Gone With The Bustling World Chapter 11: Chapter Eight (2)


Gone With The Bustling World

Gone With The Bustling World Chapter 11: Chapter Eight (2)

n.o.body noticed that upstairs there was a pair of sullen eyes glaring at Xiao Qingyu with jealousy and resentment. He had chased after Mo Yuyan for many days, but the top girl of this brothel just turned a cold eye on him. Yet, to his surprise, today, even a cripple was able to gain her affection to this extent!

He hated it!

He resented it!

He was jealous!

Hem, good-looking eyes…

He, Hundred Poisons, swore that he would let the cripple have a taste of blindness! He was curious by then whether the eyes could still be good-looking…

Mo Yuyan's fingertips continued to slide down, and her eyes contained limitless affection. "What pretty lips fresh like water and smelling subtle fragrance! I can't help getting near to them…" The alluring red lips leaned over.

"Wait—" Fang Junqian pulled her away in the nick of time!

He complained, "Yuyan, you're so cold-hearted. Why do you keep looking at him and ignoring me completely? Did I do something that made you unhappy?"

"I don't dare to. I just fear that Duke is too picky to like me." Mo Yuyan moved her sh.e.l.l-white teeth and gave an erotic look to Fang Junqian.

"Am I?" Fang Junqian smiled attractively, his thumb pressing against the lumpy lips of the girl, and his lips kissing them carelessly. The agile tongue unclenched the sh.e.l.l teeth, carefully swept them by licking and grinding, indulging himself in the delight—one could tell immediately he was a veteran in this field.

The whole table of people stared at this erotic scene with astonishment, eyes popping open and breath being held back. Who had expected that such a filthy obscene gesture should be made in a thrilling and charming way?

Afterwards, Fang Junqian let go of Mo Yuyan and leaned back against his chair, slightly swinging the night-glow gla.s.s filled with fine wine, making a smile irresistibly enchanting.

Xiao Qingyu felt a little strange about his unusual behavior. In his impression, Duke Fang wasn't such an…eager man…

Xiao Qingyu tentatively said, "It's not a gentleman's behavior to take over good things from others."

Duke Fang sneered, "Are you blaming me for not letting you kiss the beauty?"

Xiao Qingyu's neat dense brow furrowed. By instinct, he knew Duke Fang was upset. A clever man he was, Xiao Qingyu wouldn't mess up with him at this time.

Duke Fang waited for a moment and another but Xiao Qingyu's comfort didn't come. The young duke finally broke out.

"Qingyu, don't blame me for this. I'm totally thinking for the sake of you!" He put on a 'all for you' concerning expression, "As the Right Prime Minister of our Daqing, all other talents admire you as a role model. How could you hang out in a brothel and make out with a prost.i.tute? That would let the country's talented men down!"

Childe Xiao agreed with a vague 'yes' and half smiled, "Just now there was a person persuading to my ear that 'a young man should fully enjoy himself in his prime'."

Fang Junqian coughed, "Who said that?! Anyone said that? I didn't hear it."

n.o.body could deal with such a brazen guy. Childe Wushuang praised, "In this world, in terms of thick skin, if you claimed to be the second, who dares to claim the champion?!"

"Qingyu, you think me wrong… For you, I dared to sacrifice my appearance and reputation, and I don't ask for any payoff…" He regarded him lovingly, "As long as you know, what I did is all for you. Then, I will take whatever hurt in my reputation as a blessing…"

Xiao Qingyu appeared impa.s.sive.

But the popping vessels on the original fair and smooth forehead betrayed him.



Haven't there been so many people, Xiao Qingyu would have thrown a successive of hidden weapons at his seemingly innocent face.

But now.

He could do nothing but hear Fang Junqian teasing and joking.

Yet there was a ruder thing to take place!

Fang Junqian suddenly motioned to him and hugged him.

Hard and desperate—with exertion that almost thrust him into his body!

Xiao Qingyu gave him a palm of Nail-in-the-Soul without hesitation!

Fang Junqian whimpered!

"Ah…a.s.sa.s.sins! …" Women's shrieks panicked the visitors in the hall.

Fang Junqian's face was pale, an arrow in his shoulder, the wound blackish.

The arrow was poisonous!

Xiao Qingyu's eyes became sharp.

If Fang Junqian didn't rush over, he himself should be the prey of it!

Now Duke Fang had saved him against the arrow but gained nothing but a palm of Nail-in-the-Soul.

Xiao Qingyu hurriedly patted his twelves acupoints with the right hand to prevent the poison from spreading further and took out from his sleeve pocket a red pill to put into his mouth.

He shouted, "Mobilize your internal strength to digest the elixir. Protect your heart. Retreat!"

Just as he finished, six masked men dashed out from all directions and surrounded Xiao Qingyu.

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