Get To Know About Wife Fan Chapter 18


Get To Know About Wife Fan

Get To Know About Wife Fan Chapter 18

After moving the luggage, everyone will tidy up in their room. Sheng Qiao makes a bed and hangs clothes in the wardrobe. The mobile phone rings. Zhong Shen sends several wechat messages:

——You see your behavior! Do you think it's disgraceful? Extremely disgraceful!

——Isn't it a Huo Xi? He looks similar with me. Can you control yourself?

——We have to get along for a month. Live broadcast. Mind yourself!

——Hum, you didn't admit you like him.

Sheng Qiao reply: who didn't admit it? I like him, like him very much! What's wrong?

Zhong Shen: It's useless that you like him. Do you think he will take care of you? His fans are not easy to deal with. Do you think you are not in enough trouble?

Sheng Qiao: shut up! Noisy!

Two people are still fighting, hearing downstairs Le Xiao shout: “come down, director said to have a meeting.”

Several people came downstairs to gather in the living room, sat in a circle around the sofa, and the director sat at the bottom of the opposite camera, smiling and said: “the rules, you all know, that one month's cohabitation life is now starting.” Then he handed over a paper bag, “here's the living expenses of you, each one has two hundred yuan, a total of 1200 yuan. In the next month, use these 1200 yuan to live.”

Several people immediately cried out.

“Do you want to take two hundred for one person or put them together for common use?”

“Let's put it together and choose one person to take care of it, so it will save a little bit of money,” said Le Xiao.

Everybody looks at each other. No one answers. It's useless to take care of more than a thousand yuan. At last, Le Xiao couldn't help saying, “I'll take care of it.”

The director handed her the money, announced some rules, and then the whole crew stepped back and left the room.

Several people sat around the sofa and stared at the 1200 yuan money, lost in thought.

Zhong Shen was the first to break the silence. He said, “I'm hungry. I'll take out first.”

Everyone just knew each other, and they are too shy to object. Only Sheng Qiao shouted, “No! Take out is too expensive. One meal's expense is enough for living for two days. “

Zhong Shen feels sorry for himself: “then you will starve me to death!”

Sheng Qiao gave him a white look, got up and went to the refrigerator to get a bag of yogurt, a bag of sandwiches came over, “eat these to comfort your stomach first.”

Lu Yihan was surprised: “we have these in the refrigerator?”

“I didn't bring too much, there is a little for you to eat,” Sheng Qiao said.

Lu Yihan ran over and said, “I'll have one too. I haven't had breakfast yet.” He walked around the kitchen, and when he came back, he was shocked: “sister Little Qiao, did you bring the soy sauce, vinegar, oil consumption and bagged seasonings in the kitchen?”

Sheng Qiao: “Yeah. I also brought ten salted duck eggs. In the refrigerator, anyone who wants to eat them can cook them. “

Everyone: …

Sister, are you here for an outing?

But with spices, it also saves a lot of money. Le Xiao said, “let's cook by ourselves, but I only know how to scramble eggs with tomatoes.”

Feng Wei: “me too.”

The other three boys were silent. OK, knowing that tomato scrambled egg is a national cuisine, Sheng Qiao said, “I'm not very good at it. We'll learn to cook it then we won't starve to death.” She looked at her cell phone. “It's almost lunch time, so I'll go and buy some dishes to solve the lunch.”

It's so cold and desolate. They don't know where the market is.

“I'll clean the kitchen, then you can do it when you come back,” said Le Xiao.

Sheng Qiao took a look at her and said with a smile, “OK, Feng Wei, please help Le Xiao and clean the public activity area by the way.”

Feng Wei nodded, and Sheng Qiao said, “Little Han, would you like to clean up the flower bed outside if you are free? When I came in, I saw a lot of weeds and withered leaves in it. “


“Qiao, I'll go shopping with you,” said Zhong Shen.

After the division of labor, everyone got up, and Huo Xi said lightly, “what about me?”

