Gone With The Bustling World 18: Chapter Fifteen


Gone With The Bustling World

Gone With The Bustling World 18: Chapter Fifteen

In the imperial study, the discussion between Emperor Jiarui, Crown Prince Fang Jianhui, and Duke Fang was coming to an end.

Fang Junqian stood up, bowed and left. The Crown Prince snorted from his nostrils and fixed his eyes on Fang Junqian’s back.

“Jianhui, you seem to be dissatisfied with him?”

“Father, he is ambitious like a wolf. We must be careful!”

Emperor Jiarui smiled, “In your opinion, what should we do to him?”

The Crown Prince hurriedly replied, “In my view, we should expel him out of the imperial city as soon as possible!”

“Would you stay a.s.sured afterwards?”

“Um…” Fang Jianhui hesitated. Undoubtedly, there were people born to be talents who burst out the most dazzling brilliance even in adversity, and, no matter what undesirable conditions they were in, were able to bounce back and survive by rising up against the adversity.

No doubt Fang Junqian was one of this kind.

“If we keep him in the imperial city, right under our nose, he would somewhat be restrained. If you expel him out of here, he would resent us…By then, Jianhui, it would really turn him into a wolf!”

Fang Jianhui was heartily convinced, “You’re right, father. But to keep him in the capital? Are you going to promote him?”

“Haha!” Emperor Jiarui gasped a little from laughing.

“Kill him.” Emperor Jiarui said lightly, as if ordering something on the menu.

Suddenly a thunder came in his ear. Fang Jianhui looked up instantly and cried out, “Ah!”

Emperor Jiarui remained calm, “Jianhui, don't you think he’s too ambitious? Just kill him.”

Fang Jianhui lowered his head, eyes wandering about the floor and face pale. He was jealous of Fang Junqian’s talent; he resented his arrogance; he guarded against his popularity among soldiers; he even hated his smile—but he had never thought of killing him!

Observing his son’s complicated expression, Emperor Jiarui smiled, “To a person like Fang Junqian, you must put him in an important position, if you could; if you couldn't, don't let him resent you, or it means hiding a serpent under your throne. You’ll get bit sooner or later.”

“You’re going to take over the throne in the future. Remember: you’ll suffer from irresolution.”

After a long while, Fang Jianhui slowly nodded, his face beginning to show determination, “I understand, father.”

“You really do?”

“Yes, I do. I’m asking the imperial guards to capture him and set him as a typical…”

Emperor Jiarui shook his head, disappointed, “You didn't get it, Jianhui. Based on what should we sentence him to death? His father is the war G.o.d in army, and he himself takes a significant position in court. What will the countrymen say if we kill him? By then, everybody will say that Daqing is digging its own grave, that the imperial family is ungrateful. Then the imperial authority will be crashed, and the officials will no longer trust us! Besides, there is Prince Dingguo, Fang Junqian’s father. What’s he going to do? No one could predict. Killing Fang Junqian abruptly will risk the peace of the country, the result of which we can’t afford.”

“But…” Fang Jianhui was confused and glanced at his father with doubt, “Father, didn't you just say we should get rid of Fang Junqian?”

“To do so, we don't necessarily do it ourselves.”

Emperor Jiarui suddenly got up and pushed open the windows of the study. Both of them saw in the distance a figure with red scarf walking to the gate of the imperial palace. His back was so slim and tall and energetic.

Even from the back, they could still feel that talent and confidence. Every of his movement was full of dazzling pride and charm.

This was the most outstanding man in Daqing. Charm, talent and enviable power were possessed by him alone. In his dangerously pretty face and carefree smile, n.o.body could tell that the shadow of death began to haunt him already.

The two men silently watched the gorgeous figure leaving, with different thoughts.

At court the next morning, Emperor Jiarui mentioned the invasion of the million troops of Tianbin and suggested Daqing generals lead five hundred thousand soldiers to fight back at Bafang City on the northwest border.

The seven hundred thousand soldiers in total, the original two hundred thousand in the city included, to fight against the million elites of Tianbin was no doubt hitting stones with eggs!

Prince Dingguo, over sixty years old, accepted the order to go on the expedition.

Looking at his father, who was grey-haired and no longer strong, Fang Junqian knew that this expedition was unlikely to win.

Before the morning court, Prince Dingguo had received the news and kept enjoining his son not to act on an impulse or die for his father.

Using Tianbin to remove a threat. What a good scheme!

Knowing that this was a trap against the Prince Dingguo’s Mansion, he still chose to fall in!

But how would Fang Junqian see his father die?

He kneeled on the ground, “Your majesty, having accepted much of your kindness and favor, I should also relieve you from worries. Now, we’re at a stormy time. The little thieves of Tianbin should invade our great territory. I volunteer to lead an army, on behalf of my father, to crack down the invaders and win back glory for our Daqing!”

Prince Dingguo freaked out, “Your majesty, my son is being reckless! …”

Fang Junqian wasn't moved, his back proud as a snow peak, “Please, your majesty!”

Emperor Jiarui sighed, “I’m touched by Young Duke Fang’s filial piety. How lucky Prince Dingguo is to have such a son! In this case, I grant you my consent, Fang Junqian.”


The imperial edict that had been composed in advance was taken out.

“I demand you to lead a half-million army to Bafang City, to fight against the enemy and win back our glory!”

“Yes! I will!”

All eyes were placed on Fang Junqian.

A seventeen-year-old commander leading an expedition. Unprecedentedly unheard of!

Would he survive it or die in war?

Would he become a shame or glory?

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