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Day Of Choice 83 Chapter 82

As one of the Seven Rulings, as a young elite ranked fourth on the Honor Roll of Green Clouds, he had enough strength to be arrogant. The compet.i.tion tonight was, in his view, not fair. When he actually lost to Luo Luo at the end, his arrogance and confidence became greater.After he lost, because of his arrogance, he prepared himself to stay reticent. But after seeing Chen Chang Sheng's smile and hearing Luo Luo's laugh, he had different feelings. He felt that Chen Chang Sheng's smile was very disgusting and that Princess Luo Luo's laugh was very sharp. He could no longer hold himself back and so, he spoke the words that hid deep inside his heart.He was unwilling to accept the loss. The last sword move he used was named Fei Bai, which was fluent and well connected. If he could use qi, then as the momentum formed, an iron curtain would instantly form in front of him and no matter how fast and sharp Luo Luo's last stab was, it could not break through his sword momentum and therefore, would not hurt him.Luo Luo turned around and saw his emotions. She knew what he was thinking and so, she lifted her eyebrow and said, "If...we were both allowed to use qi, then on the seventy-sixth move, I would have already broken through your defense."She said it indifferently and with undoubtable certainty.Guan Fei Bai's expression slightly changed as he started to recall the fight. The crowd also began to recall the fight. After a moment of silence, people actually formed the same conclusion. She was right. If they both could use qi, then the Wind and Rain Sword of Mountain Zhong that Chen Chang Sheng told Luo Luo to use would've been able to thrust right through the middle of his heart and win early."The problem is, even if you can use qi, you still can't use that sword move."Guan Fei Bai felt that he had thoroughly thought through the entire thing. He looked at her and said coldly, "Not only that move but also several moves of Wind and Rain Sword of Mountain Zhong from the beginning. You can't use those moves with your current xiu xing stage!"Sounds of discussions could be gradually heard from the crowd, including elites such as Mao Qiu Yu. They all admitted that what Guan Gei Bai had said was reasonable.The biggest problem for Yao practicing human's xiuxing method was the huge difference between the vessels of the two race. The Yao race would have issues when running their qi in their body. The current Yao elites, including Jin Yu Lu who protected Luo Luo previously, all learned human's xiuxing method before they were adults. After they grew up, they still needed to learn the xiuxing methods for Yao.In the compet.i.tion tonight, Princess Luo Luo used human sword techniques, so obviously she practiced the humans' xiuxing method. Logically, if she didn't get to the higher stage of Meditation, then of course she wouldn't be able to use some powerful sword moves in the Wind and Rain Sword of Mountain Zhong.
No one mentioned this thing before because both sides had set the rule of not using qi beforehand. What the fight really tested was Chen Chang Sheng and Gou Han Shi's knowledge. Of course, it also tested on Luo Luo and Guan Fei Bai's combative ability but even if she could only express the form of those sword moves, it didn't violate any rule so no one brought it up.Now that Guan Fei Bai pointed it out, people felt that this fight with Li Mountain Sword Sect was more unfair than they had thought.The wind softly blew by in the night. Above the palace, the white crane tucked its head into the feathers like it had fallen asleep.Everyone was silent and everyone focused their attention on Luo Luo.Although there was no criticism, no comments. Although no one dared to reevaluate the result, the meaning behind the stares of the crowd were very clear.Gou Han Shi shook his head which indicated Guan Fei Bai to come back.Under the spectator's glare, Luo Luo lifted her eyebrows slightly and felt unhappy, but she didn't say anything. She turned around and walked to the other side of the field.Watching her back, Guan Fei Bai laughed contemptuously and turned around.The two walked towards opposite directions and gradually walked farther apart. When they were about a hundred meters apart and about to return to their own team, Luo Luo suddenly paused.Then, she started to make a movement.She held the Falling Rain Whip and lashed casually on ground.The whip raised up like wind, and fell down like rain. It was the most powerful move of the Wind and Rain Sword of Mountain Zhong!Pa!The Falling Rain Whip filled with qi landed on the ground like a sword!Suddenly, the entire ground started to tremble!A huge fissure appeared on the ground!Dust and dirt bursted out of the fissure under the starlights like ten thousands of moths!Who said there was an issue for Yao practicing the humans' xiuxing method?Where did the power that the Falling Rain Whip demonstrated come from!??Who said she couldn't use the most powerful moves in the Wind and Rain Sword of Mountain Zhong?What was this lash!??..............Hearing the clear and melodious sound, Guan Fei Bai immediately turned around.He didn't see Luo Luo raising the whip, but he saw the remaining trace of qi in air. In the next instant, he heard the sound of the earth breaking apart.Looking at the ground, he saw a fissure extending towards him. The fissure only stopped an inch away from him.The dust and dirt that bursted from the fissure settled down and cleared up.His pupils shrunk and his face suddenly turned pale.He knew what move Luo Luo used from the Wind and Rain Sword of Mountain Zhong – the move he said that she couldn't use.During the fight, they were only several dozens meters apart, but now they around around a hundred meters apart.Even though they were a hundred meters apart, her sword spirit could reach him. What would happen if they were only a several dozen meters apart?He realized that Luo Luo had some how broke the wall between Yao and humans. She had completely mastered the Wind and Rain Sword of Mountain Zhong!!In such circ.u.mstances, even if they were allowed to use Qi to actually fight, I would still lose? he thought to himself.In a short moment, he thought of many situations and calculated many scenarios, but he found out that he actually could not find any hope of winning!Is she actually better than me?Luo Luo's whip was still echoing in the darkness as it flew away from the quiet Great Zhou royal court.The sound was very clear and melodious.Like a slap on the face.Guan Fei Bai remembered his arrogant and cold words but now, he only felt ashamed.His pale cheek turned a bit red.The spectating crowd was also shocked. They all looked at the fissure on the ground and at Princess Luo Luo who held the whip and stood quietly behind Chen Chang Sheng. For a while, no one said anything.They felt as if the Falling Rain Whip that Princess Luo Luo lashed before was slashing their own bodies!They rarely heard of an adolescent Yao who could actually reach the upper stage of Meditation through practicing the human xiuxing method!How did she do so?Looking at Luo Luo, Mo Yu frowned. She thought a bit more — was the bloodline of the White Emperor that strong?...............…."I didn't expect that princess actually pa.s.sed that block."Gou Han Shi looked at Luo Luo and said, "Congratulation, but I am not sure if...""Yes."Luo Luo understood his meaning. She turned around and saluted to Chen Chang Sheng respectfully, said, "Thank you very much, master."Gou Han Shi looked towards Chen Chang Sheng and remained silent for a very long time. He then said, "You have earned my respect."The respect now, is true respect.

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