Concealed Crime Investigation 14 End


Concealed Crime Investigation

Concealed Crime Investigation 14 End

"How was your research yesterday?", I ask him. How I'd like to ask him about myself, who I really am and about this girl, Yasmina. I can't do anything for that myself. Since I don't know her surname and my real surname neither, I'm not able to do any background checks about her or myself. d.a.m.n him, he just refuses telling me every time I ask! I do know absolutely nothing about me, beside my first name."Hah.", He sighs."You can tell me, I'm your best friend, remember? You've barely spoken since then. I'm worried.", I had to admit to him. He reall looked broken. I don't know what he found out and I can't imagine at all since I really can't remember anything."I found her.""You did? Oh, man, that's great! I'm so happy for you!", I voice out and my face brightens. He found his fiancee!"Dead.", he mumbles almost invisible."Huh? What do you mean?", I ask him while my face falls instantly. How can he find her dead?"On the day we were rescued she drowned.", he explains to me with a painful expression.Oh. I didn't know about that. Hah, I know nothing. I really wonder about my past. I'd really like to know what I did back then. I have some kind of knowledge about martial arts, that I'm working for the FBI currently. And not only me, David as well. We must have done something together in that time. But since he doesn't tell me I wonder if we were criminals or so."How would you react, if you find out that Yasmina has died?", he suddenly asks me. "You don't seem all that down.""Hah, I don't know her. I'd be glad to know she doesn't exist anymore. She's a pain in the a.s.s anyways. I'm a player by nature, but I can't even get serious with any girl, just because whenever I only look at a girl a voice in me shouts: 'Yasmina! Yasmina! You want to be loyal to her, don't you?' But I don't even know who Yasmina is! All I know is her name, and you don't even want to tell me anything about her. So how should I react according to you? And for Sophie's death: You know I'm really sorry for you, but I don't remember her! I can't be sad about the death of a person I don't know! You know I have killed. Many people, for the FBI. So I'm cold to death now. I'm sorry!""That's right.", he sighs again, "That is what it means to kill so randomly.""What do you mean randomly? The government collected those persons carefully. They don't let us kill just randomly.", I exclaim irritated. What does he mean with that? It's our job, and for other people's wellbeing!"But we don't know what evil things they've done, and so we don't have a problem with strangers dieing anymore. We just don't care at all. Isn't that inhumane?", he asks."Well, why do you ask me? I don't have more experience in life than you do. Besides, I don't know most of my life anyways, you should know better than I do.", I think aloud. Then David stops walking.
"David, what is it? We are on mission, you can't just stop whenever you want.", I tell him. But he doesn't respond. "David?" I follow his gaze and I must discover, that it lasts on a woman about two years younger than me. "David, she's pretty, but we have places to be.", I whisper in his ear.But he doesn't respond and since she really is pretty I lay my eyes on her as well. And even though you can't see much of her face, since she has pulled her hood up she looks so familiar. Icy blue eyes and dirty blonde hair falling out the hood. She sits on a bench, leaning back and looking into the horizon. The sun has drowned the city into a warm shade of red. Seeing her sit like that seems to remember me on something.But then a strident yell cuts through the air and both David and I snap out of our trance and turn into the direction it came from. Then we sprint off there. But I can't resist to steal a glance at the beauty on the bench before that (The playboy comes through again). But to my surprise she isn't there anymore. But I don't have time to think about that. Since this yell came from the danger area, it could be, that somehow somebody hasn't heard of the evacuation and has been attacked by the murderer there! So work is calling me back again.That reminds me: she was in the evacuated area as well!And there he is, the murderer, I expected him to be here. He couldn't hide anywhere else. Long hair, not even showered for a while, killing whoever he wants, just to find some persons he isn't sure if they're still alive. Hah, what a pity of human existence.

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And he's fighting with no other than the pretty woman from before. Beside them lies another woman, but she's not to be saved anymore. Her long brown hair is spreading on the ground and in the puddle of her own blood."So we meet again,", David says from behind me and the man hurries to turn to us, "Samuel."The man realises the girls on an instant and takes a step into our direction and taking out the gun, seemingly the murder weapon of his former murders as well as this one. I can see that on it's model. But before he is even able to shoot the girl has risen again and hits his head very badly, that red liquid starts streaming down his face. But that doesn't matter to him, he just turns to her and reaches out to hit her but I jump on him and get him down. That reveals the girl holding a few knives in her hands, pointed at him. Together with her and David I get him into chains and after he still struggles we 'accidentally' have to get him unconscious."Why does a woman like you have knives with her?", I ask the woman."Well, I was sent to get him. I thought I might need them.", she responds coldly."And who sent you? You know that is illegal!", I go on."Yeah, but like you're sent by the FBI, I'm here representing the CIA.", she explains."Then might I please know your name?", I ask her while scratching my neck."Yasmina."The end!

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