Deep Love And Favor: Cold-blood CEO And His Young And Beautiful Wife Chapter 26


Deep Love And Favor: Cold-blood CEO And His Young And Beautiful Wife

Deep Love And Favor: Cold-blood CEO And His Young And Beautiful Wife Chapter 26

Chapter 26 I can give you more   SuLengmo looked at Tang Yao, who was a little angry, with a faint smile. He pointed to the sofa on the other side and asked Tang Yao to sit down first. He didn't like to look up at people.

  "Yao Yao, you are grumpierthan I thought. Business is business.with your temper,it’s easy for you to lose initiative. I just madea joke on you, and youalreadybecame angry from embarra.s.sment."

  SuLengmo said.

  Tang Yao touched hernose and knew that she thad been alittlebit flippant in front of SuLengmo. This was aserious disadvantage of doing business.

  When negotiating at the table, even if she was unsure about it, she would stillremain calm. Unexpectedly,she got carried away when Su Lengmo provoked her.

  "Sorry,I'm not calm enough, but what you didjust now is not like what a gentlemanshould do."

  Tang Yao walked over and said unfriendly.

  SuLengmo just smiled.

  "Yao Yao, I appreciate your ability very much.The reason why I a.s.signed the case of riverside land’s development to you was that I wanted to test you. Unfortunately, the files were taken by other. But it doesn't matter, I got another one. If you can handle it well, then I won’t care so much about the case ofthe land. With the Su family’s power, no one can take that land away.”

  It was because Su family got that huge property that Su Lengmo dared to say that.

  Sufamily’sindustries werespread all over JinCity, including entertainment, catering, electronics, building materials, etc. SuLengmo was alsothe CEOof the global top 500 enterpriseswith personal a.s.sets over 10billion yuan.Therefore, he was not bragging, but stating the fact.

  Tang Yao looked at SuLengmo and itched to accept the challenge, "Go ahead."

  A woman who hadmade certain achievements in her career always wantedmore recognition from those who were more powerful than her.

  "You can make a scheme ofthe market trend in the next few years of mycompany for me as your sincerity toget into the Su Group in the future. Then the cooperation between Su and Gu company will be settled.” SuLengmo said.

  Tang Yao frowned, thinking when she agreed to enter the SuGroup.

  However, she often wroteschemes ofmarket trendsof Gu’scompany, so that came in handy.

  In terms of work, she was veryconfident, andshehad managedGufamily's industry perfectlywell with her own ability.

  It was a pity that Mrs. Guonly saw that she didn't have a son, but she didn't see how much she had donefor the GuGroup.

  "I can write this scheme, but I also hope that Mr.Sucankeep your word."

  Tang Yao promised him at once.

  Su Lengmo waslooking at Tang Yao withappreciation. He didn’tlike those pretty women who were cutesy, but always wanted a woman who could fight together with him side by side. At the moment he saw Tang Yao in the banquet, he knew that she was the one that he had ever wanted.

  Smart, capable, clear, never bearrogant and impetuous.

  "Tang Yao, you are very smart. You won the first prize in all kinds of compet.i.tions when you were in collegeand also published papers in major magazines at home and abroad. Each dissertation wasvery refined and sophisticated, surprisingthe entire academic circle. Somany companies wantedto hire you. Instead,you insisted on joining Gucompany. However, with six or seven years, you helpedGuGroupsqueeze into the top threecompaniesin Jin City. Everyone can see what you are capable of. To be honest,Gu Shaoze would not have lived such a comfortable lifewithout you. Butyour mother-in-lawkept telling all the peoplethat you couldonly get into the Gufamily because of their generosity. I don't think that you should stay there anylonger. I can give you 100% independence when you come to our company. "

  SuLengmo, leaning against the sofa,said elegantly andgently raised his eyebrows.And every movehe made was like an emperor in charge of everything.

  Tang Yao was a little attracted by what he said.

  Because of Mrs. Gu, she confrontedmany constraints in her work. Mrs. Gu often saidto Tang’sface that she wasafraid that Tang might embezzlethe company's property, so she neededto supervise herandwatchedout for her, treating her likea thief too.

  However, even Gu Shaoze knew about it, he still told her to tolerate, because that woman was his mom.

  In the past, she thought she and Gu Shaoze loved each other deeply, so such mishaps didn’t matter. But now, she thoughtshe was awfully stupid before. The family never treated her like a true family.

  "The computer is there, with the data of our company's development in recent years. Take a look. I will give you three days to prepare a scheme, andthenI will announcethatthe cooperation between the two companies is settlednext Monday."

  Su Lengmopointed atthe computerand askedTang Yao to turn it on. He was not afraid thatTang Yao would possibly steal the confidential doc.u.ments.

  Tang Yao shook herhead and smiled politely but distantly. "Mr. Su, I can't affordit if the secret of your computer ismissing because of me. I can't do this loss-making business."

  SuLengmo looked at Tang Yao with a faint smile. With unfathomable insight, his deep dark eyesseemed to see through people’s heart.

  Tang Yao was a little nervous, so she turned her head to avoid his eye contact subconsciously.

  SuLengmo got up, walked to the computer and turned iton. After waiting for a while, he took the USB flash d.i.c.kon the table, inserted itto the computer, andcopied some filesinto it. Then he pulled out the USBandwalked backtohand it to Tang Yao.

  "These areour company's data reportsover theseyears. You can go home to read them carefully. If you have any questions, comeask me at any time. I'm waiting for the day when you joinour company."

  Hearing this, Tang Yao suspiciouslylookedat Su Lengmo.

  Su Lengmo just handed over years ofdata of a large enterprise like that, which wastotally not like what Su Lengmo would do.

  Tang Yao was a little fl.u.s.tered. The feelings that Su Lengmo had on her became more and more obvious.

  "Tang Yao, with your ability, I’m sure that you can confidently handle the job I gave you."

  SuLengmo walked over and raised hishand. Tang Yao thought he was going to touch her face and subconsciously wanted to avoid it. However, SuLengmo turned around and helpedher lift bangs hangingon her forehead.

  He did that so familiarly that itseemeda littleintimate.

  Tang Yao stepped back and looked at SuLengmo with some alert.

  SuLengmo gave a little chuckleand looked at Tang Yao's eyes as if he were deliberately provoking a kitten who gotstepped on its tail.

  "You are socute. Let's start all overagain. I am SuLengmo, heir to the Sufamily. Besides working at the Sufamily group, I also dabble in other industries. At present, whatI most look forward tois that you can consider joining my team. " After saying that, Su Lengmo held out his hand.

  Tang Yao looked at his slender white fingers, thinking thatthese werethemost suitable handsfor playing the piano. She hesitateda minute, and then put her hand on SuLengmo's hand.

  Su Lengmowasa little surprised. Itwashard to hide his staggering eyes. After a while, his lips curved and showed a faint smile.

  He wrapped Tang Yao's hand. Her hand was so small, tender and smooth. He never knew that a woman's hand would make him so reluctant to let go.

  Tang Yao was wrapped in a big hand, feeling the heat coming from his skin, which wasas hot as a soldering.

  She was shockedand tried to shake off his hand.But SuLengmo held it tighter.


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