Entrust The Rest Of My Life To You Chapter 4


Entrust The Rest Of My Life To You

Entrust The Rest Of My Life To You Chapter 4

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March 8, 2009
Three days ago, for the first time, Teacher Lin got out of bed after the surgery. On the fifth day, he started to limp. His progress was rapid. At the same time, Doctor Gu and our family gradually became familiar. When he saw us in the hallway, he would joke with Teacher Lin: “Wherever you go, these two VIP special caretakers will always follow you.”
On the eighth day after the surgery, Teacher Lin had walked very smoothly. He could walk in a straight line without my help. When we pa.s.sed the door of the Doctor's office, he held my hand: “Take a look.”

My heart pounded fast: “Did Teacher Lin find out already…” with a slightly guilty glanced in, a young man in white robes sat in Doctor Gu's seat.
“Do you see that young man? He's handsome.”
I wanted to mock him. After suffering an illness, your life interest has changed! You even took your daughter to check out a man in front of other people's office. I wonder if those middle-aged women have a.s.similated you… I glanced in and saw a white-skinned, squared face man; with a pair of gla.s.ses. I made a fair comment: “So-so.” and helped him get back.
Teacher Lin was very serious at the moment: “He looks as good as a movie star.”
Yes, with your eyesight that can't even tell the difference between Tony Leung and Sean Lau. This comment was too much.

(Tony Leung&Sean Lau = Chinese movie stars.)
I said nothing, kept hold him: “You exaggerate too much; he's average.” I felt like if they caught me stalking a handsome guy in front of the Doctor's office, it would be embarra.s.sing. So I held and dragged that old child to walk away: “Let's go, let's go, this is inappropriate.”
Teacher Lin insisted: “Really handsome.”
I dragged him to keep walking and said unhesitatingly: “He's not as handsome as Doctor Gu.”
When we reached the elevator, we turned around.
Teacher Lin began to refute: “Doctor Gu is also dazzling and pleasant, but this young man's face is more three-dimensional.”
Me: “It's not a stack of wood!”
Teacher Lin: “He is younger than the Doctor Gu.”
Me: “Doctor Gu is a postgraduate student who was studying three years longer than him. In today's world, techniques and skills are more reliable.”
Teacher Lin: “That young man is not bad.”
Me: “Doctor Gu is better!”
At the moment I unhesitatingly said this, a nurse who pa.s.sed by our side gave me a weird glance. I felt that my heart would drop when I saw it — Doctor Gu's was only a meter away from us, smiling, rarely without his white coat. He wore a black-down jacket, gray cashmere sweater, jeans, sneaker, and held a Mizuno satchel bag. He looked like a college student.
At that moment, I wanted to bite my tongue…
Doctor Gu was very calm: “Today's exercise isn't bad. How about the post-surgery wound?”
Teacher Lin: “I slept well last night. I'm in good spirits today. The post-surgery wound is still a little painful.”
Doctor Gu: “Well, I will check the wounds later. If the recovery is good, we can pull out the drainage tube.” After he finished his sentence, he smiled and nodded his head, then entered his office.
Throughout the whole dialogue, my eyes drifted, and I tried my best to calm down.
Teacher Lin: “Well, Doctor Gu, this young man, is also a good guy.”
I gave a silent disagreement, who said he was old? It was just the white that coat made him looked older, it needed to create a steady image of a doctor.

March 9, 2009
I came out from the pantry with a thermos and pa.s.sed the Doctor's office. The door was open. I felt curious and glanced in. Doctor Gu faced the computer screen with his back to me.
I always felt that Doctor Gu had a slightly hunched back because he was too thin, but this didn't affect his tall and straight personality traits (how contradictory it is >_<……). his="" fingers="" were="" long="" and="" neat,="" and="" his="" neck="" seemed="" more="" slender="" and="" gentle="" after="" he="" got="" a="" hair-cut.="">
As I bit the apple in my hand while admiring his masculinity; I supposed maybe that red Fuji Apple was too crunchy to eat, so it sounded out too loud. He turned his head, so I got caught and froze.
However, I have a characteristic. The wind and storm in my inner heart, won't affect my calm appearance outside. I was just one of the many people in the hallway, and he won't overthink. I calmed myself down while lifted my legs and was ready to walk over as if nothing had happened.
Then, Doctor Gu; who was sitting there, looked at me and smiled. So I missed the opportunity to pretend as a pa.s.ser-by and stood there foolishly. Suddenly, his beautiful lips spat out two words – ‘Apple.'
I ran away. Was it because my face looked like an idiot when I bit an apple? Or did he remember the half-peeled apple that I gave him last time?
After I got back to the ward, I struggled for a long time, but I couldn't figure it out. So I gave up thinking. I decided to eat apples only on the balcony. Otherwise, If I ate it in other places, this weird fruit will always expose my abnormality and caused embarra.s.sment.

Special Dialog:
Doctor: I saw you when you went to the pantry. At that time, I thought that this was a hospital. How come you look like you were walking in the park? And how many apples do you eat in one day?
(I swear I don't eat that much, but every time I ate it, I always b.u.mped into you >_<>

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