I Am A Matchmaker On Taobao Chapter 9


I Am A Matchmaker On Taobao

I Am A Matchmaker On Taobao Chapter 9

When Xine fropany e to the Han Group for a shoot."

"Yeah, I really don't understand what the copensation as per the contract.

Shen Chuchu did not have a soft character and if she did not reply, it would seepletely irrelevant to ipany, she was an elite who had just returned fropare.

How could she bear it when pete with a rich young lady but surely an unknown celebrity is no es from but you are just an ornament. We don't even know how many times you have operated on your face. Aren't actresses like you quite fond of plastic surgery and fooling around with rich men. Have you no shame." Gao Anqi stared at Shen Chuchu and ruthlessly mocked her.

Shen Chuchu's expression turned slightly cold but she continued to speak, "There are always certain people who are not as beautiful or young as others and have to put others down by saying stuff like that.

Before the angry Gao Anqi could speak another word, Shen Chuchu quickly continued, "So who are you? You should know that I signed a contract with the Han Group! If you aren't satisfied, then go ahead and find a replacement but don't forget to pay me the penalty fee tenfold as per the contract."

The contract was a million and the penalty fee was tenfold so she could get ten million! It was worth it even if she did not end up shooting the advertis.e.m.e.nt.
Gao Anqi coldly stared at Shen Chuchu with disdain. Why else would she dare to argue back? She must have got that demeanour from Mr Han.

"What does an unpopular actress have to be so pleased with herself. You are just a dodder flower* who cling on to men. Get out if you don't want to shoot the advertis.e.m.e.nt!"

*TL-note: A type of parasitic flowering plant.

After getting told to get out a second time, she could no longer hold her anger in!

"You want me to leave? The staff at the Han Group are truly terrible! You invited me for a shoot but I am mocked in all aspects. Everyone heard what she had said right?" Shen Chuchu looked around at everyone and continued, "Fine, I don't want to shoot. If the Han Group doesn't give me a statement then I really won't shoot. I am still an individual even if I am not famous. How dare you violate my reputation."

Shen Chuchu did not say these things blindly either. If the Han Group had carefully chosen her out of thousands then they must have seen something of value in her. Whereas this General Manager Gao must have been unable to change the higher-ups' decision which was why she was here to ridicule her. This person wanted her to leave on her own accord then it must mean that she did not have the power to make her leave. If this was so then it just made the situation even more interesting.

She noticed that it was all recorded by her a.s.sistant.

Shen Chuchu lifted up her clothes and walked in front of the a.s.sistant then said with a smile, "Send a copy of the video to me. You did well today that I might hire you as my a.s.sistant on a long-term basis. My future is very promising as you can see so just follow me."

The a.s.sistant was a temporary hire and was very excited at the prospect of a long-term position, "Okay, okay, I will send it to you right now."

Shen Chuchu got her phone and looked at the video then waved it in front of Gao Anqi.

In an instant, Gao Anqi's face turned bad.

At this moment, someone came in and said to Gao Anqi, "General Manager Gao, Secretary w.a.n.g is looking for you."

When Gao Anqi heard this, she stared at Shen Chuchu for a moment then walked out. Once she stood outside, she could see two people standing in the distance.

Han Xingyan wore a neatly ironed dark grey suit without any trace of wrinkles to be seen. From a rear view observation, he had broad shoulders, a narrow waist and long legs. He could be easily mistaken for a model by someone who did not know him when in actual fact he was the renowned CEO of the Han Group.

Han Xingyan faced backwards to the light and his long shadow cast down on the floor.

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