Sheng Qiao paused and said calmly, “check whether the TV, refrigerator, washing machine and other household appliances can be used. If they break down, please call the director team for repair in advance, or they will not care about it later.”

Zhong Shen:???

Why are we cleaning, weeding and buying vegetables? Huo Xi just needs to check the electrical appliances that can't break at all? Are you biased too much?!

Several other people didn't realize that she was biased. They also realized that what she said was reasonable and urged Huo Xi: “check it quickly! Otherwise, the director group won't admit it for a while! “

Le Xiao takes 200 yuan out of the bag and gives it to Sheng Qiao. She tells her to save some. She nods and leads Zhong Shen out with a gloomy face.

These people didn't notice that Sheng Qiao was biased. The netizens watching the live broadcast noticed it with keen eyes.

[I always think Sheng Qiao shows favouritism to Huo Xi.]

[Yes! I think so, too! When moving the case, did you find it? If it wasn't Sheng Qiao to take the lead, Huo Xi would go downstairs to help.]

[There's still choosing the room! Sheng Qiao also heard that Huo Xi had to live in a double room before coming out! ]

[How can I smell the sour smell of love? ]

[Love your s.h.i.t, go away, who wants love who loves.]

[Are you happy to post backwards, Miss Sheng?]

[Please mind your behavior, some Sheng Qiao's fans in the barrage.]

[What did I say? The first day of the program is the same hype routine.]

[Protect our Huo Xi! ]

[I really hate Sheng Qiao. Can she get out of this program! ]

[I can't watch it anymore. See you later, Huo Xi cut version.]

Even if they said so, the number of people watching the live broadcast continues to rise. After all, the netizens who like to watch gossip will not miss this opportunity to eat melons. Apart from Xi Lights and Sheng Qiao's anti-fans, the other audiences still maintain a basic neutral att.i.tude.

[I am not someone's fan. I think Sheng Qiao's performance seems to be quite normal at present, and even very pleasing.]

[Yes, can I have a year's laugh with bringing salted duck eggs on the program hhhhh]

[Besides, she is quite a housekeeper, and it's reasonable to arrange their own tasks, she also saves a lot of money for the seasoning she brought.]

[She's not the same as before. This time's termination has brought her a lot of changes.]

[Look forward to the follow-up.]

The cold wind is blowing and the sky is gloomy. Sheng Qiao wraps up her down jacket and goes out to the left. They are followed by four people in the director team, two accompanying photographers, two shooting a.s.sistants.

Zhong Shen shivered with cold and asked, “do you know where there are vegetable sellers?”

“I saw it on the way. It's not far away.”

They accelerated their pace against the cold wind and soon came to a farmer's market. At this time, there are not many people. Seeing the film crew, they also knows that they are shooting the program, they yelled one after another. Sheng Qiao selects and compares. She takes out her symbolic smiles to bargain. She spent less than 50 yuan and bought two big bags of vegetables, all kinds of them.

The meat is more expensive. It's more than 20 yuan for 500g. Zhong Shen's heart aches again: “or we just eat vegetarian food. Don't buy meat.”

Sheng Qiao said: “Little Han is still growing. No matter how hard it is, you can't suffer children.” She shouted to the boss, “1kg of streaky pork, and 1kg of tenderloin.”

Lu Yihan's fans expressed their satisfaction.

[Thanks for thinking about my little brother.]

[My son is still growing. No matter how hard it is, you can't suffer my son.]

[Sheng Qiao looks like my mother when buying vegetables and negotiating prices.]

[She is so good at bargaining. She is a good housekeeper.]

[After all, she earns 20000 yuan a month. She must be stingy.]

[ha ha ha ha ha, it's really miserable that earning twenty thousand a month.]

[I want to be such a kind of miserable too. Twenty thousand a month! You said it is miserable! ]

[It's really miserable for stars. Sheng Qiao seems to wear cheap clothes.]

[She just cleaned the suitcase and I saw that the skin care product she used was CHANDO! ]

[What wrong with CHANDO? I also use CHANDO, the effect of supplying water is very good! ]

They begin to recommend skin care products they use in the barrage.

