Gone With The Bustling World Chapter 2: Chapter Two


Gone With The Bustling World

Gone With The Bustling World Chapter 2: Chapter Two

During the Tomb-Sweeping Day, the Daxiangguo Temple was teemed with visitors.

After worshipping ancestors and offering incenses, people went outdoors or visited friends, changing light spring clothes and hanging out with peers. Instantly, the ground turned colorful.

The Daxiangguo Temple was situated at the Fotuo Mountain at the outer skirt of the imperial city. There were greenish valleys, clear spring water, and twittering birds, among which the world-renown ancient temple was covered in deep dense mountain forest. To overlook at the top of the mountain, one would see countless people along the narrow, rugged trails worship the Buddha in the most respectful manner, kowtowing all their way up to the temple.

Fang Junqian, wearing the red scarf and casual robe, walked calmly into the Daxiong Hall, accompanied by Master Liaochen, the presider of the temple as well as a prestigious figure in the Buddhist community.

In the Daxiong Hall, an amiable-looking and gold-coated Buddha figure sat solemnly on the lotus flower.

Fang Junqian looked up to regard the figure. It had a square face with neatly-trimmed eyebrows and amiable eyes, sitting on the nine-story lotus flower and looked at all the mortal beings with both mercy and indifference from seeing through the world.

An idea suddenly occurred to Fang Junqian: probably the Buddha was really lonely… A crowd of devout believers kowtowed before the hall, either crossing their hands or murmuring to pray for all the things they longed for.

Only Fang Junqian didn't kneel down or kowtow. He stood with his hands behind his back, appearing to be outstanding and prominent.

Seeing this, the presider couldn't help asking, "Duke, why didn't you worship Buddha?"

"Why should I?"

Master Liaochen pointed out, "Ordinary folks are greedy, for either reputation or money, either love or safety… Don't you want anything, duke?"

Fang Junqian gave him a faint smile, "I'll fight for what I want. Why should I pray to Buddha?"

The smile contained unspeakable indifference, arrogance and confidence. In an instant, all the believers in the hall turned to look at him with astonishment.

The youthful spirit even dwarfed the Buddha figure in the hall.

Liaochen sighed, "Duke Fang has a heart loftier than the sky."

"You're flattering me." Fang Junqian tidied his red scarf, "I never believe in ghosts or Buddha. I only believe in one thing."

"What's that?"

"I'M THE MASTER OF MY LIFE." The words were articulated resolutely and confidently! As they were p.r.o.nounced, an air of dominance was released! The hall turned silent at once… Seeing this, Fang Junqian cracked a smile to soften the sternness in the hall, "I'm just joking. Don't take it seriously."

But Master Liaochen couldn't make a smile. He could tell that this person before him, with a grand aspiration, was tougher and wiser than the current crown prince. Besides, Polaris was his main life star, which meant he had the fate to become an emperor. If born as an imperial member, he would definitely become a wise emperor, a bless to the world… However, this man wasn't born to the imperial family but wouldn't be willing to subject to a superior. In the future, he would rise in rebellion and take over the throne. A pity on the people to suffer more wars and loses…

Alright! — Everything was predetermined!

Liaochen changed a topic, "In half a month, it'll be his majesty's birthday. Will you attend the banquet?"

Fang Junqian wasn't interested, "The banquet is all the same every year. I'm sick of it. What fun it has?"

"I heard that a flute player would be specially invited by the imperial family."

"Flute?" Fang Junqian turned around, intrigued. He couldn't help thinking of the divine tune that he had heard in the flower shower, "Speaking of flute, I dare say n.o.body is a rival to him."

Even he himself couldn't tell the reason why the man whom he had met only once had impressed him so much.

"Oh?" The presider asked, "Who is this person that you praised like this?"

"An interesting person…" Fang Junqian looked both angry and amused.

"In terms of vertical flute performance," Master Liaochen coughed, "Childe Wushuang is the best in the world."

Fang Junqian replied confidently, "I don't know who this Childe Wushuang is, but I promise you that man's performance is absolutely no lesser than his!"

"Oh?" Liaochen was curious, "What's the name of this talented man?"

Fang Junqian remembered it so well that even he himself was a little surprised, "His surname is Xiao, full name Xiao Qingyu." He suddenly found the way the old monk looked at him was a little weird, "…Any problem?"

"Duke…" The presider hesitated, "Don't you know that Childe Wushuang is Xiao Qingyu?"

Silence. Silence. Silence—

At the sight of Fang Junqian's embarra.s.sed face, Liaochen instantly understood, "What a coincidence that Childe Xiao comes here every year on the Tomb-Sweeping Day. At this moment, he's appreciating flowers at the backyard. What about I introduce you to each other?"

Fang Junqian was overjoyed, "He's here right now?!"

Liaochen took his excitement as eagerness, "Exactly."

"Hahaha," Fang Junqian muttered to himself, "What a luck!" He had believed that it must take much effort to search for a man among all men, but now he came right into his face! Even the heaven was helping me…

Xiao Qingyu, you must have owed me a lot in the previous life…

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