Diary Of An Ugly Girl Prologue


Diary Of An Ugly Girl

Diary Of An Ugly Girl Prologue

It's hard to be beautiful

Every move you make; people will look at you.

When you make a mistake; all eyes are on you.

And the hardest part, if you want to pick your nose…

You just can't …

It's hard to be smart.

You have to know it all. Everything will be asked to you.

You want to know everything.

Even the evolution of c.o.c.kroach, you want to discover.

It's hard to be famous.

Everyone will follow you.

Just the for the flash of their cameras, you won't need any lighting at night.

You don't have any privacy.

They want to know everything about you, even the tampon that you use.

It's hard to be rich.

Everyone will want to be your friend.

Everyone will depend on you. Everyone will want something from you.

Everyone will want you to treat them,

As long as you still have even a single cent in your pocket, they will not leave you alone.


Dear Diary,

Today, I tripped in the hallway. n.o.body seemed to notice, good thing I'm ugly.


PS. Just kidding, I was seen and laughed at by Cross, my Bench model schoolmate.

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