Dawn Infinity Volume 1 Chapter 13


Dawn Infinity

Dawn Infinity Volume 1 Chapter 13

Announcees, thought Kuki while viewing the sky straight ahead.

It was beyond the wall of ironclad ships and to the left of the enee such a coward when it caing froe froe froe a bay after its destruction.

Would Edo's e her second hoing. e to think of it."

Silver Wolf: "Why do you have to look ing turn.

ing…all of a sudden…from the sky on the left and right!"

These were new enemies.

They arrived from the left and right sky at the intersection up ahead.

They had not been hiding within the great ruins. Two transport ships were rapidly descending from the north and west.

The two giant shapes moved like the tongue of a bell. They charged in with greater speed than the Musashi transport ships, and…

"They intend to either catch us between them or block the way ahead!"

Just as she yelled that, Mitotsudaira heard a voice.

It was her king.

"Nate," he said. "Someone needs to clear the way, don't they?"


She responded with that one word and her actions.

She looked her king in the eye and then nodded toward Asama and Kimi.

"Lady Mitotsudaira!"

Mary tossed her Ex. Collbrande, so she caught that and leaped forward.

She jumped.

She threw herself into the empty s.p.a.ce in front of the transport ship and saw movement ahead of her.

Far ahead, the ether light of the enemy ship was reflected off the ruins at the corner. Closer than that, Futayo looked back her way after crossing the intersection. And just as the other girl glanced into the sky on either side…

"Here I go!"

Mitotsudaira ran down the bow to accelerate like Futayo had and then moved forward.

The wolf followed the dragonfly to clear a path for their king.

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