Can I Touch Your Aura Of Fortune? Chapter 1


Can I Touch Your Aura Of Fortune?

Can I Touch Your Aura Of Fortune? Chapter 1

When the bell rang, Lin Cha, who was standing in the corridor of the second floor, leaned her head out of the window and stared at the boy in the black coat walking in the playground.
It was the end of the cla.s.s, so there were many people, but Lin Cha's gaze was locked on that person. After all, that person had a golden halo around his head. No matter how far he was, Lin Cha would notice him at a glance.
The boy next to him poked him to look at her. When the boy in black coat raised his head, a handsome face was revealed. The two saw each other. Lin Cha immediately smiled with bright eyes. The whole person was as beautiful as a flower bud. The boy quickly retracted his gaze and walked in without giving her another glance.
Lin Cha was stunned by his reaction. He didn't seem to remember her at all!
The girl who had been standing next to Lin Cha couldn't help but pat her on the shoulder, “Lin Cha, we got a cla.s.s. Let's go back to the cla.s.sroom. We may get our midterm results today. You will top the cla.s.s again. “
Lin Cha remembered what happened during the exam and said, “Mei Mei, I won't get good results this time.”
Yue Meimei only thought that she was modest. She took her to the second row by the window and sat down. The teacher had not arrived yet so she talked to comfort her, “Thin starved camels are bigger than horses*! Don't worry.”
The teacher entered the results of the midterm exam. When she found the cla.s.s being noisy, her face turned ugly. She hit the table hard and sneered, “What are you all so happy about? Would you like to come to the podium and share it?
As soon as they heard that, the whole cla.s.sroom quieted down, but the teacher's face did not improve, “No need to stand up, I'll talk directly. This time the mid-term exam results came out, and I'll stick it on the wall after cla.s.s.”
The teacher paused and said, “Don't consider yourself a freshman. If you don't have a good foundation, you will suffer in the third year.”
Lin Cha got her paper. She lowered her head and bit her lips tightly. She looked at the blank s.p.a.ces in place of the answers. She felt that whatever the teacher said was directed to her.

She sighed. Although this drop in grades was serious, it was not her fault.
At the end of the cla.s.s, Lin Cha went to the podium to drink water. As soon as she walked to the podium, the cla.s.s teacher asked: “Lin Cha, you did poorly in this exam. Is there anything wrong?”
Lin Cha was drinking water. When she heard this, she coughed. Lin Cha returned to her seat, took out a tissue, covered her mouth, and continued to cough. She was unlucky, even when drinking water.

