Disciple Of Immortal Chapter 5 - Empress Of Frog, Heqat


Disciple Of Immortal

Disciple Of Immortal Chapter 5 - Empress Of Frog, Heqat

Chapter 5 : Empress of Frog, Heqat

I double-checked my own properties.

An enigmatic apple…. Three red potions which seemed capable of  healing my wounds, and then a magic pouch to store them all.

Though I felt sorry for leaving behind that seemingly amazing sword, it didn't matter since I couldn't use it anyway.

And the skill which was bestowed upon me…. 《Rookroa Language》 seems to have been functioning properly during my conversation with Lunaire.

And then… Though I've found out by myself, that 《Status Check》 can confirm all of my statuses starting from my possessed skills up to each parameter, it seems I couldn't see anything but Level, HP, MPin case I used this skill on others.

Though I didn't take this factor into consideration when I'd almost died before, it seems there's a limit on "how much I am allowed to look into someone else's status".

I reckon, it happened when I used it on a being more powerful than myself.

「Well… I guess I still have a chance with this item given to me. I'll look for items while outsmarting my opponents…. I'll look for the item which will enable me to kill enemies regardless of  level differences.」

I said so as I braced myself.

Because this place was the grave of OP items.

Or some sort of skill which enabled its owner to bypa.s.s enemies regardless of the level difference.

My level would rise tremendously as long as I could beat one opponent, and then……. I could do something about the rest.

I know not if such a plan was realistic or not.

But, at least Nyarlhotep should have never expected Lunaire to give me some recovery items.

The biggest advantage of survivors was their experience.

Let's do this, I have no choice but to do this though.

5 minutes later, I―― was caught by frog-like demon.

This frog-like demon was five metres tall, its skin a transparent blue.

Its eyeb.a.l.l.s covered all of  its body, six legs, and tentacles like things around its body.

A half-naked woman with blue colored skin whose lower body was that of a giant frog.

Race :Heqat

Lv :1821

HP :10623/10623

MP :11003/11003

I….. was lifted till the ceiling by the frog-like demon, Heqat's tentacles.

Though I wondered before whether those numbers were only up to 9999, I was strangely  relieved when I saw that it broke through 5 digits.

「A scared prey is the most delicious food you know… So you won't get an easy and swift death… I'll eat you starting from your melted arm…. Be grateful that you'll become one with us.」

Said the half-body woman as she laughed at me.

The frog covered in eyeb.a.l.l.s below her was drooling as it let out its huge pale blue colored tongue covered in warts.

This is the end, I…. Really will die this time…..

My limbs melted slowly but surely.

Ouch! Or rather, it felt like a scald.

But, I didn't have any spare energy to scream anymore.

「Fragile, too fragile… Even though my mucus is a powerful acid, you wouldnever expect it to have something equal to high grade healing magic would you? That's why your HP won't decrease below 1. So rest a.s.sured…. Since you'll retain your ego till I melt your brain. How's that?? Feeling terrified? 」

At that time…. In my eyes that melted along with my body, I saw the figure of Lunaire flying,  the sword that I had abandoned in her hand.

「What a boorish visitor… Let's see, Barrier Magic, 16th Rank《Charybdis》」

A magic circle appeared with Heqet in the center, followed by water, that came out of nowhere, forming a hemisphere.

「Water flow… In this isolated s.p.a.ce. Well it took more mana than usual but, no one ever managed to break free from that prison. Since it's quite a rare food… I'll kill you after I savor his flavor…」

The still water then exploded upward.

《Charbybdis》 had collapsed.

Lunaire drifted over the collapsed waterbody as she held the sword in her hand.

「Hindering me till the end, huh! You annoying lich girl…! 」

Heqet turned around toward Lunaire.

In front of the enraged Heqat, Lunaire calmly dropped the long sword.

「What the h.e.l.l you are thinking about? You enraged me, and what now……. Asking for reconciliation.」

「It's over you know.」

Along with Lunaire's words, a vertical line ran through Heqat's body.

Mucus  gushed out from that line.

「Impossible…. Don't tell me you cut my body along with 《Charybdis》? Impossible, for me, the queen of toad who has lived for thousands of years…… to die in this place! 」

Heqet's body shook violently, and then crumbled down.

My body that turned mushy by its digestive juice was dropped to the ground.

I thought that I was done for now, but Lunaire caught my body and then descended to kill the falling force.

Lunaire who ended up covered in digestive fluids due to saving my life, stiffened as she kept silent while carrying my body.

Lunaire's expressionless face was……. Frowning slightly.

Later…. I, whose body was repaired again by Lunaire's magic, 《Retrogade》,somehow survived another dangerous ordeal.

「That was really a close one…. Thank you very much.」

I genuflected in front of Lunaire.

「It's not "Thank you"……. Tell me how you ended up in that situation? When I was following you to make sure that you are safe—- I mean to enjoy your suffering, I never expected that you're so foolish to the point of abandoning that sword and almost ended up as that toad's meal. If you met with the kind of demon who has no inclination of toying around with their prey, you would have already been a goner this time around you know? Are you an idiot? 」

Lunaire ended up lecturing me with a barrage of questions.

She was expressionless but, somehow I could feel her anger towards my foolishness.

「I…. Couldn't pull it.」

「Couldn't pull it?… This sword is lightweight though.」

Lunaire tried to make me understand with her stupidly powerful strength.

I mean splitting that frog-like person in half with one swing of her sword was an impossible feat for a normal person like me.

「Well, why didn't you call me when you found out that you could not pull the sword out of the ground? Do you think you can win against Heqat without any weapon? Moreover, for you to end up in such an unsightly shape…」

「The matter is not about  'I couldn't pull the sword'… Honestly, I wanted to ask for a little more of your help, but… Uhm, I couldn't bring myself to displease you with my strange request since I feared you might eat me.」

「Don't worry, we lich don't eat human. You make me angry you know.」

「N-No, I'm really sorry for saying that. I really have no idea at all! 」

When I thought that I might have said something rude to her…. Lunaire's eyes flickered as she touched her lips.

「No, there's some truth to it, but….」

As expected, did she want to eat me?

When i was about to resign myself to my fate, Lunaire's shoulders trembled as she saw me, her eyes opened slightly wider than usual.

「I'm different you see.」

… Though there's a slight change in her expression… she might have come  to find me.

「If you can reach this floor, you should be able to crawl up to above ground again with a little help from items and a weapon. Stop fooling and aim to return to the above ground again.」

Lunaire gave the long sword to me.

When she released her grip the moment I took that sword….. My arms couldn't support its weight and I fell along with it to the ground.

The long sword fell right on the floor.

My elbow was smashed, incidentally, I broke my jaw due to that fall.

Lunaire looked down on me who was groveled on the ground with that expressionless face of hers.

My consciousness, receded…..


In the middle of my darkening field of view, I heard the uninterested voice of Lunaire as she invoked her magic to restore my body for the third time today.

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