High Academy:the Truth Untold 15 Chapter 15. Policy And Lazy


High Academy:the Truth Untold

High Academy:the Truth Untold 15 Chapter 15. Policy And Lazy

They sure got along well with each other for the very first day. Phew.... Roselia sighed impatiently. She still need to descend two whole flight of steps. It was already tiring enough to reach the HIGH Academy, in addition she didn't even eat anything, on top of that she felt lack of energy. She thought talking to Islinda will divert her attention. However, that wasn't the case. These steps are like endless. The more she walked, she felt like more are awaiting for her arrival. "How good it would be if the food comes to me floating", that's what she wants to wish if any fairy had appeared right this moment. Phew~~~Feeling depressed, knowing her wish can't be true, she continued her small talk with Islinda, " If that's how it is, I think it would be of our best if we shift our rooms with someone from ground or 1st floor... "Islinda halted her movements listening to Roselia, rasing her brows, " who are generous enough to swap with 6th and 1st floor? " Her voice came cheekily, then she thought of something,liftng her head to meet Roselia's eyes, " And HIGH academy won't allow anyone to change rooms that easily eventhough, both the parties agree with each other,they have strict rules. " Unless, students report a proper deemed reason for the change, management people won't easily change the rooms whenever they receive any complaint. HIGH Academy management people had took well care and separated all vampires, werewolves and humans while allocating rooms to each species. So, swapping rooms was not allowed, which would disrupt their order, on which they worked so hard on and planned perfectly. Roselia grimaced hearing Islinda. "This is too much, how come they set so many weird rules and all the mysterious stuff", she scoffed internally. She still didn't know how they got her sizes to st.i.tch her dresses. Thinking how to ask she trailed after Islinda, who already continued descending the staircase. "Izzy... " She called as sweetly as possible with her cute little voice. She looked back at the owner of that sweet voice, whose melody is as sweet as sugar. She understood instantly, another wave of questions are ready to attack her. For G.o.ds sake, she really doesn't feel like answering. She felt she had no strength to even open her mouth. She didn't eat much during the journey and her family arrived late to the academy, past the breakfast time. So she couldn't grab a bite. It's not that they can't find food anywhere, canteen will be open almost all day, but they need to walk for 10 minutes. So instead of walking to and fro which would cost more than 30 minutes, Islinda decided it's better to wait for meal break which resulted her hunger state now. Now, when she thought she could fill her tummy, which was rumbling on and on, she only want to think about food that she would gobble and the rumor of tasty food provided in HIGH Academy did nothing good to her, but to make her feel more appet.i.te.
Nonchalantly, she nodded towards Roselia before hesitantly replying with a "ha? " Indicating Roselia to continue. Pressing her lips together, she asked, " Actually, I never gave my sizes here. How did they get them? " Her big almond eyes looking innocently as she finished asking this. Islinda rolled her eyes at this question, she didn't speak for a while, trying to cool down, half a minute later, she spoke, " How would I know Rosey, " Her voice a little stern which showed no indication to hold back her anger. A crease at the end of Roselias eyes while eyeing Islinda, " Ain't she is the one, who spoke as if she know everything about HIGH Academy , " mocking Islinda under her breath, she remained silent. Soon enough, they reached ground floor. Under Islinda's guidance, Roselia approached the dining hall. It was this circular building which was inside the two semi-circular dorms. When Roselia entered the dorms entrance, the first thing she wanted to visit was this building, now it happened that it was the dining hall which she enters frequently. Unlike all the buildings, which had stone floors, the dining hall was made with dark red wooden flooring. Inside were more than 50's of large, round, white wood tables, each with 10 white chairs around it fitting well with the table, while tables are arranged in a circular manner along the walls in the whole dining hall. Sure the dining hall has a large perimeter to fit that many tables.Inside the hall, there stood a larger, round table, on which large varity types of food was piled up neatly. Which means, people should go and get their own food, then after finishing the meal, they need to dispose the plates near a sinksink at the right corner of the hall. It is one of the HIGH academy policy that, people should serve their own food which they eat, indirectly telling that, "If one was lazy to serve the food they take, then how can they work hard in building their successful life. Doesn't it directly show their laziness? "However, in any case, that's a nice policy one should follow. Roselia went to the big round table, which was in the middle of dining hall. She filled her plate with steak, broccoli salad as side dish and grilled mushrooms. She sure filled her plate to the brim and Islinda too more or less filled the whole plate with food. Both of them saw each other, chuckled meaningfully at one another. It's still early, so the hall was still not filled entirely as people just started to descend the stairs. Taking their seat, both of them started to pig down. Roselia neatly sliced the steak into small cubes. "Hmm... " Roselia murmured slightly taking the first bite. She then placed a piece of steak in her mouth. It was one of the finest steak she ever had. Though it seemed hard to cut, it was unbelievebly soft in her mouth and the texture of this perfectly cooked steak in her mouth is nearly impossible to describe. The slight chew, the tenderness, the juiciness...was unexplainable.

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