Unfortunately, the reason for her decline in the results was— during the exam, she didn't find a single pen, and the pen she borrowed from the supervisor didn't work, so she missed many questions.
Lin Cha coughed and burst into tears. She was so uncomfortable that she had to go to the bathroom to wash her face.
After washing her face, she entered a cubicle.
As soon as Lin Cha entered, she heard several more girls coming in and chatting as they walked.
“I don't understand. Why Lin Cha like Min Jingfeng? Do opposite personalities attract each other?”
“How do you know that Lin Cha likes Min Jingfeng? I don't think they fit.”
“You still don't know? Lin Cha fought with the school administration for Min Jingfeng. She even said that the school was not allowed to embarra.s.s Min Jingfeng. I also heard from one of her cla.s.smates that Lin Cha's mid-term score fell more than 200 points.”
“Not only that, I heard that, in order to be with Min Jingfeng, but she also does not order takeaways; instead, she eats the cheapest fast food in the school cafeteria every day.”
“Min Jingfeng is lucky to be loved so much by Lin Cha …”
Lin Cha was innocent: “…” Did they misunderstand something?
She ate the cheapest food at school because of her ill-luck, not by her own initiative.
However, she couldn't explain it. She waited for them to leave silently and then returned to the cla.s.sroom.
When she came back, she saw Yue Meimei* at the same desk eating dried sweet potatoes. Lin Cha sat on the seat. Yue Meimei handed her a dried sweet potato.
Lin Cha hesitated for a moment but still took it, holding it in one hand she slowly ate it. Then she placed the packet under the desk in case of any misfortune.
The misfortune — she would vomit anytime.
She could not eat expensive food. Once she ate it, she would vomit it entirely.
Fortunately, after taking a few bites, her stomach did not turn over. So she ate two more and was still fine.
For a moment, Lin Cha's tightly frowning eyebrows relaxed, and the person exuded a warm breath.
Yue Meimei watched Lin Cha eat dry sweet potatoes, and her heart turned soft. Such a cute little princess. She just wanted to comfort her with these snacks after seeing her sad because of her poor results.
Yue Meimei thought that Min Jingfeng must have deceived Lin Cha through some means, and she must reveal the true face of Min Jingfeng.
Lin Cha ate dried sweet potatoes, but her thoughts coincided with Yue Meimei's —
Min Jingfeng.
After eating dried sweet potatoes, Lin Cha took out her mobile phone, flipped to the gallery. She opened a photo from the alb.u.m and looked at the three big golden letters: G.o.d of Fortune over the boy's head.
Her nose tingled. A few days ago, she was. .h.i.t by a basketball on her nose.
That was when she saw the boy for the first time. She saw those glittering three-letter characters over his head. Then she found that no one else could see it, but she ignored it.
Soon on her sixteenth birthday, her life changed dramatically.
She couldn't even carry more than ten yuan on her body. Alipay failure, WeChat wallet failure, bank card pa.s.sword error! The pa.s.swords she typed were correct, but it still showed an error.
Not only that, the meals that were delivered at home were vomited out as soon as they were eaten. She got dizzy as soon as she sat in the car.
That was not all. She falls while walking, chokes on water, her pens disappear during exams. There were countless such examples.
In a word: after more than ten years of excellent life, she went out of luck
When she was accidentally hit by the opponent's basketball, she could once again eat delicious expensive food and use her money. But her ill-luck resumed the next day.
Therefore, through the observation, Lin Cha finally came to a conclusion: that man was really the G.o.d of Fortune. Even his contact or presence would help others.
Lin Cha not only saw the glittering aura of G.o.d of Fortune around his head, and also the colors of the clouds on other people's heads.
As long as people come in contact with him, the dark clouds on their heads will slowly turn white, and the whole person would change from a sluggish negative state to a positive one with a smile.

Not only that, Lin Cha had once seen, he beat some bullies who collected money from a weak student as protection fees and returned the money back to the person. Even when that man mistook Min Jingfeng and blamed him for taking his money, he was not angry.
In his eyes, it must have been a small and unreasonable human being making trouble. He didn't care about it, just as humans don't care about the opinion of other species.
“Chacha, what are you thinking?” Yue Meimei asked.
“Min Jingfeng.” Lin Cha told the truth.
Yue Meimei raised her brows. Although the two did not have much interaction, she still wanted to persuade Lin Cha. But she was not stupid. Lin Cha was at the age of falling in love, like in books. She was a rich princess, so she must have never met a person like Min Jingfeng. So she was attracted by curiosity, “What about him?”
“I was thinking, how can I get in touch with him?” Lin Cha laid on the table.
Lin Cha knew that Min Jing was a G.o.d of Fortune, but if she rushed over to touch him, she would have a feeling of using him, so she'd better ask clearly.
——Can you give me your blessings?
She frowned, sighed, and went totally silly for a long time.
Yue Meimei looked like a pufferfish.
*Thin, starved camels are bigger than horses: Because the camel size is much larger than the horse, even if the camel was starved to death, the skeleton will be larger than a living horse.
Camels here stand for the kind of person with expertise, accomplishments, and foundations in some aspects. Even if one day they encounter misfortune, their ending would still be better compared with ordinary people.

*Meimei: big sister

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