Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 1


Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse

Bringing the Supermarket to the Apocalypse Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Through the end of the world

“Lin Feng, quickly come here and deliver the goods! There’s not enough beef; I still need to buy another 20 pounds.”

During the phone call, the voice of a middle-aged woman could be heard.

Lin Feng is a supplier for a large chain supermarket, however, despite being the supplier, he actually did not supply much. That is, he gets raw meat from the wholesale market, then gives it to the supermarket. Afterwards, the meat goes through many different types of seasoning and processing, then the semi-finished, cooked meat is put on the shelves for sale.

The profits from this business is not much and becoming rich from it is not possible. However, this amount of money, to a college graduate like Lin Feng, is still a lot when compared to the ordinary who are eager to excel…

Hanging up the phone, Lin Feng went downstairs to enter his second-hand delivery van. He drove to the nearby wholesale market to buy 20 pounds of beef. Afterwards, he quickly delivered it to the delivery location in the supermarket’s underground car park1

“Tomorrow we still need some hamburgers, don’t forget.”

Before leaving, Lin Feng was warned by the sales staff hired by the supermarket. The sales auntie was over 50 years old, and not bad; she was hardworking and capable, and this made Lin Feng worry-free.

Bidding farewell to the sales auntie, Lin Feng turned around, preparing to drive home. Having invited his girlfriend for dinner, he needed to go home to sort out his appearance before the actual date.

“Watch out!”

Just when Lin Feng was turning, the staff member beside him shouted.

Lin Feng didn’t react in time. He saw nothing but darkness in front of him, and fainted. The store shelves, which weighed several hundred pounds, collapsed on top of Lin Feng.


Not knowing how much time had pa.s.sed, Lin Feng opened his eyes, and found himself in a rundown warehouse. The warehouse was big, with dust everywhere; It looked like it had not been used for a long time.

Lin Feng felt slightly disoriented. He was just in the supermarket. Why did he suddenly appear here?

Enduring his headache, Lin Feng stood up and surveyed his surroundings. Upon reaching the gate of the warehouse, Lin Feng opened it, and looked out.

Seeing the circ.u.mstances outside, Lin Feng was stunned. There was a road outside. Shabby and destroyed cars were piled on the road, unexpectedly, on the road laid a few corpses. The corpses were rotten and let off a pungent smell, a group of flies were also flying around the corpses.

Lin Feng was shocked by the sight before him. He hastily took out his cellphone to call the police, however, the display showed that there was no signal. No matter how many times he dialed, it would still be unable to connect.


A loud shout interrupted Lin Feng. Not far away, there was a person who was shouting, while walking towards Lin Feng. They were also staggering as they walked. Looking at their appearance, the person should be a middle-aged man, however, the flesh on his face seemed to be highly rotten. Because there was a large distance between them, Lin Feng couldn’t see him clearly.


Seeing the person’s appearance, Lin Feng shouted out. At this moment, the distance between him and the zombie was not much. The zombie’s face was highly decomposed; Its eyeb.a.l.l.s were protruding, extremely similar to the zombies on television programmes.

It didn’t feel as though there was any filming. Lin Feng hastily ran back into the empty warehouse, and shut the doors.

“Can it be that when I woke up, the world became an apocalypse?” Lin Feng said softly as he panted.

“Wrong.” Lin Feng suddenly thought. The car he saw on the road just now, he had never seen its brand name before.

Can it be that…he crossed worlds?

Lin Feng also read fiction in his spare time, and read a novel about crossing worlds before. Now that he thought about it, it was also extremely similar to the scenario in the novel he read.

All of a sudden, Lin Feng felt a stab of pain in his arm. Upon looking at it, Lin Feng saw that a tattoo had appeared on his arm.

The tattoo was a slogan. To be specific, it was the slogan of the supermarket for which Lin Feng supplied meat to.

At this moment, Lin Feng felt the scenery blur in front of his eyes. The next moment, Lin Feng found himself at the entrance of the supermarket.

There was not a soul in sight in the supermarket. The shelves were also filled with exquisite goods.

“Can it be that this supermarket was brought here on me?”

Lin Feng was slightly puzzled. Next, he went to the processing zone behind the raw fish section.

He picked up a long knife. Despite it being a long knife, due to safety reasons, it was not at all heavy, and didn’t even weigh a pound. After taking the long knife, Lin Feng thought about leaving.

