Co-renting Immortal Doctor Chapter 8


Co-renting Immortal Doctor

Co-renting Immortal Doctor Chapter 8

Chapter 8 - Your daughter is only worth fifty thousand dollars?Half an hour later, Xia Bing, who was on the sickbed, finally woke up. When she saw w.a.n.g Xiuhe, she was pleasantly surprised. However, she was still weak. "Grandpa w.a.n.g, was it you who saved pany to donate 3 fortable in his heart. He said: "I saved your daughter just in pa.s.sing;Indeed! If he didn't ask for fort. He, a powerful and important person, was actually being mocked by a poor brat!"My daughter is naturally priceless in my heart. What exactly do you want to say? Also, what is your ident.i.ty? Why did you purposefully get close to my daughter? " Xia Wentao looked coldly at Tang Yu, and asked harshly, showing a stance of drawing your blade in opposition to a single disagreement.He was just lying. If the other party was truly plotting against his daughter, then there would definitely be no flaws at all!"Deliberately approaching your daughter? Do you really think that your daughter is a G.o.ddess that has descended to the mortal world? Such that everyone would be captivated by her? "Tang Yu was so angry that he actually laughed, and ignoring the other party's ident.i.ty, directly retorted in anger: "Since you said your daughter's life is priceless, then that means no matter how much money I need, it's alright? 100 billion, if you can take it out, I'll leave immediately. When I see you in the future, I'll walk around you, what do you think? Aren't you rich? 100 billion, why don't you give it to me! ""Young man, don't be too presumptuous!"At this moment, Xia Wentao was truly on fire. He took out a cheque from his pocket, threw it into Tang Yu's arms and said condescendingly: "One million, quickly take the money and leave, never appear in front of me ever again!"Xia Wentao was very angry. A poor brat actually asked him for a hundred billion, did he really think he was brainless? If this guy didn't save his daughter, he would have long ago ordered his bodyguards to throw him out!However, as Xia Wentao looked at the one million check that he threw over in a daze, he sneered in his heart."Hmph, as expected of a poor guy. You even put on airs in front of me, but in the end you still think you're short on money?" How did he give in so easily when he saw the million? This million will take half a lifetime to earn, even for a useless trash like you who has no skills! "Xia Wentao crossed his chest, tiptoed and looked at Tang Yu with disdain. Even if this fellow wasn't here to get close to his daughter, he was after his money!He knew that there was no one in this world who did not care about money. The so-called backbone meant that he did not have enough money! And what Xia Wentao wanted to show her daughter was that her judgement was right, and what she said was also right!

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