Dark Hours 1


Dark Hours

Dark Hours 1

He was playing with her hair when she made his tousled hair pretty. Their house was not huge but contented. They were not rich but their hearts were filled with love and bliss, for them they had each other to lean on. It was just another fascinating day for them but it was really not. He turned back to take his office bag and looked at her with a naughty smile, she hugged him tightly like it was the last time though she was gonna see him again that evening."Call me when you are free" Dipti waved at him as Deepak took off. She used to replay the moments spent with Deepak when he was not around. Deepak was her childhood sweetheart, she used to follow him everywhere and she didn't want to lose any chance to have a little chit chat with him. Then one day she mustered up her courage and proposed him. But Deepak was startled by her sudden confession. He was a practical guy he knew well that the society would never approve of their relationship.Deepak tried to explain Dipti that he had no feelings for her and even if he had, they could never get married, thanks to the various discrimination in our society. Dipti was not ready to accept any of his reasons. She was too determined and had no haze. She continued to convince Deepak. At one point, Deepak couldn't resist and they started going out.Both of them had graduated and got a job, when everything was going smoothly, Dipti's parents decided to arrange a marriage for her. She could no longer keep her secret and told her parents that she wanted to marry Deepak. Her parents were furious and they she was imprisoned in her own house. Then one day she skedaddled from her home. Deepak too was ready to accept her and so their family. They got married with the blessings of Deepak's family.Dipti's parents let her go saying,"You are not our daughter anymore!"She cried everyday remembering her parent's words. At the same time, she was treated like their own daughter by their in laws. Deepak was there to wipe off her tears and bring her smile back. As days pa.s.sed, she got used to the new circ.u.mstances. She was happy being Mrs. Deepak.Happiness do not last forever. A day came which took away happiness from their life. When Deepak was away for work, Dipti's relatives barged in their house and dragged her away with them. When she reached her parent's home, she saw her only love being beaten to pulp. He was already blacked out. He was cruelly slapped, beaten, punched and was tortured. Deepak's white complexion was covered by the b.l.o.o.d.y red colour. His flawless skin was teared while being hara.s.sed.Before even realising what was going on, Dipti's eyes were filled with tears, her heart sank and she shook off the hands on her and tried to run towards him to save him. But she was too fragile to escape their grips. She screamed, "Stop! Please, let him live!" she screamed and cried. Her shriek could not stop what was happening. She thought, "Only if I had not fallen in love with him, he would have lived."
She blamed herself, "Only if I haven't confessed, he would never marry me and he would have lived." She witnessed her beloved being torn into pieces in front of her eyes. The tears in her eyes couldn't express her remorse. Her voice couldn't stop the violence. They let her free only to hold his frozen soulless body. The hands once wiped off her tears couldn't even move when she cried her heart out. The eyes which were only looking at her were closed forever.

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The society had ruined her life even before she had started living, they effaced her happiness. She couldn't look at anything else even after his death. She replayed his memories. She lived as if he was alive when he was dead. She talked to herself.At nights, she realised that he was no more and sobbed while sleeping. The hours she lived in reality became the dark hours."Let it all be a nightmare" she wished, but never it was. When he glanced at her in dreams, the only thought she got was to run into his arms and not to let him go ever.Everything in the real world seemed so unreal.Because dream world was far more better as he was there, still there.

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