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Control The World Chapter 100

Shock appeared on the faces of Zhao Wuqing and the rest of the group as they muttered, "It can't be, Master's strength shouldn't be this great."However, the truth was that everyone saw the veins on Ning Wufeng's body bulging and trembling. Apparently, he was already at his limit."Haha, as it turns out, this is exactly what happened to the kid in the mountains!" Situ Fei laughed out loud, extremely pleased with himself.On the stage, the Four Seas Academy elder's face bloomed into a smile as he laughed heartily, "Haha, such a talent from the Jiang Ning Estate, only mediocre!"He had an arrogant expression on his face, but had inadvertently offended Chen Yi as well.Chen Yi's expression turned slightly ugly as he belittled all of the geniuses in Jiangning with a single sentence. However, he was an elder of the Four Seas Academy after all, and he could not be offended!On the other hand, an enigmatic smile emerged on Zhao Man's face.At this moment, Ning Wufeng's body was trembling. The golden hand of the Immortal Soul in his Sea of Consciousness intertwined with the golden hand, and streams of light continuously entered into his body. The face of the golden primordial spirit turned rigid. It seemed to be extremely serious.Twelve inches, the strength of the body had reached its limit!All around him, Si Ta and the others burst into laughter and started to mock him.Did he lose?Would he lose?Ning Wufeng's body was trembling, his first spiritual vein lit up, and his blood was boiling. Very quickly, it was the second, third, and fourth meridians … This continued until the ninth spirit vein was completely awakened.A white light covered Ning Wufeng's body, the sweat on his face evaporated, and a white mist appeared above his head.Ning Wufeng's expression gradually calmed down, and his fingers began to move forward slowly. The Strength Stone was easily torn apart like tofu."What?" Everyone around was shocked, even Si Lun's pupils suddenly constricted.How did this brat suddenly become so strong! Impossible, it had to be a trick! Suddenly, a shocking change occurred in Si Lun's mind.He looked on helplessly as Ning Wufeng's finger continued to cut away at the stone, inch by inch it entered his body. At this moment, his forearm had also been inserted into the stone.Thirteen inches, fourteen inches, fifteen inches...Ning Wufeng's whole body was trembling, his expression was focused on the energy stone in front of him, spirit energy flowed into his fingers, and the power of the Heaven Punishing Finger increased drastically.The Nine Spiritual Pulse could feel the boundless spirit energy surging within his body. A faint smile appeared on Ning Wufeng's face.Previously, he had only used the Nine Revolutions Emperor's Seal to reach a physical strength of 112,000 Jin. With the addition of his Nine Spiritual Pulse's surging Spiritual Energy, there was still hope for him to break through 200,000 Jin.The spiritual energy of a Nine Spiritual Pulse was extremely vast. Ning Wufeng finally understood why a girl with a Nine Spiritual Pulse was able to attract the four strongest academies in the State of Zhao to join hands and recruit students. That was talent!The laughter of the Elders of the Four Seas Academy died down, and their mouths grew wide enough to fit a goose egg. He murmured, "How can this be?""Elder Situ, what are you surprised about?" A mere kid from the mountains actually managed to surprise you like that? " Zhao Man replied with a sarcastic remark and a smile.The expression on the face of the Four Seas Academy Elder darkened. He withdrew his expression and said, "It is only one hundred and fifty thousand Jin of strength. It is still far from being equal to Si Te Ran."A difference of a hundred thousand Jin.Elder Situ coldly snorted.As for the red-nosed Elder of the Emperor Dao Palace, a smile appeared in his eyes. He looked at Zhao Jun and asked, "Do you think that this boy has any hope of winning?"Zhao Jun said softly, "Martial Uncle, if this young man had only trained for a year, I think it would be a little difficult. After all, Si Lun had been cultivating for so many years, and he also had the resources from the Situ Clan. However, after the departure of the Scarlet Dragon Lake last time, his current strength has indeed caused me to have some differences. " However, over a month, Ning Wufeng's strength had increased by several folds. This speed made Zhao Jun have a whole new level of respect for him.The red-nosed elder laughed. "I think we can win. How do we make a bet?"He squinted his eyes and sized up Ning Wufeng. Zhao Jun shivered. He knew this uncle-master liked to bet with others, but he had never made a bet without any confidence. He would win every time he made a bet."If I win, you help me steal your master's half jar of pear blossoms for him. If I lose, I'll give you the Linlang Wood that you want. " The red-nosed elder laughed upon hearing Feng Zi's words.Zhao Jun's pupils constricted. Linlang Mu? This was something that he had always been begging for from his martial uncle.However, Master's half jar of Pear Blossom Carvings seemed to be alive. If he knew that he had moved, he would definitely take his life.He forcefully suppressed the restlessness in his heart and knew that his Martial Uncle never fought a battle without preparation. Gritting his teeth, he said, "I won't bet. I would like to ask Martial Uncle to tell you how you won?""I don't know either." She smiled and said.Zhao Jun broke out in a cold sweat.At this moment, Ning Wufeng was already twenty inches away. Two hundred thousand Jin of strength was enough to be called one of the Four Unique."Well done, Master!" Zhao Wuqing shouted.The girl was also surprised. She covered her mouth with her hand as she stared at Ning Wufeng. However, what was strange was that she could feel an aura similar to her own from Ning Wufeng's body.What was going on?However, the little girl didn't think too much about it. She was only worried about the outcome of the battle. If Ning Wufeng lost, then