After buying vegetables, they bought rice, noodles and oil. At last, they bought a lot of things for less than 200 yuan.

The cleaning in the house is still going on. Le Xiao's so tired that her back hurts. When she saw Sheng Qiao and Zhong Shen talking and laughing, she immediately became dissatisfied. If she knew earlier, she was going to buy vegetables. This house is so big that she is really tired of cleaning.

She quickly dropped the broom and ran to pick up the things and put them in the refrigerator. When she put the things together, she saw three plastic basins in pocket and didn't know what to do with them. She looked up and asked, “What do you buy this basin for, Little Qiao?”

“It's cheap. It's only ten yuan for three. I think…”

Before she finished, she was interrupted by Le Xiao: “you can't spend money at will, even if it's cheap! We didn't have enough money. You bought these useless things! “

In her hurry, her tone was full of accusations, and Zhong Shen was not happy: “why is it useless? There are so many green plants in the flower bed outside. Transplanting some plants into the flower pot and placing in the living room to purify the air, is it okay? “

Sheng Qiao pulled him for a moment, and the voice softened the atmosphere: “it's only ten yuan. It's saved by buying vegetables and bargaining. Everyone is in the living room. It's better to put some plants.”

In fact, Le Xiao also accepted the explanation, but she was still dissatisfied with Zhong Shen's attack on her just now. She said, “it's not possible how much purification can be achieved, and the effect is not as good as opening windows for ventilation.”

Zhong Shen sneers: “can we decorate the environment? Doesn't the living s.p.a.ce need a little green? You look good. How can you live without any interest? “

Le Xiao is really about to cry: “Zhong Shen, why are you always targeting me?”

Sheng Qiao pushes Zhong Shen away. “No, he praises you for your good looks.”

Le Xiao really doesn't know whether to cry or laugh.

Sheng Qiao pushes Zhong Shen to the living room and lowers her voice to teach him: “live broadcast, can you converge! You're not allowed to talk to Le Xiao anymore! “

Now it's Zhong Shen's turn to be aggrieved: “Qiao Qiao, you have changed. You were not like this before. You used to be nice to me, am I still your favorite one? “

Sheng Qiao gave him a white look and turned to the kitchen.

Le Xiao said that she can scramble eggs with tomatoes. Sheng Qiao thought that she knew the common sense of cooking. Unexpectedly, she didn't fry any eggs. As soon as she knocked at the edge of the pot, she wanted to stir fry them with tomatoes. Sheng Qiao quickly stopped her and looked at the tied up Feng Wei, sighing: “forget it, you go out, I'll come.”

Qiao's family educated children for independence. When she studied abroad, she often cooked by herself. Although the taste was average, there was no problem filling her stomach.

Two meat dishes and three vegetable dishes were served quickly. Sheng Qiao also cooked the soup. Several people were hungry. However, Le Xiao and Feng Wei didn't eat much. The other three people ate normally. Female artists always pay more attention to figure than male artists. Sheng Qiao looks at her bowl and quietly shaves a piece of rice.

Having enough food and drink, Le Xiao said: “Chef Qiao, I'll give you the cooking task in the future! It's delicious! “

Zhong Shen immediately said, “Qiao Qiao is not the cook you invited. You can go to learn next time she cooks! Everyone cooks for one day, you can't just eat it paying nothing. “

After dinner, Le Xiao and Feng Wei took the initiative to wash dishes. After all, it was a live broadcast. They knew to add hard-working character setting to themselves. Sheng Qiao takes a flowerpot to transplant green plants outside. While she is busy, suddenly someone around her asks, “Can I help you?”

Huo Xi squats down beside her.

Sheng Qiao's muscles were tense at once, and she quietly moved on the side and said in a low voice, “no need. Come in, it's cold outside. “

Huo Xi looks at her for a while and suddenly smiles.

He turned off the microphone and said, “Sheng Qiao, why did I feel that you are a little afraid of me?”

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