Sure enough, as Lin Feng imagined that, his eyes became blurry again, and he was once again in the warehouse.

Sure enough it was his arm that brought along a supermarket. This left Lin Feng endlessly shocked.

In order to see if the time in the supermarket is different from the time outside, Lin Feng performed an experiment. He first thought of entering the supermarket in his heart. After entering the supermarket, he spends a few minutes browsing through the goods on the shelves. Then, Lin Feng once again returns back to reality.

Upon returning to the warehouse, Lin Feng took out his cellphone. The moment he came back from the supermarket, the time displayed on the cellphone did not change at all.

With regards to the outside, time is still in the supermarket. Through this experiment, Lin Feng had arrived at this answer.

Lin Feng didn’t know whether he could leave this world after being transported here, however, at this moment, the most important thing was to survive. The zombie outside the warehouse doors was slamming on the doors. Lin Feng did not believe that this was a dream.

Taking the long knife, Lin Feng’s confidence increased. In college, Lin Feng was a sports student and an expert in self-defense. Because of his parents’ early deaths, the orphaned young Lin Feng entered a self-defense school set up by the nation. Through hard training, Lin Feng skills were considerably good.

Surveying around, Lin Feng realised that the warehouse had another entrance. The warehouse was big, so the distance between this alternate entrance and the entrance with the zombie outside was over 50 metres. As a result, Lin Feng headed towards the other entrance.

After waiting at the doors for a very long time and realising that there were no zombies, Lin Feng quietly opened the warehouse door, and carefully went out.

Lin Feng thought of this before. Since he had the supermarket, if he wanted to live in the warehouse, at least he won’t starve to death.

However, there was still a zombie nearby the warehouse door. Lin Feng couldn’t guarantee that the zombie wouldn’t open the door, or whether they would enter the warehouse through other pa.s.sages. That is why the inside of warehouse is not all safe.

The speed of the zombie Lin Feng saw just now was not at all fast; It was similar to that of an ordinary person’s walking speed. Lin Feng thought that this world should still have some normal humans surviving, and thus decided to go out and explore.

Reaching the outside of the warehouse, Lin Feng saw that not far away were several unused cars. Although he had never seen the brand name before, when he went over to look the car, its structure was very much similar to those from his original world. Furthermore, some of the cars also had the keys in it.

No matter which car Lin Feng tried, they all had batteries that were flat, and simply could not turn on the ignition. At last, Lin Feng came across a red colored jeep. This jeep looked slightly more luxurious than the other cars.

It could be because the car was comparably more advanced that its configuration was more complex. It could also be because the cars in this world had some unusual way of protecting the batteries. Lin Feng tried a few times, and, unexpectedly, heard the sound of the vehicle starting. This let him relax. After all, in this completely unfamiliar world, it was very possible that there was a zombie infestation outside. Having a car would double his safety.

Moving into the car and sitting in the driver’s seat, Lin Feng saw that this car’s gas meter showed that it was almost full. This car really brought Lin Feng many nice surprises. He was grateful to the owner of the car whom he had never met before. Of course, he could be one of these zombies outside.

Driving the car, Lin Feng drove to the main road, and moved forward along the road. He must leave this place; there was no one nearby and it was also not possible to get information concerning this world here. On both sides of the road appeared zombies in twos and threes. There were male and female zombies, and upon seeing Lin Feng’s car they all wanted to rush to it, however, they were too slow, and could only eat the exhaust from the jeep.

Having driven nearly 10 kilometers, Lin Feng found that the number of zombies on the two sides of the road gradually decreased. Even on the roadside, there appeared overgrown farmlands, which had unknown crops planted in it. Probably because no one had watched over it, weeds sprung up. Looks like the period of apocalypse for this world is not gonna be short, Lin Feng thought in his heart. After driving another two kilometers, Lin Feng unexpectedly found that the roadside had no more zombies.

Several hundred meters in front of the car was a shadow that was slightly staggering as it walked. Lin Feng didn’t know if this shadow was a person that was alive or a person that was a zombie. In this world, it was better to be careful, and thus he stepped on the gas preparing to immediately rush across.

At this moment, it was as though that shadow heard the sound of the car engine, and eagerly turned around, seeing the distant car speeding forward, the shadow excitedly faced Lin Feng and waved its hand. Seeing that it was not like a zombie, Lin Feng relaxed.

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