade monster dog, charm successful, skill proficiency +2.”

   “You use charm skills on the first-grade monster dog the II, charm successful, skill proficiency +2.”

   “You use charm skills on the first-grade monster Mouse, charm successful, skill proficiency +2.”


   “You used charm skills on the first-grade monster gold python. charm successful, the gold python's good feelings for you are greatly improved. "

   “You use charm skills on the first-grade monster dog, charm successful, Its love for you has greatly improved, and is willing to surrender to you.”

   “You use charm skills on the first-grade monster dog the II, charm successful, Its love for you has greatly improved, and is willing to surrender to you.”

   “You used charm skills on the first-grade monster Mouse. charm successful, Its love for you has greatly improved, and It is willing to surrender to you.”


  A charm skill, all four of beasts were charmed, it not only completely erased their hostility towards Yang Fan, but even improved a great deal of their goodwill towards him.

  Among them, the two big dogs along with mouse bowed down their head towards Yang Fan showing their att.i.tude of surrender, but in the case of the golden giant snake just its good feeling raised, it head is still held high, with no intention to surrender.

  It can be seen that this golden giant snake is the most powerful of the four monsters.

  Yang Fan's smile bloomed like a flower, and looked around the field. His charm skill once again shows its prowess. except for some accidents during charming Yang Guo, other times, the charm skills has never let him down.

  Stepping up to the front of the four monsters, Yang Fan raised his hand and touched the soft meat on the chin of the two dogs. um.. meat is tender they will make a great dog hot pot.

  Then Yang Fan with a look of satisfaction he looked up at the golden giant python. the scales on its body are like steel, but the thin scales on its lower abdomen seem soft. When he digs out the snakes gall bladder and bile , he will cut them from there.

  Finally, Yang Fan looked at the mouse lying on the ground wagging its tail, it is similar to a bone-bearing beast guess it hasn't evolve fully yet.

  This mouse, it is completely useless.

  Its fur is not soft enough, its meat is not crisp enough, its big front teeth are still sharp can be used in making dragers, but due to its smelly mouth they are also smelly, there is basically no use for this beast.

  In general, this is a waste, In west chu city demon hunting squad team throws bone-bearing-beast body in garbage.

  In a friendly and harmonious atmosphere, Yang Fan blinked and threw a punch, hitting the golden giant python seven-inch below its nect, smashing the soft scales on its abdomen directly, leaving a blood hole of the size of a bowl, and the blood gushed out to the height of two meters.

  The Yang Fan first attacked the golden giant python. naturally to kill the most powerful one among the four monsters.

  Yang Fan took a foot back and shunned, avoiding the blood of the snake that almost sprayed on him, and watched the golden giant python who had already broken free of his charm in pain with caution.

  The giant snake did not immediately fall to the ground to its death, but it raised its head more than a dozen meters high, leaving nearly two or three meters of body on the ground more than ten meters of the snake body was raised in the air.


  In the middle of the air, the giant python stretched its body and hissed, and then slammed its body on the ground.

  The blood hole seven inches below its neck expanded with its struggle, Its two sinister and sharp snake eyes were glaring at Yang Fan, as if wanting to drag Yang Fan to to h.e.l.l with it.

  Yang Fan looked at the dying snake without any pity. He liked to see its struggle and unwillingness to die, because only in this way would the people who died in these monsters hands can be completely avenged.

   To wash the hatred of the human race, With the blood of the Wicked Beasts, this is the martial arts will of Yang Fan.

  ”Serpent Dragon :- The snake with body shape of a dragon and with a head of a tiger. An a adult flood dragon can fly controlling the rain and clouds and also cause floods. They live in Deep Pool stone caves, and they make sound similar to that of a bull!”

  Suddenly Yang Fan's mind flashed with a weird description, and his heart was stunned. No wonder this giant snake death cry sounded like a bull's roar. It turned out that his giant python had dragon's blood.

  Fortunately, it has not fully evolved into a Serpent Dragon, otherwise a flying giant serpent dragon , who will kill it? if it had escape by flying, it would have become a big problem in the future!

  Two dogs and a giant rat also broke free of Yang Fans Charm hearing the sorrowful roar of the golden giant snake, and the eyes of the dog were bright again, and they attacked Yang Fan.

  The giant rat was quietly retreating, trying to jump back to the hole it came from to escape underground. Bullying is the timid and fearing the strong, Just like a rat, this is the nature of their family.

