Darkness Inside The Light 19 The Story About The Inciden


Darkness Inside The Light

Darkness Inside The Light 19 The Story About The Inciden

The morning quickly came, making the previous stormy night seem like an illusion. In the encampment of Red Rose, an atmosphere filled with peep dominated the area. No matter where John looked at, he could see knights preparing for the departure of the Order.The youth was walking towards the tent where the princess was residing to give information about that incident five years ago. John was waiting for a chance like this for a very long time. His father told him often to forget about the past, but the nightmares in the night wouldn't leave him alone.He had never believed even for a moment that he could repent for his crimes that he had commited in the past. He knew that he wouldn't feel guilty either for the things he was planning to do in the future. It was not that he didn't want to though, but he was incapable of sensing such feelings anymore. The only thing that remained inside him was emptiness.John honestly believed that he was a monster and that he should also have died in that night five years ago, but his father didn't let him to. The only thing that was keeping him sane were these hazy memories that appeared one morning. Truly a magical world.....There were complicated stractures, strange things that could move without the help of horses, but what it was really engraved in his mind was the image of a woman playing the piano. To see something familiar with his world made him feel relieved. At the same time, the melody of the instrument managed to move him. He felt sadness for the first time of his life, as well as a desire for redemption. John decided that day that he would put an end to the darkness that created what he was. For that, he would do anything.... That was his revenge towards the world'I wish one day to hear Chopin-Nocturne op.9 No.2 again' John thought*******Princess Adrina didn't manage to sleep at all. The discussion beteween the Duke and her best friend kept until late at night when they finally reached in an agreement. Afterwards she had to endure the complaints of the female knight about a specific youth for a whole hour...'The worst of all was to think how to hide the existance of the three elements....'She had to give commands first thing in the morning to her subordinates to not disclosure anything that happened in the duel as well as give warnings that anyone who wouldn't abide by her commands would be punished by the Emperor himself!'Finally, I can rest a little before we leave for the Imperial Capital' she though hapilly.By the time she was ready to tell the guards not to let anyone to make an entrance into her accomondation, the knight asked for permission to enter."What is it?" she asked clearly annoyed. Seeing her expression, the knight didn't dare to delay as he hurriedly explained
"Magician John Smith asks for a hearing concerning Derman's incident"'d.a.m.n! I forgot something so important. This starts to become ridiculous'"Tell him to come in" Adriana said. After taking a deep breath to calm herself down she turned her head to the youth who had just entered inside. Before he had a chance to even open his mouth, she started talking without any care about the state of the opposite party"I don't have time for bulls.h.i.t. You have 10 minutes to tell me everything you know!"Even John couldn't help than be dumbfounded by the unreasonable words of the princess. The only thing he could do was rashly explain the things that he hypothetically saw in the banquet on that day.Find authorized novels in Webnovel´╝îfaster updates, better experience´╝îPlease click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Are you joking with me?" Adriana shouted angrily. How could she believe such an impossible story."Everything that I said, is the truth" John replied calmly with a serious expression.Seeing the other party insisting, made Adriana to calm down. A deep sigh escaped from her mouth before she finally started to talk again"Ok... Let's take the things from the beginning. First of all, you said that everything started when a knight informed the Marquess that a.s.sasins infiltrated the banquet. Afterwards, the first son George died when he was dancing with his cousin in the banquet hall. Everyone suspected that he was poisoned and honestly I think the same. The fight for succession in a n.o.ble house in not a joke. Marquess went mad and started executing servants while the knights at the same time were desperately searching for anyone who was hiding in the area. When no one was found, Marquess Derman accused the second son that he was the one who orchestrated the whole a.s.sasination story since everything started from that knight in the beginning. He was his subordinate if I remember correctly.." Adriana stopped and then looked strangely at the youth"You know, it doesn't make sense. Why would Marquess act so rashly""There were rumors that the second son wasn't his bological son, but actually his brother's" John replied"What! Seriously?" the princess couldn't help than feel surprised"Rumors are rumors... n.o.body can be sure about what is true, but they can definitely influence the thinking of an individual" John said without showing any emotion. Adriana also sighed. The whole story proceeded like that until it became a battle royal. What surprised her the most was that a B-ranked adventurer was actually a lover of the Marquess. When the personal knight of the wife of the Marquess stabbed him in the back, she went on a rampage killing anyone on her way."So? How you survived?" Adriana asked although she had already an idea in her mind."When the villa was on fire, everyone who survived was trapped inside the building. Father managed to save only me" he replied as he finally showed a pained expression on his faceSigh....The princess closed her eyes and tried to calm down. The whole story seemed like a story that could only happen in a play. It was impossible for someone to arrange it no matter how much she thought it. Having given up, she asked a final question without having any expectation"Well? Do you believe that there was a mastermind behind this?"What she didn't expect was that John would actually nod"George before the banquet anxiously told me that his life was in danger. Athough I didn't understand what he meant, I still remember his words..."Stopping for a little to look at the young princess who was staring at him with her eyes wide-opened he continued" Erebus has come for me...."

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