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Emperor The Cat 4 Figh

The online having another uproar, today scandals regarding Madam Aileen is spreading through internet moreover there are also full video hot scene of her with someone called Timmy. But, as everyone knows her husband name is Richard. The question is, who is this Timmy?"Tell me what is going on?" Richard eyes are red because of anger."I don't know. It is not me. Someone is trying to frame me.""Frame you? Heh, did you think I am stupid. I have been suspicious of you for some time.""Darling, how could you be suspicious to me like that."Then three days later, Boss Shark places are been raided with police. An anonymous has sent evidence regarding his illegal activities. A lawyer letter has been sent to Madam Aileen for defamation."Your Honour my client is trying to live a good and honest life but unfortunately some people are not satisfied with this and spread her picture and reveals her history to the public.""I am been framed. You got the wrong people. This is that wh.o.r.e job.""Please mind your words, respect the court.""Your Honour, I present to you all the evidence connected to the defendant."With all the evidence, Madam Aileen are being charged guilty. This incident is the start of Madam Aileen downfall. She then receives divorce files from her husband. With the scandal that she has her husband is unwilling to wear a red hat anymore, he feels that he is blind all these times for not noticing Madam Aileen true nature."You are free now, Boss Shark will not have time to care about you since he is busy playing hide and seek with the police and Madam Aileen is slowly being driven to an end.""Aileen, why did she do that to me? She is a gentle person. Emperor, what makes her do that? It is because I try to kill her before?""Did you think that you know her nature. Heheheheheheh, you know nothing about her."Even though Shana manages to get justice for her defamation, it is still can not erase her past. Many company and designers did not feel comfortable to work with her."Shana there is still no job for you. This is quite worrisome, I try to do everything but it seems to fails.""It is okay boss, I understand. I am willing to terminate the contract and pay compensation to the company. I have trouble you a lot, the longer I stay here, the more loss the company make."Seeing the back of Shana, Jack feels regret for losing a good model like her. It is a shame how society unable to accept just because of her past. They all know how good she is."Now Shana lets move to phase two.""Phase two? What phase two? I am no longer can be a model.""Who said you to be a model? Are you forgetting what is your true ambition is? So, what is your niche in the fashion industry? What kind of dress you want to make?"
"What kind of dress I want to make? I want to be a wedding dress designer. I want to realise people dream of having their perfect wedding dress.""Is that so. In that case, I have a perfect person for you to meet."Emperor brings Shana to District F and lead her to an old bungalow. There she is being introduced to Mr Johnson."Johnson this is Shana. Be her mentor in designing. As far as I know, you are the best in this field.""You sure are c.o.c.ky Emperor, where have you been all this while? Now you have the cheek to demand a thing from me. I admire you."Shana was shocked. It is unbelievable, Mr Jonhson can understand Emperor and wait, Mr Johnson where has she hears this name?"You are Mr Johnson, Johnson Wish from Wish boutique. You are one of the famous designer in this world. Every dress that you make never fails to sell below than ten thousand RiM a piece. A genius in designing all type of clothes be it for men or woman.""Yes, indeed I am.""This girl life energy is abundance, I suppose you solve her curse already. You are still doing this kind of things. If you make a contract with me you do not have to go around finding others to help you.""Make a contract with you, no way!""Curse? What do you mean I am cursed?""Oh! you don't know. You better ask Emperor about this."Shana is being accepted by Mr Johnson and been allowed to live at Mr Johnson house. That night she is unable to sleep. Remembering the conversation about her has been curse makes her have an uneasy feeling. She gets up and walks out of the room. Based on her connection with Emperor she able to locate it at the piano room."Emperor, what did Mr Johnson mean that is I am cursed.""You did not have to know. It is already been solve.""Emperor please do not hide it from me. I need to know.""Alright then, Shana did you feel like killing a person right now?""Of course not, why would I want to kill someone. It is ridiculous.""Then did you have any thought why you are trying to kill Madam Aileen before this?""Well, that is because I don't like seeing her with Richard. I used to love Richard so much and afraid of losing him. But what has this connected to the curse?""It is connected. Shana since young you are a pampered child and do what you want. But killing a person is quite impossible. Try to remember what did you feel those days that lead you to wanted to kill Madam Aileen.""Those days, I feel insecure, irritable and feel that everything is not right. It is just a normal reaction when you are worried about your love right.""How about during your stay at the red light district? Didn't you always feel that you are unsatisfied and need always to do it with a man?""That is a puzzle for me. It is probably because of the stress of having to pay off those debts.""All of those negative feeling and the pleasure you seek are because you are been cursed. Someone sent it to you. The curse makes you lose your rational and succ.u.mb in pleasure so that you destroy inside and outside.""Someone sent it to me. Did you have evidence to prove it?""Remember weird dream you used to have? That is the proof and it is a sign of warning.""It is hard for me to believe it. But as you said someone sent the curse to me, then who is it?"

Find authorized novels in Webnovel´╝îfaster updates, better experience´╝îPlease click www.webnovel.com for visiting."Madam Aileen.""Impossible, Aileen...Aileen, she will not do that right?""It is up to you whether to believe it or not."Inside a room, a woman is rolling on a bed. She is feeling restless. She needs to be embraced. She wants someone to hold her. She could not stand it anymore and called her husband or you can say ex-husband but it is not connected. She feels more and more restless. In the end, she decided to call her toyboy that she secretly keep.They are having a good time but the woman still feels unsatisfied. The toyboy unable to keep up with her but she did not let him go. She keeps asking for more and more. This terrified him as he feels like the woman is being possessed. In the morning, he manages to run from her.After that, the toyboy never appear whenever the woman called him. The woman not having to let out her inner desire she has been calling different people to accompany her at night. She spends all her money and being forces out of the house. Nowadays, her room in the red light district is the number one attraction as her services are cheap. She accepts anyone as long they can keep her satisfied. She is unable to think rationally and control her l.u.s.t.A cat is sitting at the window sill watching that woman."Haih, what goes around comes around."

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