Boundless Sky Chapter 11


Boundless Sky

Boundless Sky Chapter 11

Chapter 11: A Thing To Do Before Leaving.

“Immortal … Emperor Quan!”

Under the pressure of terror, Cheng Hao finally inspired his own potential. The golden fist punched ten times in a row in a mere flash, and the force of the ten punches were gathering and merging in a single punch, with ten times the force.

The giant flaming palm, Buddha burns flowers; Golden G.o.d fist, the heavenly emperor's gaze.

The two are not like the martial arts of the world, as it even arouse the power of heaven and earth. This is no longer a battle between Ah Xing and Cheng Hao, but it has evolved into a battle between Buddha and the Heavenly Emperor.


The earth cracked layer upon layer, ancient trees turned into debris in the aftermath of the explosion, and the sky burst like stars, illuminating the whole sky.

With unparalleled majestic force, those aside watching, w.a.n.g Huoyun and others were oppressed to the point that their bones creak. w.a.n.g Huoyun's whole body is shaking under great pressure.

They felt a throb in their hearts. They can hardly believe that the fight between mortals can reach such a horrifying level. At this time, the two people in the duel are no longer human beings in their eyes, but G.o.d and Buddha!


The hot light lasted for three breaths time before it gradually faded, within the silence in the battlefield, there was only severe breathing. Like rolling thunder, their hearts palpitate.

Cheng Hao stood, his black suit had already broken and only clung to him like rags. Wrapping his strong body, is faint glowing golden light.

As for Ah Xing, he was half kneeling on the ground 10 meters away, with faint blood oozing from his body. At this time, the ground beneath him cracked into a large spiderweb. In those cracks, huge fist marks could be clearly seen, leaving a hole several meters deep.

“You won!”

After a few silent breaths, Ah Xing shook his quivering body and reluctantly stood up. He had no sadness or happiness on his face. It seemed to him that it was irrelevant to lose the battle.

Cheng Hao shook his head and did not think he had won.

Cheng Hao knew himself well. The power to mobilize his whole body to a fist has aroused the divine power of the golden light beads in his abdomen. But he cannot cast it for the second time in a short period of time. If Ah Xing still has the power to cast Buddha's palm, the loser will be him.

“Let's call it a day, there is no need to fight any more!”

In this battle, Cheng Hao's heart was already very satisfied with the realization of the unique skill of his avatar. He was tired at this time and did not want to continue fighting.

“All right!”

Covered in bruises, after successive fighting with w.a.n.g Huoyun and Cheng Hao, Xing naturally will not refuse Cheng Hao's proposal, he breathed a sigh of relief and nodded his head.

“Brother Chen, what are you going to do next, will you go back and continue to be the boss of hammers?”

“No, the only reason why I set up the Hammers to unify the underground power in Shanghai was not only because of boredom, but also to leave some kindling for the Chinese in Shanghai.”

Cheng Hao smiled, at such a moment, he felt it was necessary to set up his glorious image of justice.

“Huoyun, be the boss of the Hammers. What do you think?”

“Me, the gang leader? What will I do there? ” w.a.n.g Huoyun feeling slightly stupid, but he did not directly refuse. In his view, such a master as Cheng Hao, invited him to serve as the hammers' boss, it should have a far-reaching purpose.

“You killed many innocent people at the beginning, you can't deny that, can You?”

“Yes, I was sinful before. In the second half of my life, I am going to atone for my sins with a lantern and the ancient Buddha!”

“Now that you want to atone for your sins, why do you want a lantern and the ancient Buddha? Do something for the country and the people, is it not atonement? ”

Looking at w.a.n.g Huoyun, Cheng Hao's eyes revealed a deep feeling that was not in line with his age. “This country has experienced too many setbacks and hardships. Today's China is in the most difficult period in 5,000 years.”

“Traitors everywhere, devils are as many as dogs. Since you like killing, why don't you command the hammers, kill all these devils and traitors, and fight out justice! ? Do what you can for a country with a bleak and battered future and light a beacon for people who cannot see hope!”

“I … I'm just a martial arts person. My original dream was to become a Great Expert. You have entrusted me with such an important task. I'm an old man. Can I do it?” w.a.n.g Huoyun said weakly.

“Man up, for the country and for the people! The position of hammer gang leader is left to you. Do you like it or not?”

Ignoring the stupefied w.a.n.g Huoyun, Cheng Hao turned around and hugged Ah Xing and others with his fists. “Gentlemen, let's say goodbye to this. In the future, the country will be peaceful and we may have another day!”

“Take care!”

Ah Xing took a deep look at Cheng Hao and did not ask him where he was going. As a strong man who cares about the country and the nation in his heart, at this moment he really felt admiration from the bottom of his heart.

“Man up, for the country and for the people! Sir, I'll take over the position of leader of the hammers. Don't worry, if I w.a.n.g Huoyun is here, in the future there will be no place for traitors and devils to live in Shanghai! ”

“I'm relieved to have you. In fact, I originally wanted to give this position to Ah Xing. Unfortunately, Ah Xing's mind is too detached to be ruthless enough to kill all traitors and devils.”

Patting w.a.n.g Huoyun's shoulder and nodding to Ah Xing and the couple, Cheng Hao looked up at the sky.

At this time, the sky is bright and beautiful, the woods are lush with ancient trees, and the branches and leaves on the branches are glittering and translucent. The fragrance is refreshing and full of vitality.

Stepping out, Cheng Hao set off gusty wind, motioning with his hand to the crowd. After a few bounces, he disappeared in the woods leaving a face of thought to Xing and the others.


He quickly returned to the hammers, took the gold needles from the room into his arms, packed up some antiques such as gold bars, calligraphy, painting and porcelain, and simply changed into a white shirt. Cheng Hao walked out of the door.

He just took a few steps, when he met head-on the returning four eyes and others, seeing Cheng Hao dressed up, four eyes' face flashed the color of surprise.

“Brother Chen … where are you going?”

“It's four eyes. I have to travel far away. In the future, the position of the leader of the Hammer Gang will be left to w.a.n.g Huoyun. You should help him well. Do you understand?”

“Brother Chen, rest a.s.sured!” Four eyes answered strongly. Watching Cheng Hao stroll out of the hammers headquarters, he heavily nodded.


That night, the j.a.panese garrison in Shanghai was ambushed. All the officers, from the general down to the a.s.sistant officers, were killed. Their internal organs festered, but they could not see any trace of their appearance. Most importantly, dozens of senior and middle-level officers were killed, but no human trace was found in the barracks.

At that time, rumors of murders spread throughout the j.a.panese army camp. What's more, some people vowed that Chinese immortals descended to punish the j.a.panese invaders because they witnessed the rising of clouds at night. In the golden light, one could clearly see the figure of a male immortal.

In a word, this mysterious and strange matter was finally abandoned because no trace was found. Even after the founding of New China, it was specially investigated. As to what exactly was found, it was first place of the ten unsolved mysteries in the Republic of China and was firmly sealed in the NSA's files.

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