  Yang Fan's heart sighs, although the effect of charm is powerful, but there is a fatal flaw. The monster that are charmed by the charm are not be disturbed by any attacks or large sound alerting them and breaking free from charm.

  This is the case with the three monsters in front of him. They have just said that they wanted to surrender, but now they have turned back on their words again.

  Using the moon shadow method is instant, Yang Fan's body quickly avoided the bite of the two dogs, and Immediately ran before the the bone-bearing beast, and kicked the belly of the bone-bearing beast that is fleeing fast.


  Bone-bearing beast squeaked, its body flew in the air, not waiting for it to land, Yang Fan's figure went straight to it, while his right hand fingers like a claw in a lightning- fast speed broke the neck of the bone-bearing beast.


  Its neck bones were shattered, and the bone-bearing beast was killed by Yang Fan.

  ”You succeeded in killing a first-cla.s.s Bone Bearing Beast, spirit will +1, blood intensity +8.”

  The familiar blood and qi power surged in his blood vessels, Yang Fan's speed did not decrease then he turned and rushed to the remaining two dogs.

  With the moon shadow and the strength of about 500 kg in a single arm, Yang Fan used only one stroke, and killed the remaining two dogs.

  ”You successfully killed a first-cla.s.s monster dog, spiritual will +1, blood intensity +6.”

  ”You successfully killed a first-cla.s.s monster dog the II, spiritual will +1, blood intensity +5.”

  ”You have killed hundred monsters in a row, and you have learned the human level skill – strangle, Ignore defense +10, success rate +10.”

  with a sudden influx of information, Yang Fan's mind learned human level skill Strangle, as if he has practiced this skill for years..

  Strangle: Killing Skill, can be applied to any creature with throat, the lethality and success rate depends on the strength of the martial artist, When you use strangle on someone it will ignore all physical defenses and completely smash the opponents throat with +10 success rate no matter the cultivation of the opponent.

  The first few sentences are nonsense, Only the last sentence is worth focusing.

  Can ignore all physical defenses, does that mean that as long as the strangle skill is successfully triggered, even if the opponent is the demon king, it will kill?


  Yang Fan couldn't help but want to shout.

  In the living room, Zhu Zhengqi saw that Yang Fan had solved the four behemoths in front of him in less than ten seconds. All of them were surprised.

  Especially Zhu Zhengqi, his back was full of cold sweat, and was scared silly.

  Fortunately, he gave up his intention to extract Yang Fan's blood and use it as medicine, Otherwise, with Yang Fan's fighting power, the one to finally face bloodletting will definitely be him Zhu Zhengqi.

  not only Yang Fan's strength, his set of fascinating footwork made Zhu Zhengqi dumbfounded.

  Not even people's clothes were stained by the beasts blood and here I was trying to targeting him.

  ”Good! you really are the hero among the present generation!”

  ”This little brother's skill is elegant and neat, and your movement skill is like a wind, and this old man is not as good you!”

  Zhu Zhengqi couldn't help but sing a high praise of Yang Fan. At the same time, he stood up and walked out of the hall. Behind him, Zhu Huawu, Zhu Caiwei and Yang Guo followed.

  Yang Fan raised his right arm signaled them to stop. Zhu Zhengqi was confused and looked at Yang Fan.

  Yang Fan cleaned the blood stain on his palm on the dogs palm. Under the watchful eyes of Zhu Zhengqi, he slowly stepped forward towards the golden giant python who had already physically stiff like a corpse.

  At a distance of three meters away from the golden giant snake, Yang Fan stopped and looked at the dead body of the snake as he said: “It's very hard to play death? Not only must you endure the pain of your injury, but you still have to lay still. looks like you really like being dead, do you want me to help you and completely kill you!”

  The giant python on the ground was still motionless, as if it is really dead.

  Yang Fan shook his head slightly: “If you don't talk, I will take your silence as yes and send you on your way!”

  After these word, Yang Fan's body swayed and went straight to the head of the python, and the golden giant snake could not hold on any more. its lifeless body suddenly came alive.


  with a long beep roar, it got up more than ten meters air, it actually came alive again!

  Zhu Zhengqi was shocked and quickly let Zhu Huanan accompany his two sisters back to the house. He himself stood in the same position with vigilance and prepared to support Yang Fan at any time.


h.e.l.lo people,

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