High Academy:the Truth Untold 23 Chapter 21. Killing And Thrilling


High Academy:the Truth Untold

High Academy:the Truth Untold 23 Chapter 21. Killing And Thrilling

The large table in the middle of the hall was filled with many appetizing dishes. Roselia gulped down the saliva as she eyed the dishes. Different eye pleasing dishes were placed on the big table along with many different flavored juices. However, this time, beside this big table, a small round table, just like all other tables in the room was neatly placed with 8 chairs surrounding it. "Looks like more people will be joining for today's ceremony", thinking that Roselia dashed to take a seat. Following her Islinda too sat beside her. Almost all first year students were present, appearing in their uniform, and filled most of the dining hall. The ceremony is going to be started in 5 minutes. Roselia's eyes wandered around the room to find Vivian. Vivian took a seat at exactly in a opposite table to Roselia. She was silently listening to her friends. The atmosphere on the other side seemed lively filled with jokes and laughs. On contrary, no one took initiative to start a conversation at this table. Even the chatter box Islinda became mute. " That was a wonder, " Roselia thought as she carefully eyed others with secretive glances. Sitting very composedly and reservedly, they were all silently waiting for the speech to end. Well, more or less that's what their express conveyed. Their self-restraint and reticence told that they were not interested and merely came to attend this ceremony for formality. Roselia shifted her gaze from the table to other tables. She felt like she came to a funeral ritual instead of an opening ceremony. This silence is killing her. People are being jovial in many other tables, but why was the atmosphere here is so serious sending chills under her spine. She could feel penetrating gaze on her back. However, whenever she turns to check, she couldn't find anyone staring at her. "Might be my imagination, " Thinking that she brushed away her suspicions.Soon enough, Mr. Jason August came inside. His presence surely is something to be noted. As soon as he entered the room, eerily silence enveloped the room. No one spoke. His presence itself is very dominating and no one dared to speak anything. Roselia raised her head, he was the professor who intimidated her on her first day during enrollment. He slowly walked over to the table next to the large table. That's when Roselia understood the extra table was meant for professors. Following him one after other professors joined the hall. However, tension in the air was decreased to less extent seeing other professors. Most of them seemed easy going. Roselia saw Amelia to smile at her. Amelia was the one who patiently and warmly welcomed her into the HIGH Academy. " Are my eyes playing tricks on me, " She muttered in her heart. Everything happened in a split second and her brain couldn't register what happened just now. Out of nowhere, Mr. Manves came to the centre of the room. It took some time for her to register his presence. Roselia felt very thrilled to listen to his speech. She heard alot about him, and now, here she was, directly listening to his speech.
Plastering a warm welcoming smile, without wasting any minute, Mr. Manves, Princ.i.p.al of HIGH Academy began the open ceremonial speech, "Welcome to HIGH Academy. It is my great pleasure to be here today at the opening ceremony of the HIGH Academy in the academic year 2015-2016. At last, this beautiful day has arrived. I am sure you all have been eagerly waiting for this day. I am very glad this morning to see you all with a great happiness,eagerness to learn new things which is a blessing as you progress in learning and stepping ahead in life finding new ways and methods to make life better for the future. " Manves froze briefly allowing the students to register his words, After five seconds, slowly, he continued his speech, "The now HIGH Academy is nothing without the contribution of you talented young minds. Education is about far more than what happens within the four walls of the cla.s.sroom. Our HIGH Academy does not believe in marks. Remember children, a single piece of paper cannot decide your future. You make your own future! and that's what I want to focus on today..... "

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