Bix Magic Cube Game World Chapter 1


Bix Magic Cube Game World

Bix Magic Cube Game World Chapter 1

Pei Sen stood dazed at the intersection, he saw the potholed streets and low-slung houses, and by the time he realized that he was watched by someone wickedly, it was several minutes later.

This place was some strange and some familiar, but he was really quite familiar with the suit on his body, this pair of white and slender hands.

Holographic game.

This was something that was expected for a long time, but actually wasn't quite as easy to come true at the time Pei Sen lived. Who knows all of a sudden there was an unknown company quietly forecasting the Alpha test, and then the public test, until swept the whole world.

No one could have imagined that at that time someone could make a holographic game so real, whose maps were so incredibly large and the intelligence of the NPC was so high that they all looked like real people.

Although the game had too many problems in the beginning, it was getting more and more popular around the world.

After all, it was the only game that any other gaming companies had ever tried to emulate, but couldn't do it.

It's called the Bix Magic Cube, a name that had been laughed for years.

Pei Sen looked up at the tower at the end of the street, and in the game, screenshot of the tower were still common in the early days.

And he was wearing a standard western-style dress suit including white shirt, black vest, black trousers, suit jacket. These were the clothes the game designed on the sixth anniversary, Pei Sen got an extra set, the clothes were not expensive at the time, he simply put them on.

Yes, Pei Sen pulled back his panel and looked again. This was no doubt his alt account in the Bix Magic Cube, a level 1 warehouse number.

One thing he could be sure of was that the image in front of him did not look like the one he had logged into the game, and even the tower down the street was subtly different from the one when he logged into the game yesterday.

The holographic game claims to be more than ninety-five percent real, and many players bragged about it being 100 percent real, but Pei Sen knew that, at least in terms of pain, it's impossible to be 100 percent real because players can't accept it.

Now, Pei Sen had just been hit by a pebble thrown at him by a child, and the back of his hand still had a subtle effect.

"Really? " He murmured, "time travel games only appear in fiction, aren't they?"

What's more, he looked at the world, which is completely out of sight of the border, and at the people who stared at him nearby, and they didn't feel like NPC at all.

It's more like a real Aother World than a game world.

After only a moment of hesitation, he walked around the neighborhood, and sure enough, he didn't find a familiar guide for an NPC in a familiar place. Of course, he didn't see a single player in the whole street.

Pei Sen stopped and then decisively pulled up the forum page through his personal panel and wanted to post to ask if today's game was any different and if he had access to a particular copy without his knowledge.

Although he remembered a power cut when he logged on to his alt account, and standing on the street after a few minutes of darkness, the game had a high degree of freedom, he never knew whether you actually drop into a copy.

However, the forum turned out not to be the forum he was familiar with.

The forum was empty with a single announcement.

"Bix Magic Cube, the only true holographic game in the world, is over ninety-five percent real, and the free world awaits your exploration!

RPG, take you to the full alien world.

The game will be tested on July 9, 2019."

Three short sentences were written extremely perfunctory without any sincerity.

There was no image in the background, nothing to say except that there was a sign-up box at the bottom.

This time point, only a few messages said "h.e.l.lo, liar, I was here", or "If it is true", or "New scam? Is there a virus" ...

Hardly anyone actually believed it anyway.

Pei Sen couldn't move for half a day, just staring at the "forum" address.

This picture... although he was not a Beta player, but there would always be very enthusiastic players keeping first game announcement screen shots, and then shared with other players.

The first of those screenshot in his memory was a shockingly simple image like this.

"Is this before the game opening?" He looked around, and a child with a dirty face on the side of the street looking at him quietly and turned away when he found him.

That kind of vivid and real let Pei Sen feel this was definitely not a game world.

And, if a game is not opened, why should NPC play so seriously? After all, players later agreed that the game's NPC were played by human beings or artificial intelligence, and there is no need for such a thing before game opening.

He felt horrified as he recalls the terror of where he was standing.

The original Bix Magic Cube server wasn't quite as well received as it was many years before it became commonplace to cross service areas in the land of Alex.

Years later, it becomes a land of freedom versus players, chaos and regime change on the mainland, and darkness and evil are the order of the day.

When the game was first opened, however, it wasn't quite so dramatic, and yet it was still full of crooks, villains and criminals.

The original world of Alex Mainland was so busy and evil that it eventually run to twenty-seven servers, making new people be afraid of choosing this place to be born, there are still countless players first into the game missing the original Alex.

Now, however, as Pei Sen stood on the street, he did not feel so good.

