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Hate System Chapter 103: Chapter 103

@@Chapter 103 Outside of the h.e.l.l's prison, you can see an infinite land full of magma, and demonic spirits made of evil being there. You could also see 2 buildings there one which appeared like a mansion, the other one looked like a business building which was like a skysc.r.a.per."My friend is definitely in the mansion which is in the right, while the business building is in the left, I think in the left is Satan, hmm oh well friends first" When he approached the mansion the demonic spirits with no intelligence to determine one's power charged toward Zed.Zed's expression instantly went from blank to a grin. He opened his mouth with a devilish expression and bite him, instantly sliced him in slash."Ptui... You're not even good as junk food!"He grabbed his knife and slashed the evil spirits again and again until even the smoke that remained evaporated. There were many forms of the evil spirits, colossal dragons of thousands of kilometers, phoenixes, giant rocks. h.e.l.l fiends, h.e.l.l hounds, and so on. Zed only consumed the phoenixes and the dragons because they tasted decent.'Dragon and Phoenixes are indeed tasteful' When Zed thought he was full he just slashed the rest of the evil spirits and obliterated them from existence. Finally, he arrived at the entrance of the Mansion. There was a gate made of bones."Hmm didn't know that he had such a fetish, maybe I should get a present for him, but oh well to lazy to""Let's knock the door"Zed made a fist then punched the giant bone gate with full force.The gate was instantly destroyed making big destruction. With Zed's burst of energy more than half of the mansion was obliterated."Come and greet your friend, b.i.t.c.h!"A figure suddenly appeared in front of Zed.Zed instantly recognized him, even the figure recognized him/This was an old friend IDiablo.IDiablo was surprised too.'He grew so much in such a short amount of time, what the h.e.l.l did he do again?'@@

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