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Fantasy Farm

Fantasy Farm Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Going hopletely turned dark. He lugged along his heavy suitcase, originally thinking of renting a car, but who knew the pletely eing back froing closer to us!!"

Lu Qingjiu looked ahead and noticed that the white silhouette actually really was approaching thee closer, so Lu Qingjiu could clearly see that that the white figure was indeed a person, even though their appearance wasn't too clear, but it shouldn't be soe back, did you reach last night?" The youth greeting Lu Qingjiu was a little shorter than hie you didn't call pletely finished the bowl of noodles and drank a few e a little weird, and continued to gossip: "However, they didn't necessarily die, the corpses were never found, only their luggage."

"The people weren't froe too old, and needed to be replaced.

"I still ree by your house to fix the shed, what do you want to buy? In a few days there'll be a pany had required workers to be available 24/7, especially in his line of work, planning. When any problepany, no matter the time. Even though the salary was good, the people were pretty much worked to death.

Originally, Lu Qingjiu thought he would sleep until sunrise, however, before dawn, he heard a slight noise.

The noise was as if there was something lightly pulling at the roof tiles above his head, making a 'kacha kacha' sound.

Lu Qingjiu was rudely awakened by the noise, and when he blearily opened his sleep-fogged eyes, he saw a faint light emanating from above his head. This light caused Lu Qingjiu to stiffen in shock, his brain still not quite awake, after a while, he suddenly realised something, and his eyes widened — Unexpectedly, the roof tiles on top of the house had been pried off by something, and the bright moonlight fell onto the blankets like a burning brand.

"Kacha, kacha." The sounds once again started above his head, Lu Qingjiu's first thought was that a stray cat or the like had climbed up onto his roof. Just as his brain started processing that thought, a round object appeared in the hole in the roof. Lu Qingjiu realised what the round thing was. It was a red eye, with a large pupil. A white nict.i.tating membrane slid over the eye, leaving behind a wet residue. A giant reptilian eye was staring back at him.

The author has something to say:

Starting a new story lalala!


1 In China, when you rent a car, you can rent a driver along with it. Not entirely sure what the difference between this and a taxi is, but since the author decided to specify rental car driver, I decided to use that instead.
2 Xiao Jiu is a diminutive nickname, and adding an -er does the same thing. Adding both a 'Xiao' and an '-er' onto someone's name make the resulting nickname more cutesy. It's like calling someone named John Johnny-boy instead of just Johnny.
3 Basically this.
4 They aren't actually related, uncle is just a friendly way to refer an older man.

Hi, new translator here ^^

I hope you guys will enjoy this story, and please let me know if there's anything I can improve on! I'll be updating once a week, so be sure to check back next week for the next chapter ?

Anyways, now for the food p.o.r.n:

Here's an image of the beef noodles that they had in this chapter~


Here's the stir-fry mentioned in the summary *drools*

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