Holmes Of Kyoto Volume 1 Chapter 2 Part1


Holmes Of Kyoto

Holmes Of Kyoto Volume 1 Chapter 2 Part1

ee the nue down?The repression of boundary stones cae here to exterparably precipitous plete. The White Epletely out of his control.eparably sharp.The two emissaries were also dumbfounded, "This... The repression of boundary stones... How could it be so sharp? Just like a sword. ""No wonder even Long Batian's eternal body would instantly die.""Ai!""I wonder what kind of person this Long Batian offended?""Yeah.""This is the first time I've seen someone being tortured like this."The two emissaries chatted for a while.Because the repression of boundary stones was like a tombstone crushing Long Batian's back. He did not expect it to pierce into his body.What kind of hatred was this?Long Batian had never left the ancient world, and had never entered any foreign lands. Logically speaking, other than repelling the outer s.p.a.ce powerhouse's invasion that time, he hadn't offended any other outer s.p.a.ce powerhouse.It was unimaginable to be tortured like this.emperor Xuan suddenly thought of a person, "Could it be the woman he once liked?""Probably not.""That woman left the ancient world a long time ago."emperor Xuan did not think too much about it.He didn't care about these things."Rise again!""Hualala …"The entire repression of boundary stones was pulled out."Buzz!"The repression of boundary stones shook slightly, and when the two envoys saw the situation, their faces tensed up, and the two of them quickly formed a seal, forming a huge array.Finally.The repression of boundary stones was directly sent into the array.Long Batian who was originally standing still swayed.Suddenly!"Hualala …""Hualala …"Its huge body quickly turned into stone, and within a few seconds, it turned into a statue."Bam!"The statue shook and fell down, smashing into pieces on the ground, leaving behind no trace of Long Batian's power.emperor Xuan was startled and said: "It, it shattered just like that?"The White Emissary also laughed, "emperor Xuan, it seems that it's not that your foreign profound fire is not powerful, but it's just that Long Batian relied on the power of the repression of boundary stones in order to be eternal and indestructible."Black Messenger laughed, "Hahaha...""emperor Xuan, you still have some skill.""Otherwise, why would Master choose you?"emperor Xuan's expression was somewhat ugly.However …Long Batian's stone had been turned into powder, causing him to heave a sigh of relief."Alright!""We should go back and report." White Emissary spoke blandly.Black Messenger said: "Old Bai, since the repression of boundary stones is in my hands, I want to go look for that brat. I want to wring that brat's head off."He was talking about Long Fei!

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