Fields Of Gold Chapter 11


Fields Of Gold

Fields Of Gold Chapter 11

"Horse carriage? That's very expensive. Who can afford that, expect for those wealthy old pany you to town?"

Yu Xiaocao was certainly pleased with his offer, so she hastily nodded. She had wanted to go by herself, but she didn't know the direction.

Yu Xiaolian also wanted to go with thepany her younger sister to town. However, she knew that if she followed thee e across and save thee back early. Otherwise, Grande? Even if you want to beg for food, you should find a better time! Hurry up! Hurry up and leave!"

It was the first time that Yu Xiaocao encountered a situation where someone had called her a 'beggar'. A sense of rage rose within the depth of her heart. However, she endured and suppressed her emotions. On the principle that harmony makes money, she squeezed out a smile, "Hey, young brother, is your manager around? I have some fresh seafood here. I was wondering if your restaurant would be interested in buying them."

That waiter looked up and swept a gaze at the ceramic jar within her hands. He had a look of contempt as he said, "Fulin Restaurant's seafoods are all delivered by a fixed fisherman. With your poor appearance, would you even have any high-quality goods? Just scram! Why would our manager waste his time to see a filthy little tramp like you?"

"Why are you swearing at us?!" Yu Hang frowned and stepped forward to reason with him.

The waiter threw the broom in his hands, clasped his waist, and hollered, "So what if I'm swearing at you! Did you filthy beggars want to scam money? You even wanted to see our manager. Who do you think you are?"

"Why is it so nosy in the morning?!" Yu Xiaocao was about to explode in rage when a middle-aged man, who looked like a shopkeeper, came out of the main entrance and scolded.

The waiter instantly changed his att.i.tude and grinned flatteringly, "Manager Liu! This underling was sending away these beggars!"

"You're a beggar! Manager Liu, I have several fresh and big abalones here. Would your restaurant be interested in buying them?" Yu Xiaocao gave the waiter a fierce glare, but she didn't continue to argue with him and directed her inquiry to Manager Liu.

Manager Liu looked at the siblings, but he didn't really take them seriously, "Oh, abalones! If they are of good quality, then we'll take them!"

Yu Xiaocao walked forward with the earthen jar and said, "These are first-cla.s.s abalones, with each being over five inches in length. Would you like to have a look?"

On the street, a young man in an exquisite brocade robe immediately pulled on the reins of his horse upon hearing her words. Abalones that were over five inches in length? If it was true, then they were certainly abalones of the highest quality. County Magistrate Wu is holding his birthday banquet at Zhenxiu Restaurant this afternoon. Weren't they just missing an impressive main course?

[1] Thill - a shaft used to attach a cart or carriage to the animal drawing it

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