Encountering A Snake Chapter 1


Encountering A Snake

Encountering A Snake Chapter 1

Another roofortable and carefree life, and her beautiful face turned bing her hair, "What's the Queen doing these days? What about His placency. Her words turned ever tenderer and seductive to the extent that they could ale up with other tricks to save Helian Jue during the next few days. After all..."

"Helian Jue is going to be executed soon! It's a critical tib and started to cob hair and wash face, put her in bed. She blew off the candles and went back to her own roob hair and wash face. Later, she changed into a suit for getting out, sent Lyuyou on an errand, and secretly left the palace for the execution ground without being noticed by the guards.

However, a bing. As she was having breakfast, a maid entered and whispered a few words at Lengmei's ear. Lengmei gently wiped her mouth with a handkerchief and her eyes turned cold at the maid's words. Then she said calmly, "Let her in."

It was that maid of plain looking that entered Lengmei's room. She bowed to Lengmei and said, "Your Grace, I followed your order and watched the Queen closely these few days. Today she sent Lyuyou away and left the palace secretly in a plain outfit."

After hearing this, Lengmei slightly lowered her head and mulled for a moment. Then she raised her head and said to her maids, "Change my clothes. I'm going out."

The maids were perplexed and asked, "It's still early now, Your Grace. Where are you planning to go?"

Lengmei sneered and said, "His Majesty ordered for the decapitation of Helian Jue in public outside the Wu Gate at noon today. The Queen sneaked out early in the morning, and she must have gone there!"

"We want to go there, too, Your Grace! We want to see what the Queen is plotting!"

In a dark and wet prison cell, Helian Jue lowered his head, and his facial expression was not seeable. Suddenly, noises sounded outside and a tall and brawny jailor came in.

He opened the door to Helian Jue's cell and said to Helian Jue who was lying inside, "Let's go! It is time!"

Helian Jue put up a bitter smile, stood up, and walked out slowly with heavy chains trailing on the ground.

Once outside, Helian Jue was temporarily blinded by the sunlight, and he slightly closed his eyes. The jailors rudely pushed him into a prison cart, locked the door, and drove the cart on a humiliation parade.

The citizens on the streets all saw Helian Jue in his shabbiness. They grabbed cabbage leaves and eggs, and threw them at Helian Jue while abusing him.

"Trash! You disgraced your ancestors!"

"Kill yourself, you hole!"

"Die now, tyrant!"

Helian Jue just stood quietly in the cart, paying no attention to the people on the streets, as if he could not see or hear anything. He didn't respond to the abuses, nor did he defend himself.

Time flew, and the parade was over. Just as Helian Jue was escorted to the decapitation stage and was about to be beheaded, Tang Xia rushed out of the crowd and cried, "Stop!"

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