I Am The Lucky Cat Of An MMORPG Chapter 7


I Am The Lucky Cat Of An MMORPG

I Am The Lucky Cat Of An MMORPG Chapter 7

7. Earning the First Pot of Gold When HereticKing received a plete his third job change as soon as possible. (First Job at Level 10, Second Job at 50, and Third Job at Level 100. Levels are capped at 150.)

pleted his quest.

If he added plete it easily. But Acolytes really don't need Strength. They can't always whack at pleting your Job Change." The systeplete notification was as beautiful as always.

"Player LuckyCat has successfully becobinations were soplishpleting quests. With nowhere to show off its strengths, the tiny lucky cat cried out in boredoplete some quests now." Knowing how bored the little cat on his shoulders was, XiaoYu took out a piece of dried fish to cheer it up. Suddenly he was reminded of the grilled fish skewers. He wondered where were they sold? They should be quite tasty and they even decrease a large amount of Hunger. But he's not that familiar with that HereticKing player. He'd better not disturb the other just for something simple. XiaoYu would buy some more the little one if he spots any in the future.

"Ah-choo!" Strange. One can't catch a cold in this game.

"Ooh, someone's thinking of the chief!" I_Am_A_Poor_Man began cackling at HereticKing.

"If you don't buff, then you'll be the tank."

"No, Chief! You know I'm not a meat-shield priest. I'm so soft and tender that I can't even handle a Gryphon's caress." Despite chitter-chattering non-stop, he quickly buffed HereticKing.

"…" I'm not a tank-build Knight as well! On behalf of his buffs, HereticKing became too lazy to bother arguing with the other. He concentrated on dodging the Gryphon's claws using his high agility then swiftly slashing a few times at it.

Translator's Notes:

Asgard Online VS Ragnarok Online:

AO does not have Transcendence/Renewal (as can be seen from the 2nd paragraph). Instead, players go straight to the 3rd Job.Skills in AO are more like skills in simulation games (The Sims etc) and VRMMO manga/novels. They level up when a player uses them. Skills in RO level up via Skill Points which are earned using the Job Exp system. Just think of AO as FF2 - you only increase proficiency in skills when you keep using them.

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