Dawn Infinity Volume 1 Chapter 14


Dawn Infinity

Dawn Infinity Volume 1 Chapter 14

It took Ning Tao ing toward Ning Tao. She wore a white T-shirt with light blue denie to light.

"Well, I'll just pretend it didn't happen." Ning Tao told hipany. Ning Tao didn't know who gave Ge forted hipany with her lawyer and they said she wanted pany to her. She is euppance. e here soon. I think there will be a s.h.i.t battle over the estate of a powerful fapany topany said that your boss' stroke was his coeuppance for all the bad things he's done?"

"Haha, I've got an idea!" Ning Tao laughed, quite baffling.

"What are you talking about?"

"Chopper, help me find out where your boss' daughter is going to live. We'll meet in Liberating Square and you take me to your boss' daughter." Ning Tao said.

"Take you to my boss' daughter?" Ge Ming asked with wonder and curiosity in his voice. "Tao, what are you going to do?"

"Don't ask. Take me to her. It's important to me." Said Ning Tao.

"Alright, I'll make some inquiries. See you in Liberating Square." Ge Ming then hung up the phone.

Ning Tao turned and headed for the school gate, not even having time to pick up his things.

"Ning Tao!" A voice behind him suddenly said, "Stop!"

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