He's a level-one alt, and even with a warehouse full of artifacts, he can't use them. What's even weirder is although he chose the Mage with perfect face for this warehouse alt, the initial qualification is "Strength 5, Agility 0, Intelligence 0, Will 0, Physique 0", which is pursed by countless professional players, but this is a Mage account.

However, it's just a warehouse number anyway. Pei Sen found it interesting to keep this qualification. An account has two opportunities to refresh its qualification, which means he can choose from three ones. Pei Sen initially played this alt to full qualification, because he doesn't intend to practice it frequently, so he just picked it.

Full-strength Mage is good for nothing, but as a warehouse account, what difference does it make.

Pei Sen looked at his properties panel in despair.

It takes at least 20 intelligence points to tear off even the least demanding magic scroll, and as a Mage, most of whose points remain above 20 intelligence points, even if they don't start out very well, however, the full-strength Mage of Pei Sen's will automatically add 5 points of power to each level, which is tied to the initial qualification, while the other properties will add a fixed amount of power to the level, the same can only be added freely, that's right, he'd have to get to level 10 at least to be able to defend himself a little.

But in this case, there was no guide for the NPC, and there was no sign of the first few NPC in the game that are rumored to post the new freshmen task. There were so many malicious glances around, he was not even sure if the so called system protection will trigger before the game starts and where he should go to upgrade!

The next day, Pei Sen patted the nonexistent dust on his suit, and he was able to confirm one thing that the system protection wasn't triggered. He could be resurrected after death, only the pain effect is 100 percent, which he never wants to try again in his life, and besides, if he can not find a place to live, he may be sold a second time, and then it is a question of whether he will continue to die.

At this time, a huge carriage came into his eyes, the body of the it has a gold complex badge, a rose.

"The Golden Rose Manor."

Pei Sen remembered the place. He looked a little farther and saw two young men in suits waiting nervously.

But it was clear that their home conditions were not very good, and that the two suits did not fit very well, even not new, and looked a little old.

He ran over calmly and stood beside them.

The two men looked at him unkindly.

The next moment the carriage stopped at this spot, the carriage door opened, and a middle-aged man in shirt and trousers and a waistcoat got out, with a pair of chain-linked spectacles on the bridge of his nose, the pocket of his coat revealed a neatly folded white handkerchief. He held a pocket watch in his hand and took a casual glance at the time, and then looked up to see the well-behaved three men standing before him.

He seemed surprised, "I thought there are only two applicants." Why are there three people?

He carefully looked at the three people, he did not care very much, "Get on."

The interior of the carriage was very s.p.a.cious, and Pei Sen looked at it up and down. There were six people in it, including himself and the well-mannered middle-aged man, most of them dressed in half-old, half-new suits, nervous like the two young men he had just seen. What's more, Pei Sen found these people in the Alex Mainland are not so good-looking as people in modern Europe and America, perhaps because of some malnutrition, most of their faces are yellow, and there are many kinds of gray spots on their faces. But these people were at least not bad looking.

Of course, even if you gave them all a beauty camera and PS, Pei Sen was still more beautiful than all of them.

As a result, the middle-aged man's eyes were mostly on Pei Sen, and the others were completely overshadowed by him.

"Some things have to be said in advance well, The Golden Rose Manor will not care about your cla.s.s and origin, nor be afraid of any trouble, but one thing, if you make young Master unhappy and was driven out of the manor, we will not solve the problem for you, and you are not allowed to go to disturb young Master. "

"It is your duty to take care of the young Master and put his needs first. "

"At our Golden Rose Manor, the Master's words are the law. "

As the carriage drove on, he realized that half an hour later, he met Igel Ranno, who was a beautiful young boy with golden hair and blue eyes, and that he was only fourteen years old. His face was so fair and innocent, and eyes so beautiful as to resemble a jewel, it seemed that he could be forgiven for any wrong he had done. Even a modern man as well-informed as Pei Sen was dazed for a moment and all worries in his mind fled away, even a little bit soft stirred up in his heart.

In any case, he is still only a half-grown child, but not a kid, how unreasonable can he be? Even though he had a bad temper, he saw that his face was mixed in with the housekeeper team at Golden Rose Manor. Listening and listening, he knew that the so-called "housekeeper" was not really a housekeeper at all, but a valet of the Master of Golden Rose Manor.

He knew of the Golden Rose Manor and of the famous young Master of it. The players once took his task said he was the most naughty child in the word who changed his manservant every month or two.

There have even been some grisly reports of abuse linked to the emanor.

All of these can be forgiven.

The world has always been more tolerant to beautiful human beings.

However... in the shortest time in history, Pei Sen found he was wrong.

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