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Game World Chronicles: Displaced

Game World Chronicles: Displaced Chapter 18

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Chapter 18
For a moment I was totally confused, I've not had a problem with language so far, but to think it might show itself in such a way scared the f.u.c.k out of me . I had no idea how to answer the Elvin woman, because as far as I was concerned, she was just speaking gibberish that I couldn't get behind on . "Please I don't understand what you're saying, can you speak English?"How ironic was that, an African man asking a white person if they knew how to speak English, hah! Before my ancestors were carted off as slaves, I'm sure they experienced similar problems with language; of course it was definitely the other way around . The Elvin woman looked a bit confused for a moment, before dropping her sword and moving back to rest on one of the beds in the storage room . Then she looked up at me and started speaking again . "How is it possible that a member of the race of ancient humans can't understand or speak his own language?"I was caught off guard again, she was speaking English or at least some sort of language that my brain seems to recognize, and of course I can't be really sure . Not with how f.u.c.ked up this world was, and the equally f.u.c.ked up system that's supposed to help me survive . But I had to give the high elf an answer so I gathered my courage and said . "I'm not really from around here, there are lots I don't know about this world . " Her eyes narrowed, and I knew I might have said something wrong, but to be honest I wasn't sure what .
"Even a child would have at least some impression of this world, of the way things work, and understanding that there are something's you don't carry running around in an abandoned temple filled to the brim with monsters . You don't understand the language of the ancients, yet you can speak the common tongue very well and you say you don't know anything about this world, and then what world do you know of?"That's when I realized I said something I shouldn't have . This was an inhabitant of this world, not the system that I have gradually come to hate, but a living, breathing flesh and blood member of this G.o.d forsaken rock . And there was no telling about how she would react to an alien, or worse a soul possessing the body of a local . I had no idea what to say, so I just looked at her and kept quiet . But that was still a mistake on my part as I definitely confirmed her suspicions by doing that . For some reason the system wasn't really forthcoming about any sort of ideas or steps to take in other to deal with this situation I've now found myself in . I couldn't let my guard down in front of her, not for one second; and that was because even injured, this woman could kill me with just a swing of that purple sword of hers . She watched me silently just as did her, I couldn't tell what was going through her mind, and it was even worse because her face didn't even let out a single shred of emotion or hint of what her thought processes might be like at the moment .
"You must be carrying a heavy secret; I can understand why you wouldn't want to tell me . You might be weak, but you have abilities that even the most powerful of healers alive used all their lives to learn . I saw the way you healed yourself, and without a doubt that must have been the same way you used to heal me, I'm grateful for that, without your intervention I'm sure that I would have died under that rain . As soon as I'm strong enough to move on my own and return to back to civilization, I promise to reward you for everything you've done . So please rest a.s.sured that I will keep your secret, so you don't have to be so guarded around me . My name is Firaecia, but everyone else calls me Fia . "Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www . webnovel . com for visiting . I might be wrong, but she seemed somewhat trustworthy, or it might just be me trying to connect with one thing or person in this world that wasn't out rightly trying to kill me . Or maybe I just wanted to believe that what she was telling me was the truth because she was harmless looking beautiful woman, either way she doesn't seem to be any sort of immediate danger to me, or to the panda in my hands . "Why were those people trying to kill you, they seemed like your friends at first, but then they attacked you like that… . . are you oaky?" I couldn't help but suddenly ask as I moved my battered body to another bed opposite hers . "Just as you have your secrets, so too do I have mine . And the reason why they would put me in this sort of position is not something that I would like to discourse right now . But never the less they will pay for their betrayal and their theft, each and every single one of them . But on to other matters, you never did tell me your name . ""Well that's because I didn't, but it's… . its . . . . (Sigh) its Leon-Leon Ankhel . ""Sounded like you almost forgot your own name Leon, well never the less, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance Leon . Thank you so much for saving me; I will never forget your kindness . "I didn't say anything else to her as I lay down on the other bed with the Panda still clutched tightly in my hands, my thoughts filled to the brim and in complete disarray . She was right when she said that I had forgotten my name . My real name; the name that belonged to me before I became trapped in this body and this world And at the moment I gave her the name Leon, it was as if I had let go of everything and the person that I was before I came here . I embraced it and completely became Leon . {MISSION ACOMPLISHED: Survive the onslaught of monsters and get back to the storage room . The baby Twin Core Ivory Panda must survive . ][REWARDS: all skills increased by 2 levels, Monster Fusion/ possession skill, forge alchemy skill and kit}[Leon Ankhel: Age 20][System Points: 5001][Bloodline: Ancient Human/Xuanwu Divine Tortoise][Cultivation level: 2: Body Refining Realm][Cultivation Method: Celestial Zodiac Theorem: Level 1][Strength: 47/ Speed: 65/ Body 59/ Energy: (47/47)/ Perception: 47]Talents:
Stat points: 6
Skill Points: 13[Inventory 1: 5 cubic meters][Shop]

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