Crazy Leveling System Chapter 45


Crazy Leveling System

Crazy Leveling System Chapter 45

“Dragon Tail Gra.s.s!” 

Yi Tianyun pointed at the bottoe over. 

"You really find it?" Tan Yongsheng still has a skeptical att.i.tude. He really refuses to believe that Yi Tianyun actually find the Dragon Tail Gra.s.s, and in a very short tipleted.』

『Reward: 10.000 exp, 20 Yan Lingxue's favorability, 15 Prestige.』

Finding the Dragon Tail Gra.s.s pleted the quest.

When she was about to leave, suddenly there was a loud noise, and there was a ray of light rising froing fropletion reward: get the inheritance of the dragon G.o.d.” 

『Lipletely disappeared. However in the distance there is a constant streapanion to chase Yi Tianyun. When he saw the light earlier he was convinced that it was a treasure. Who cares about rewards if he can find a good treasure, there's nothing better than becopletely obeyed the instructions of Yan Lingxue, he did not listen other people. He just followed her silently. 

At this tipanion next to hie, that treasure will be ours!” Tan Yongsheng's face is fierce, it looks so evil!

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