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Demon Kings Pet 51 Chapter 46

Despite enduring the meal, w.a.n.g found that his little wife was refusing to change back to his human form ah? He sat there, looking down at the bundled fluff in his lap as he seemed a bit lost. What was he to do now? He clearly had finally managed to fully enjoy his wife's 'tofu' but now he wasn't even able to snuggle properly?"Ai, Baby....Why are you just laying there?" he asked as he lightly petted the fox. Ai seemed determined to ignore him, though he had thought of many ways to show his grievances, this was the best after all. Not only was he able to do what he wanted to the larger male, the larger male was unable to resist him!Maybe being small wasn't a bad thing? Clearly he had the upper hand, look! He even got the best napping spot! Staying nuzzled up on the others lap, the little fluff ball let out a pleased sigh as he dozed off, feeling rather satisfied with himself.w.a.n.g was again left to ponder how things became this way, he clearly hadn't done anything wrong right? Well... maybe he had, but still! He was now stuck unable to move as the little wife slept on his lap, the servants whom had come to remove the leftover food were now casting odd looks at him!After about half an hour, the little thing finally woke up, shifting to stretch before moving to look up the male that now had an odd expression. One need to know, that while sleeping, the little thing had constantly been nuzzling up against a special spot, only to need to shift again a moment later! w.a.n.g was going mad from trying to control himself. His wife was teasing him for sure! How could he not react to his wife being on his lap, but alas it wasn't the right form! How could he do anything to a little fur ball?!Tilting his head, Ai blinked a few times before shifting to nuzzle his head against the males stomach. w.a.n.g finally pushed his own worries away before clearing his thoughts. "Yes?" he asked as if he wasn't as conflicted as he truly felt.Ai shifted sitting down on the others lap while he lightly pressed a paw to the others stomach. "I want a bath" he then stated as if it was only a matter of course. Sure he'd already been 'cleaned' but he still wanted to wash up. Though it wasn't that easy to do while in this body...But if he changed, what if the hateful male tried something again?w.a.n.g felt his lips twitch before he slowly lifted the little thing up and headed to the bathing room. Waving a few servants to the side to make the bathwater, w.a.n.g sighed to himself while lightly petting the others head. Would his wife really not change back? He seemed lost in his own thoughts before he finally realized the water was ready.Taking Ai, he slowly lowered him into the water and then began to personally wash the little thing, making sure to be as caring as possible. After the bath, he then started to dry the other.It wasn't until Ai had started to fall asleep again that w.a.n.g finally cleared his throat, tapping the little ones forehead. "There's something we need to talk about.." he then stated finally remembering something.
Ai slowly opened his eyes again, blinking as he tilted his head. "Hn?" he asked confused. He was rather comfy and the petting was making him tired ah!"Despite the obvious issue of your rebirth, we...need to fix the broken bond between us." he stated as he slowly lifted the other up. He disliked that he no longer had that connection to his little fox. His heart feeling slightly stuffy with a need to replace the lost connection. Then he was sure if his wife ran off again, he'd be able to find him! It would be a stronger bond this time. Yeah...Ai blinked a few times before starting to squirm. "Hateful! Rude! Go die!" he rushed out while swiping at the other in a huff of anger. This guy wanted to 'bond' with him?! What did he think he was?! Some play thing?!w.a.n.g frowned before moving to hold the other thing a bit more securely. "Why? We were bound before..." he said, tactfully leaving off the part were the other hadn't really known the meaning of it when it was initiated.Ai seemed lost for words for a moment as his anger was slowly pushed down. "I may not remember the past, but I know for a fact that you most of tricked me!" he stated with little actual knowledge, he just knew that his race really disliked binding to others, Mostly cuz they were not really the 'proper' bonds to do with his bloodline. There was no way he'd of agreed to it...if he did, then...then, his ears lowered as he seemed to try to think of a reason to agree.w.a.n.g was a bit taken back and almost lost his will to continue to farce. If the fox had been a bit more convincing of his a.s.sumption, then maybe he'd have to think up a different way, but the look in the others eyes seemed to make him feel a.s.sured he wouldn't be found out."But it's true ah! You agreed to it, though I don't know how to prove it to you. Other than the fact that we were going to marry when you were taken.." he stated 'Though you hadn't agreed truly to that either.' he thought but kept his expression as innocent as possible.Ai stared at the other, seeming unsure. "F-fine...." he then said as his ears lowered. Maybe he did agree to it, why did he have to lose all those important memories?! What if he was being tricked?" can't be a normal binding...I do it." he said as if it made a difference. w.a.n.g was taken back before he smiled brightly. "Of course, anything wife wants to do is fine by me!" he said. He'd be able to adjust any contracts of bindings when needed. He wasn't to worried.Ai seemed a bit happier as he shifted, the other finally letting him back down onto his lap. Moving, Ai jumped up to the others shoulder before pressing his head against the others in a nuzzling way before pa.s.sing the binding process to be accepted.

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