Have You Got Booze To Boost Up My Stories Chapter 5: Jiujin Xiaomi(1)


Have You Got Booze To Boost Up My Stories

Have You Got Booze To Boost Up My Stories Chapter 5: Jiujin Xiaomi(1)

It is said that the person in love is surrounded by the glow,  I think the one he is in love with also shines the glow.

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No wonder that Liu Xiaomi didn't like him back. He always spoke in an unflattering way. However, thanks to his thick skin, the relationship between them had been improved. Wher there was Liu Xiaomi, there was Jiujin.

Then, as long as our cla.s.smates saw them, they called the couple “Jiujin Xiaomi” (a nickname for the couple, which literally means 4.5kg of millet). In fact, it was such a catchy nickname. It was not only a bag of corn, but also a good name for displaying their affection.

With all that being said, Liu Xiaomi didn't like Zhou Jiujin back. I asked Liu Xiaomi a long time ago why she didn’t like Zhou Jiujin back. What Liu Xiaomi said was meaningful.

“Zhou Jiujin is a nice guy, but he is too high-profile. He wants people all over the world to know that he likes me.”

I said,“Of course. He wants everyone to know that you belong to him.”

Liu Xiaomi curled her lips and did not say anything else.

Liu Xiaomi was a straight A student, mature, with a high EQ. Every time her grades came out on top in our cla.s.s.

But Zhou Jiujin was always in the last first place. However, he didn’t worry about it. Occasionally, he fought with other boys who had a crush on Liu Xiaomi. Time pa.s.sed by uneventfully. Zhou Jiujin walked Liu Xiaomi for school and after school every day. On the way to school, Zhou Jiujin was always the one who made great efforts to entertain Liu Xiaomi. Then it came to a point when every morning, Zhou Jiujin would ask Liu Xiaomi,

“Xiaomi, look at me. Am I a little taller than before? I'm almost as tall as you. When will you be my girlfriend?”

Liu Xiaomi always said with a smile: “Not quite, pretty close though.”

The reason why Zhou Jiujin asked Liu Xiaomi about it was that Liu Xiaomi had told him since the primary school that she would like him back when he was taller than her.

Since then, there were only two things---eating eggs for protein and playing basketball to grow taller for Zhou Jiujin. No matter how much effort Zhou Jiujin put, Liu Xiaomi was always 5cm taller than him. Zhou Jiujin told Liu Xiaomi frequently, “Wait for me please. Don't grow up so fast. It’s quite hard for me to catch up with you.”

One day, Liu Xiaomi found she stopped growing. Before Zhou Jiujin got a chance to rejoice, he found that he no longer grew taller either. Therefore, Liu Xiaomi was always 5cm taller than Zhou Jiujin.

He wants everyone to know that you belong to him.

No one knew whether Liu Xiaomi liked Zhou Jiujin or not, except me. One day, Jiujin had a fever, so he asked for a day off school. For the first time, Liu Xiaomi went to school alone. Many years later, Liu Xiaomi told me that she cried all the way to school that day. But the young Zhou Jiujin didn’t know that. He was still making efforts determinedly to like Liu Xiaomi in a silly way.

After graduating from high school, Liu Xiaomi was admitted to a university in Shanghai. And Jiujin wasn’t enrolled in the university with 5 scores shy, which was the same with the height difference between them. In fact, Jiujin didn’t know he was as tall as Xiaomi with her shoes off. But no one told him about it, and he did not dare to ask her.

When Liu Xiaomi went to university, Zhou Jiujin was doing odd jobs for money, putting stalls, selling clothes, vending barbecue, driving, etc. He did it all. Every weekend he went to school and waited for Liu Xiaomi, taking her to have fun

He spent all the hard-earned money on Liu Xiaomi without hesitation, while he was reluctant to buy a shirt for himself. Zhou Jiujin said it was worth it, and it was hard for Liu Xiaomi to live alone in a city far away from home. So he should take care of her. After all, she was his darling.

Liu Xiaomi had a boyfriend in her junior year, who was not Zhou Jiujin.

It was said that that boy was tall and charming, also the president of the student union, he took Liu Xiaomi away from Zhou Jiujin with a bouquet of roses.

Later on, Zhou Jiujin told me several times he couldn’t figure it out what was so good about the roses. “If she liked the roses, why didn't she tell me earlier?”

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