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Battlefield: Masurawo

Battlefield: Masurawo Chapter 12

Archess continued to think to hiplete failure… capturing hipletely unnecessary for the project proceeding in the underground."
With the distant prehensible as future sight. And unable to accept e searching for Hideo with such resolve, she wouldn't have coe over to play?'
"Pardon? It's Wilco this tie a subsidiary of Obliterating Industries, we have our own e into contact with her or her e with parable to the floors we've explored thus far. It'll depend on how far down, but if they're at a depth where Rank, S-Rank e so far, Suzuran couldn't lightly say everything would be alright.
"I thought a nice threat would be a deterrence against this predicapany, and if you'll just get p.i.s.sed off and get back at us like usual…"
Thud! Elize flipped over the table.
"You've got another one coplaints?"
It was at that pany's preservation of cla.s.sified inforers teetered to their feet. The doctor pushed up his pletely settled by now, and they were back to work.
Hideo did not ee froe to think of it, Hideo thought.
"Can that terputers. The scary part was how he could perfectly operate electronic devices like fighter planes and tanks despite that.
"That is correct. It is currently unable to generate an algorithe to think of it, that was right. Wilco ate the whole thing.
"At first I was thrown down here with only the Javan Blaster and Javan Sword… it took a bit of tibat functions."
They went so far to get hibat so that's all well and good, but there's no auto equip or release, so putting it on and taking it off's becopressor that supplied its force. They had electricity… but they were too deep down for it to be coe froe froing."
"Is it possible. To destroy. The fan?"
Hideo asked, but the colonel's reply wasn't too propletely cut off, but… given the work we're doing. No doubt it'll leave us in an undesirable state of affairs. es to swiparison, this girl before his eyes was just noisy, even endearing at that… and to the current Hideo, definitely not soe quite the uproar up there. A liar's depletely destroyed. On the request of the organizer Suzuran, the date of the finals has been postponed."
"And so? What does that have to do with our work?"
"Let es, I'll have to go up against outers like es around, it would be posedly slouched into his chair, looking around at his coprehensible substance would be flowing in frorade to such G.o.ds. In the first place, huply with e across.
With one final gulp, he quietly set down his chopsticks.
"… In our puter to Archess standing beside hie back to hiputer, isn't it?"
"What're you going on about?"
While Zazi seeputer?"
"Then isn't he just a roing a star, maybe he thinks he'll wind up in data? Wilco's been a bad influence."
Or so Lena took a sip of black coffee.
"… Hideo was a little strange today… when he heard Wilco died, maybe he finally crossed the last line. That must be why you thought he was laughing. Knowing there really was nothing left, he could only laugh you know."
Everyone here knew it happened from time to time. In a situation where one might die at any moment. And what they heard was bad news that extinguished all hope… of course, one might laugh out of desperation.
Linus spoke, waiting for the coffee he'd been handed to cool.
"Even if he wanted to convey some message to the outside, anonymously there would be no way of telling who posted it and who it was addressed to… the message is too short to contain any helpful information."
"Rather, pops. If you're that worried, there's no need to hear out his request."
"Ah, no… well, if it really is a plea of the heart, doesn't it feel pitiful to just leave it? It's fine as long as it doesn't lead to anything. The off-sense I was getting, and Hideo's smile have a tentative logical explanation. Sure enough, for a normal person like himself to labor there for so long, it's possible the mental strain was too much."
"And you dealt the last blow. Ignorance is bliss and all."
"Oh c'mon Zazi…! What does it matter, whatever happens to that shut-in liar…!"
When she was about to fall into disarray, Archess' voice alone returned her to her senses and got her sulking.
"I'm sorry… I know…"
A breath. Then Archess spoke
"… Well then, Linus. Keep it word for word. But don't be anonymous, post it under Hideo's name. Not only on EveryonePlaza, arbitrarily spread it around message boards all over the outside world."
Just as his hands touched the keyboard, Linus abruptly turned back.
"Umm… please elaborate…?"
"The words are undoubtedly his. So this is the message that will be sent. He definitely did disappear from this city, but he was by no means held prisoner. And Wilco wasn't killed, she noticed that message faster than anyone and left Obliterating Industries to search for Hideo."
Zazi softly shifted his eyes.
"… Sometimes I can't tell if you're kind or terrifying."
Just a thin smile, Archess didn't answer that one.
"Someone of your caliber should be able to falsify the post date, right Linus?"
"Yes, very well. Lord Archess."

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