Divine Brilliance 53 Chapter 53 Breaking The Mysterious Seal


Divine Brilliance

Divine Brilliance 53 Chapter 53 Breaking The Mysterious Seal

He didn't understand in his heart, but he still spensate hipensation for the Lingyun Verpensation. Top Grade Gold Token, I believe with this itee into contact much.

He mocked himself silently. Although they said that the items given by the sect were by instruction from the ancestor, they were also to silence him.

Not because of the Sword Formation or G.o.d Talisman, but because of Lingyun Sect's reputation. Thinking about it, such a giant sect was truly terrifying.

However, he truly earned a lot this time. A bottle of Blood Cloud marrow, ten Simple Sky pills, only needing a month to be able to create a Xiantian Master. And that Dragon Spirit Jade Wall, which was even rarer. Naturally there was also this top grade Lingyun Vermillion Token.

He acted like he didn't care much towards these items. Only when Long Ruo left did he start gloating, holding that red Token in his hand.

Knowing that even if he wouldn't be able to use these items, and he wasn't willing to ask Lingyun Sect to do things for him, in the future it would be a good thing to sell for money.

A top Grade Lingyun Vermillion Token, there were only three in the world!

Chuxue was currently looking out towards the giant flood dragon. "That Mr Long Ruo is a double cultivator? To be able to control a flood dragon, who knows how high his cultivation must be. It seems like he is even stronger than the ruler, who knows if he has reached the ascended level and Day Wandering Realm!"

"How could he be considered a double cultivator? He only learned some body cultivation techniques, his soul power is barely at the Day Wandering Realm. As the third generation First Seat of Lingyun Sect, it isn't anything to brag about."

Zhao Yanran smiled coldly, but in the next moment however she trembled slightly. She saw the aura of the thirty-year-old man explode out like a wild beast. His eyes were filled with killing intent, extremely ferocious.

As long as she had an intent to hurt Zong Shou, he would pounce on her. Zhao Yanran's eyes contracted slightly as she turned back to Zong Shou, her eyes shining with surprise. "Lingyun Ancestor spent his life searching for talents and also legendary techniques, which was why he set up the Sky Sword platform and Heaven Talisman Platform. Those two are really famous throughout the entire Cloud World, who knew that you would be the one who broke it? 343 breaths, four hours to copy; is that true?"

Zong Shou smiled, not bothering to answer her question. Although Long Ruo left, he didn't have any worries about handling this woman himself now.

He was originally planning to use Long Ruo's strength to shake off this woman. It seemed Lingyun Sect didn't want him to be her seed host.

However, the current situation wasn't too bad. The unknown problem within his body should be enough to make this demon woman give up on her own -

And she promptly drew a sword and pointed it at him. Her face was burning with pa.s.sion. "Pull out your sword! If you are able to block my swords without using Xiantian energy, then I will never mention the Cauldron Energy Seed Host technique ever again! I can also hand over three Foundation Training pills and three Snow Spirit pills. If not, you will be my servant from today onwards!"

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