First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce Chapter 1584


First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce

First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce Chapter 1584


“I thought I had mistaken you for someone else. ” Lan Ruoshui’s Korean was obviously a little excited. She took two steps closer to her and said, “so it really is you, Lin Yuxin. Why did you come to Tainan for a vacation? ”

Come to Tainan for a vacation Oh my G.o.d, she had no choice but to flee to Tainan, okay How could she have the mood to go on a vacation?

Of course, she could not say this to Lan Ruoshui even if she was beaten to death. She frowned slightly and said indifferently, “I came here to relax. Aren’t you also here for a vacation? ”

“I’m here for a vacation. ” Lan Ruoshui saw that Yu Xin was very indifferent and immediately felt that her enthusiasm just now had pasted on her cold b.u.t.t Therefore, she also said indifferently, “I originally lived in Taiwan. Today, I just happened to come to Tainan to play. I didn’t expect to meet you. ”

“You live in Taiwan? ” This time, it was Lin Yuxin’s turn to be surprised. Didn’t Lan Ruoshui live in Seoul Why did she come to live in Taiwan again?

“Yes, is this very strange? ” Lan Ruoshui saw her surprised expression and felt that she was somewhat inexplicable.

“Well, aren’t you with Jin Zhengnan? ” Lin Yuxin looked at Lan Ruoshui and frowned even more. “You and Jin Zhengnan emigrated to Taiwan? ”

Before Lan Ruoshui could speak, a short Taiwanese man who looked to be in his sixties walked over. He came over and held Lan Ruoshui’s hand intimately. He asked in a low voice, “why? Did you meet a friend? ”

Lan Ruoshui immediately smiled charmingly and shook her head. She said lightly, “We’ve met a few times before. We’re not friends. We just know each other. ”

After saying that, she left with that Short old man. She didn’t even say goodbye to Yu Xin.

Yu Xin stood there and looked at Lan Ruoshui’s back as she disappeared into the crowd. She couldn’t understand why Lan Ruoshui would do this. Didn’t she love Jin Zhengnan to death back then? It wasn’t easy for her to s.n.a.t.c.h it from ru Yu Why didn’t she cherish it?

“Wow, Dr. w.a.n.g, you speak Korean? ” The two girls waited for Lan Ruoshui to leave before running up to her. They said with a little excitement, “Dr. w.a.n.g, you’re amazing. We thought you only knew English, but you actually know Korean. You’re amazing. ”

Yu Xin was embarra.s.sed. She was Korean, okay? WHO IN KOREA COULD NOT SPEAK KOREAN?

However, of course, she did not tell the two girls that she was Korean. Because the fake ID that Li Weisheng gave her was from Taiwan, she said indifferently, “when I was studying, I had an exchange with a Korean student. I went there for a year, so I can speak Korean. ”

This excuse was flawless, so the two girls did not doubt it at all. They still pulled Yu Xin to play happily.

However, Yu Xin could not be happy anymore. Lan Ruoshui’s appearance was like a bomb buried beside her, because as far as he knew, Lan Ruoshui was Lei Zhensheng’s G.o.ddaughter. Moreover, when she was in Korea, she still lived in the Lei family.

When Lei Zhensheng did not know that he was infertile, he especially doted on Lan Ruoshui, because he used to think that she was his own daughter. As for when he found out that he was infertile, he seemed to be quite tolerant of Lan Ruoshui and acknowledged her as his G.o.ddaughter.

However, the relationship between the G.o.dfather and the G.o.ddaughter in this society was originally very delicate, and the relationship between Lei Zhensheng and Lan Ruoshui was probably not too delicate, right?

After all, Lei Zhensheng sincerely thought that Lan Ruoshui was a daughter, and Lan Ruoshui loved Jin Zhengnan so wholeheartedly, so the relationship between their G.o.ddaughter and the G.o.dfather should be normal.

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