he would be doomed for good.Twenty-two inches!Si Luan felt as if his heart was about to jump out of his throat. He screamed hysterically in his heart, 'How can this be?' This kid must be faking it, he must be!His fists were clenched so tightly that they turned white. He had never thought that in the end, he would become this kid's stepping stone!Ning Wufeng smiled as if he felt Si Lun's gaze, and the corner of his mouth twitched."You will lose for sure!"Suddenly, Ning Wufeng's robes fluttered and his spiritual power surged. His entire body was covered with a layer of white light.Third Level of Sharp Intent!A sharp true intent wrapped itself around his finger. Ning Wufeng was like a G.o.dly spear, unstoppable in its sharpness."Open for me!"He let out a furious roar and poured out his spirit energy. Puff! The Strength Stone was penetrated.That's right, the Strength Stone had been penetrated!The disciples of the Four Seas Academy saw a round hole. A three foot thick Strength Stone had been penetrated! Even in the capital, there had never been a student who could pierce through it.Some even said that a strength of three hundred thousand Jin was the limit for recruiting students.But today, someone had actually penetrated the energy stone, and he had seen it with his own eyes. I'm afraid that the width of the Strength Stone will have to be redesigned in the future.Of course, on stage, Elder Situ was even more shocked and his complexion changed. How could this be? The strength stone had actually been penetrated!Even the Third Prince, whose strength had surpa.s.sed the Third Prince's for the time being, only had a strength of twenty-nine inches and eighty percent, which was two hundred ninety-eight thousand Jin."Impossible, absolutely impossible!" The one who was even more shocked was Si Lun. Si Lun's eyes were wide open as he could not believe what he had just seen.Ning Wufeng's power had penetrated the energy stone!He lost!He had truly lost, in front of everyone. Once again, he lost. Ning Wufeng seemed to slap him hard on the ear. "Absolutely impossible!" Si Lun roared hysterically as the spirit energy in his body surged. His eyes were bloodshot as he bellowed, "I want to duel you!"As he was speaking, Si Luan suddenly grabbed the air with his hand. A dense ma.s.s of spiritual energy surged out, quickly gathering into a ma.s.s of white light in front of him."Four Seas Seal!"Once the palm print was completed, the sound of wind and thunder could be heard. Si Luan's handsome face was filled with a ferocious look as he roared, "You will never be able to defeat me, absolutely not!""This Young Master will expose your disguise in front of everyone today!"The Four Seas Seal was released brazenly, and a pale spiritual energy gushed out. The seal spread out in all four directions, and a powerful aura was forced out. The surrounding crowd hurriedly retreated."Shameless!" Zhao Wuqing cursed loudly, he did not care about Si Lun's status anymore. This caused Situ Fei's face to darken as a spark of light and a spark of fire burst between the two of them. The moment a fight broke out, it would be on the verge of breaking out.Chuchu said softly, "Brother Wufeng will take care of it.""Yes, Mistress." Zhao Wuqing solemnly said as he stared at Situ Fei.The word "mistress" made Chen Chuchu's face turn red as she spat lightly."You came at the right time!" Ning Wufeng's face twitched, and he threw out a punch, sending out a burst of spiritual energy.His entire body was suffused with a faint golden glow.The First Cycle of the Unbreakable Body,Second transition Gla.s.s Indestructible Bone.The Art of the Nine Revolutions Bright King activated, the spiritual energy around Ning Wufeng's body became even sharper. A fist exploded out. Waves of air gushed out, and the stone steps on the ground exploded with a loud bang.The power of the Four Seas Seal did not lessen.There was a fierce look on Si Luan's face as he angrily shouted, "Today, you will undoubtedly die!""I'm afraid you don't have the ability!"Ning Wufeng repeated the same words for the second time.With a grab in the air, the World Extinguishing Spear appeared in his hand. A spear light burst out. A Pure Yang Spear Art - Ascending Sun - was released.With a loud explosion, waves of heat rolled out. The Four Seas Seal was shattered by Ning Wufeng's spear.He performed the Misty Steps, and the World Extinguishing Spear shot towards Si Lun. The distance between the two was very close. The World Exterminating Spear pierced through Si Lun's robe."How dare he disturb the order in which the four great academies are recruiting their disciples?" With a thunderous roar, Ning Wufeng's divine sense could feel the sound of wind blowing.Elder Situ made his move on the stage. This man was extremely selfish, so he struck out with his palm towards Ning Wufeng.Even if Ning Wufeng were to accept the palm strike of a Violet Lake Stage cultivator, it would greatly affect the secret realm trial in the future."Old man Situ, you've overdone it!" Zhao Man didn't expect old man Situ to disregard his status so much. A senior of the Purple Lake Stage had attacked a junior, and in front of so many students.Ning Wufeng suddenly felt gooseb.u.mps all over his body. The attack from Elder Situ had already closed in on him. In front of him, Situ Lie had already launched his counterattack.With the pincer attack coming from the front and back, he was unable to move out of the way."Big Brother Wufeng." Seeing that, Chuchu shouted out. Her hands flew out and her spiritual power surged out.Ning Wufeng's pupils constricted. Although Chuchu had excellent talent, she had not grown up yet. Furthermore, she had not experienced much life and death baptism."Let's go!" Ning Wufeng shouted loudly, his left hand's Heaven Punishing Finger struck out brazenly, the World Exterminating Spear in his right hand striking out.He was using his Qi Drawing Realm cultivation to fight against an Invigorated Meridian Realm cultivator and the Violet Lake Realm cultivator. Everyone was shocked!

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