Emperor Of Taikoo Volume 1 Chapter 1


Emperor Of Taikoo

Emperor Of Taikoo Volume 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Youth Lu Feng

There is a remote small courtyard at Jiang Fengg in Great Song Kingdom.

A teenager lay quietly on the bed in a wooden house.

The boy's face was pale. Blood is coming out from the corner of his mouth. His eyes were closed. It looked like as if he had lost his breath.

Slowly he opened his eyes and looked at the room. He found that the room was familiar to him.

A helpless bitter smile had emerged in his face after a long time. The teenager opened his mouth and said in heavy voice: “I didn't expect that I would be reincarnated.”

The boy was Lu Feng, and he was an ordinary college student.

In his previous life, during an outing he was stunned by an axe that fell from the sky. When he woke up, his soul pa.s.sed through from his body and attached to that child with the same name as him.

There is not much regret in Lu Feng's heart about his past life. He was an orphan in the previous life. So he was not depressed by his rebirth.

He tried to recall his past memory.

The world where he is born is known as the True Spirit Continent. It is totally different from the earth. In this world, strong is the most respected; the strong dominates everything and the weak only survive.

To became the master in martial art there several steps from low to high. They are further divided into four steps – refining body, condensing element, breaking element, and mixing element.

In his memory, he is a child of the Lu family, which is the most famous among the three families in JiangFengg. His father was mysteriously missing. As for my mother, there is no impression in his memory.

After a while, Lu Feng rubbed his head in depression.

The martial arts qualifications of this boy seem to be mediocre and can even be described as waste.

He started practicing martial arts at the age of eight, physical strength at the age of ten and broke through the triple of physical practice at the age of sixteen.

Such qualification would be fine if Lu Feng was born in an ordinary family. However, he was actually born in the Lu family. As a Lu family's heirs this qualification is nothing but a waste. So, he is known as a waste throughout the city.

Another thing that makes Lu Feng very uncomfortable is that after his father had disappeared, Lu Hong became the head pf the family. He took all the property under his control. He didn't give anything to his son Lu Feng and even expelled him from the family.

“Since, I have reincarnated and got a chance to live another life, I will never let anyone bully me again. As for the Lu family, I will recover my property one by one.” Lu Feng clenched his fists and shouted silently in his heart.


He moved his body a little and it touched the injury on the body.

“d.a.m.n it!” Lu Feng frowned and cursed bitterly.

Suddenly there was a deep pain in his head. He felt like his head was about to explode.


At this moment, there was a shock in his soul. He felt darkness in front of his eyes. The next moment, Lu Feng found himself in a dark s.p.a.ce.

“Which place is this?”

Lu Feng felt nervous in such a strange situation.

After seeing all around, an inexplicable thought emerged in his mind: “Is this my spiritual world?”

After that, a ray of light was shining in the darkness in front of him. He was looking at the source of light and found the ray of light had come from an blooming axe.

“Isn't this the axe that smashed me in my past life? How could it be inside me?” Lu Feng recognized this axe.

"Why is it here? Is it …"

He was staring at the axe. After Lu Feng's eyes flashed a ray of light, he raised his feet and took a step forward.


As soon as he took his first step, surrounding s.p.a.ce shook sharply and he felt the darkness all around him. After some time when he opened his eyes, he got his consciousness back.

After opening the eyes, Lu Feng found some more information in his mind.

“The world is full of chaos…. In the ancient times … Everything in the nine heaven and 10 earth was chaotic … then the axe appeared……"

After a long time, Lu Feng became calm and carefully recall the information in his mind.

He whispered to himself after a shocking color flashed in his eyes “Kaitian Axe Spirit!”

From the information, Lu Feng finally figured out that the axe which smashed him in past life is called the Kaitian axe, more precisely Kaitian Axe Spirit.

The Kaitian Axe was born when Chaos first came to be. It was born when two fists of G.o.d and man collided together.

After the creation of the sky, it turned into an ancient age. It formed mountains, earth, sun, moon and stars.

The kaitian axe is transformed into three congenital supreme G.o.d soldiers.

The axe blade turned into a stream. The earth opened up, the wind and fire were created; the axe body turned into a Taiji map, the main point was to clear the muddy, calm water, fire and wind; the handle of the axe became a chaotic clock, which mainly consolidated the wild life.

After getting the information from his mind, Lu Feng was shocked.


At this moment, a hot stream of heat overflowed from his whole body and made him warm.

“This … my injury …” Lu Feng raised his eyebrows and looked at his wound in horror.

He saw that his injuries were recovering at a very high speed. That recovery can be seen in naked eye. The injury on his body had healed within some time.

After some time, the injuries in his body had healed fully and the heat also dissipated.


In the next morning, Lu Feng woke up early.  He put on his shirt and get out of bed……..

Lu Feng opened his wooden door slowly and came out from his room.

“Master, are you injured?”

Just as Lu Feng stepped out of the wooden house he heard a sound. He saw the sound came from an old man with white hair all over his head.

The man was over seventy years old. He was wearing pudding sackcloth. His skin was dry and wrinkled and his face was covered with dark yellow age spots. At a first glance, it was a bit scary.

Lu Feng smiled softly and answered: “Uncle Mo, the injuries has been cured.”

“Really?” Uncle Mo did not believe it.

“Yes!” Lu Feng nodded.

Though the physical injuries were extremely serious, but with the help of that heat, all injuries were surprisingly healed very quickly.

Lu Feng left the small courtyard and went towards the market after having breakfast with Uncle Mo.

In the previous life, he loved the fantasy novel. Some cla.s.sic novels still have a fresh memory, for example: waste counterattacks to marry Bai Fumei, the grandfather in the ring, the brick into an artifact and the ancient artifacts are found on the stalls…

After walking some time, he came to the street corner, where is the lively market situated.

There are only few simple shops on both sides of the road, mostly in the form of paving.

There is no planning and no dedicated management there. This market is as similar as Lu Sao's market in Lu Feng's memory. Most of the people were from the bottom of the river city.

There are loud noises in the market. Lu Feng ignored all the noise and focused his attention on the stalls on both sides of the road.

But he was so disappointed because he could not find anything that can satisfy him.

Just when he was about to turn back his eyes accidentally felt on a shop which was at the end of the street. An old man was sitting there with some strange thing in front of him.

He found that the old man had an unmissable att.i.tude. Lu Feng walked up to the booth.

There are broken irons, weapons and some commonly seen herbs present there in that booth.

Lu Feng hurriedly scanned and found that there was nothing satisfactory, and he was turn to leave.

As he turned to leave, the sound of the sky axe moved slightly appeared in his mind with a buzz.

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